Ten Richest Cities In US: Wealthiest Enclaves Where The Rich Live

The United States is one of the most prominent and influential developed countries in the world. It comprises of total 50 states, which all enjoy a stable economic condition. The USA is known for its diverse culture and people, technology and development. It is considered as the richest economy on the planet, which enjoy a stable GDP rate, with an abundance of high worker productivity and natural resources. But have you ever wondered that which is the richest state in the richest country on the planet? Well, we have listed 10 Richest Cities in the USA for you.

10. Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton, New Jersey Top Richest Cities in US 2017

Trenton is New Jersey’s beautiful capital city as well as the former capital of USA. It is estimated that this city with prompt a future job growth by 33.80% by the next 10 years. Trenton contributes to almost 7% sales tax rates, 2.45% of income tax to the New Jersey Government. Trenton also has a per capita income of $17,738, which includes children and all adults residing in the city. The city has an average medium household income of $36,727. Trenton is the 10th richest city in the USA.

9. Oxnard


Oxnard is one of the beautiful cities of the United States, which is located on the southern coast of California. It is California’s 19th most populated state in the Ventura County. It is also amongst the safest cities in America, with the lowest crime rates. It is estimated that Oxnard will contribute to job growth of 33% in the next 10 years. It also contributes to the 8% sales tax rate and 6% Income tax rate of California. It is located close to Los Angeles Area, which also serves to bring tourists as well as the Weather Service forecast office.

8. Boston


Boston is one of the largest cities in America, who is also the capital of Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is considered as the economic and cultural anchor to all the other metropolitan areas like Greater Boston. It’s estimated job growth rate is expected to increase by 37.50% in the next ten years. Boston contributes to 6.25% sale tax rates and 5.20% of income tax Massachusetts. Boston has a per capita income of $33,589, including all children and adults. The medium household income in Boston ranges around $53,136.

7. New York City, NY

New York City, NY

One of the most popular and populated cities in America, which is also referred as the city of lights, as it has become home to so many immigrants and job seekers. Almost every multinational company has set up its headquartered office in NYC. Real Estate is amongst the most influential force, which fuels the city’s economy. This city can give a great explorer to the new startup, opening all the business opportunities and windows for them. Its WALL STREET can be considered as the most prominent economic factors for the city. The city has a $62,239 of per capita GDP.

6. Anchorage


Anchorage is a located in Alaska, which is works on the unified home rule of the municipality. It is the most populated city in Alaska, which contains 40 percent of Alaska population. It comprises of the second most residents in American after New York. Anchorage is expected to see a job growth of 35.70% in the next ten years. The city has a per capita income worth $36,145, including the whole population children and adults. Its population contributes to almost 8% taxes in the world. Anchorage has a medium household of $76,495.

5. Arlington, Washington

Arlington, Washington

Arlington is one of the most popular cities of Washington. It is located in the northern Snohomish County, which is bordered by the south Marysville. This city has a population of 17,926 in 2010, which is prominently increasing at a high rate since. Arlington has a per capita income of $26,041, including both children and adults. This city has an average household income of $61,817, which makes it the 5th richest city in America.

4. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the fourth richest city in America, with a GDP rate of $75,874. Seattle is also the largest city in Pacific Northwest region in North America and Washington. It basically fuels its economy from all the technology, service based and designs companies. The average income for each household in Seattle ranges around $61,366. This city comprises of some of the richest people on the planet, including some of the most expensive restaurants and hotels in the world.

3. San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco can be considered as a county and city of America, which is a commercial, cultural, amongst the most expensive cities on the planet. It is also seen as a financial center of California, which located at a consolidated region of California. San Francisco is estimated to see a job growth of 38.90 in the next ten years. The beautiful city has been used in multiple movies as well as TV series. This city has a per capita income of $47,278, which includes children as well as adults. The average income for every household in this city ranges around $73,802.

2. Bridge Port, Connecticut

Bridge Port, Connecticut

Bridge Port has the highest population in the California region, which helps it in creating an impressive GMP per capita rate of $94,389. Initially Bridge Port used to be popular for its industrialization, but it saw a service based transformation over the last couple of year, which shifted the focus making it a healthcare, financial and educational magnet, as its most promising attractions. The medium household income is around $82,614. It is amongst the most beautiful port regions in America, which has turned its beauty into an economic plateau.

1. San Jose, California

San Jose, California Top Famous Richest Cities in US 2018

San Jose is one of the largest city in Bay Area of Northern California, which comprises of one of the largest population in California. San Jose has the highest per capita GMP of $105,482. San Jose focuses its economy investments on High Technology engineering, microprocessors and computers. This area is also known as Silicon Valley. It houses some of the biggest tech giants in the world including Facebook and Microsoft. It has a GDP rate of $105,000 including children and adults which make it one of the richest cities in the world and America.

These are some of the richest cities in the USA, which are estimated to show an economy increase in the next ten years. It is a good sign that job growth in increasing these regions as the population in the world doesn’t seem to get under control any time soon. And with Donald Trump running the country we sure can’t guarantee anything, be it the economy or the safety of people in the United States of America.


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