11 Most Expensive Stocks In The World But Worth Every Coin

We are living in a world where everyone is always looking forward to living a glorious and glamorous life where they can buy whatever they want before thinking the second time and never fall in a financial crisis pit. This is a good place to be in your finances. But first, one has to attain financial freedom. This is the most important aspect of finance for every individual. One of the best ways to journey towards financial freedom is by having assets, making investments and buying stocks. Well, today it is all about stocks. Buying and selling of stocks are a great business to get into. This is because there are so many successful companies that will make you more money by buying stock from them. In 2017, the following are some of the most expensive stocks that you should look into.

11. Cable One Incorporation

Cable One Incorporation Top Most Expensive Stocks In The World 2017

This company is popularly known to be a cable system provider giving people access to data, voice services, and videos. Whether residential or for commercial purposes, they got you covered. The Company services the western, Midwestern, and Southern states and it is popular in those regions, even so, it is growing, and its shares costs up to $731 for one share.

10. AutoZone Incorporation

AutoZone Incorporation

AutoZone incorporation is a company that specializes in the supply of automotive parts. It has a chain of stores all over the world, and this is an amazing fact especially because it is on top of its supply game. The shares of this company trade at $497 a share.

9. Intuitive Surgical Incorporated

Intuitive Surgical Incorporated

This is an American based company that deals with the manufacturing of surgical systems that are robotic. It was founded in the year 1995 and ever since it keeps amazing the world with the da Vinci robotics that it keeps designing. In this year, the company’s shares have gone up by 32%, and this is a good sign of growth. This shows that it is good for business. With just $952, you can buy yourself a share.

8. White Mountains

White Mountains

The White Mountains is a company that primarily deals with insurance. It is one of the best insurance companies that offer insurance to many companies and business entities all across different industries in the United States. At a price of $861.00, you will be a proud shareholder of the company. Over the years it has been steadily growing, and it continues to grow even bigger.

7. Amazon


No one in this world is not familiar with Amazon unless they are younger than five years. That is the benefit of the doubt that I will give. Amazon is a popular e- commerce site, and it is by far the biggest in the entire world. Amazon Company also offers Amazon Web Services for cloud computing that is brilliant. As the biggest e-commerce site, Amazon’s shares are trading at $1005.68 per share.

6. Alphabet Incorporation

Alphabet Incorporation

An amazing fact about Alphabet Incorporation is that it was formerly known as Google. That aside, this company is the face of the largest and most used search engine. It also offers a vast number of operations for advertising, operates YouTube and so much more. This company offers two kinds of shares; the A shares and the C shares. Today we are looking at the A shares because many investors go for this one. The A shares (GOOGL) are trading at $974 per share. This is quite affordable.

5. Markel Corporation

Markel Corporation

Markel Company was established in the year 1930 in Virginia, Unites States, and we have noted the growth it has experienced ever since its inception. The main businesses associated with this company is underwriting and marketing insurance products. This is a great investment as we all know people are always insuring things including their lives. It has three segments; U.S Insurance, International Insurance, and Reinsurance. Being a great business to invest in, you will spend approximately $966 on a share.

4. Priceline Group Inc

Priceline Group Inc

This is a travel company that has grown over the years and provides traveling services such as online booking, online reservations, and other services that relate to this. It has subsidiaries like Booking.com, KAYAK, Ogada.com, and others. As a company, it has revolutionized the traveling experiences of many people across the world. As of now, the stocks are trading at $1,943 per share.

3. NVR Incorporated

NVR Incorporated

This is a company that is popularly known for building homes in the United States and serves as a mortgage finance company. It was founded in the year 1940 but was then called the Ryan Homes. The name changed in the year 1980. It primarily deals with family homes, condos, and townhomes. The shares of this company are currently selling at $2521 per share, and this is relatively affordable.

2. Seaboard Corporation

Seaboard Corporation

Seaboard Corporation primarily deals with many agribusinesses that cover almost everything. It is famously known all over the world as an international company that deals with agricultural produce, shipping, and also productions of biofuels. The stocks for this company have gone higher, and over a span of 52 weeks, it has reached an amount of approximately $3860 for a share.

1. Berkshire Hathaway INC.

Berkshire Hathaway INC Top Most Famous Stocks 2018

There is just no way would this company rank at any position other than one first place. Not after everyone is amazed at the stock prices, it presents. This is a holding company that has numerous subsidiaries in all kinds of fields. This company offers two types of shares; the A shares and the B shares. The B shares are relatively cheap, but we are interested in the A shares that cost approximately $2,55,670. This is not an amount to joke with, but you can be sure to get back humongous profits.

This list is made of some of the best companies to purchase stocks from and in as much as they are the most expensive stocks, you can rest be assured that the returns can equally be as rewarding. Therefore, if you are looking to buy stocks, this can be a great place to start. There are others stocks you can look into, but I would advise on these.


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