The Philippines is one of the beautiful and exotic countries in Southeast Asia. Although the economy of the country is mostly based on agricultural sector yet it is now trying to be a developed country by focusing on industrialisation. For this purpose, the entire nation is in the need of reputed and good educational institutions so as to impart the basic education to all. Higher education both graduate and post graduate course involves a huge cost in the majority of the countries.

Recently, the Commission on Higher Education has also sanctioned the increase in the fees of a number of educational institutions. The educational establishments not only charge hefty tuition fees but also increase other fees like admission and registration fees. The top ten most expensive universities in the Philippines 2021 are as follows:

10. MIT

Most expensive universities in Philippines 2019

MIT or Mapua Institute of Technology is one of the reputed and costliest educational establishments in the country. The fee ranges from $2700 to $2800. The motto of the institution puts emphasis on discovering, learning and creation. The variety of programs offered in the institution has assisted many students to reach the zenith and become successful engineers and architects. Located in Manila, this college is the first to obtain an ABET certification in the Philippines. This certification puts the college on par with many other reputed colleges in the US.

9. MC

Most expensive universities in Philippines

MC or the Miriam College is a private college as well as a non-profit educational institution. It is not a co-ed establishment but an institution for the girls only. Its fee structure varies from $2500 to $3400. It provides education to the pupils from the primary and school levels to the postgraduate level. They even conduct programs for the disabled children. The fame and reputation of this college lie in the hands of its students who have secured high posts in various jobs.

8. SBC

Most expensive universities in Philippines

SBC or San Beda College is located in Manila and is over hundred years in age. The fee structure of the college is between $3100 to $3300. It is basically a Roman Catholic College and was administered by the Benedictine monks. It offers its courses in diversified fields such as law, business management, economics, accountancy, etc. The records reveal that it has helped in building the careers of its pupils and also made their life happy and prosperous.


Most expensive universities in Philippines

ADMU or Ateneo de Manila University was established in the year of 1859. This reflects that it is one of the oldest institutional setups and that is why students have the desire of getting admission in it. It provides both school level and college level education. The primary and secondary level of education is mainly directed towards the male category. But the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are co-educational in nature. The fee structure range between $3,800 to $4,200. There are many research centers associated with ADMU which are mostly focusing on disaster management and control.

6. iAcademy

Most expensive universities in Philippines

iAcademy is a specialized private institute which provides education in the field of computer applications, business management, and designing. It was established in the city of Makati in the year of 2001. The students are guided in such a way so that they can survive in the cut-throat competition and succeed in their life. The fees of this institution range from $3840 to $4500. It focuses on the principle of being different in every aspect. All the syllabuses are designed in an industry oriented form so as to give birth to working professionals and entrepreneurs.


Most expensive universities in Philippines

DLS-CSB or De La Salle College of Saint Benilde was set up in the year of 1988 in Manila. It is a Catholic private institution. DLS-CSB has three campuses and is popular for their contribution in the field of sports. One of the teams, namely Blazers has also become the champions by winning five times. It is an autonomous institute offering both degrees as well as non-degree programs in areas such as arts, design, management and computer studies. The fee for getting admitted in this institute varies from $3800 to $5100.

4. CIE

Most expensive universities in Philippines

CIE or Centre for International Education is recognized for trend-setting and inspiring innovation. This institution also provides education right from the primary to the postgraduate level. They consider themselves to be the leaders of the school and try to give birth to leaders who can bring revolution in the society. The school even has high-quality infrastructures and is ISO certified as well. The cost of getting admission is near $3800 to $5600.


Most expensive universities in Philippines

DLSU or De La Salle University is yet another university under the Roman Catholics. The University is located in the city of Manila and is about a century old. The founders of the educational institution are the De La Salle Brothers and it was established in Paco. The fees of the institution range from $4100 to $4900. The total strength is nearly 20000 presently. It is well recognized as the center of excellence and popular among everyone for its contribution of scientists, famous personalities, business magnets and scientists in the Philippines.

2. UA&P

Most expensive universities in Philippines

UA&P or University of Asia and the Pacific was originally established for the purpose of research studies in the areas of economics and social science. Presently, it offers courses in liberal arts, politics, and international relations. It also gave birth to a number of athletes who even won multiple championships at national level college athletic associations. The reason for being outstanding among all others is due to their notable alumni who have gained broad knowledge by being engaged with leading banks and various economic organizations. The fee of University of Asia and Pacific lies between $4800 to $6300.

1. Enderun Colleges

Most expensive universities in Philippines 2019

This is the most expensive college in the Philippines. It is basically a non-sectarian college and private in nature. It has a huge campus over 1.7 hectares of land. The infrastructures are indeed praiseworthy and admirable. The educational establishment derives its name from the Palace School in Ottoman Empire. Here, promising and capable students were given the shape for becoming the future leaders. it was established in the year of 2005 and then it was permanently relocated to the new campus after a long span of three years. The fee structure is exorbitant in nature. It varies from $5300 to $6800.

All the above-mentioned colleges are not only costly and expensive but also the finest in the entire country. In spite of having a high tuition fee and admission fee, every year thousands of students from all around the world come to take admission. The mode of education, the teaching standard, the educational qualification of the alumni, the infrastructures are really exceptional. To pave the way for a bright future and prosperous career, the contribution of the top ten universities is immense.


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