Ten Best & Most Famous Violinists Of All Time

Violin is an amazing music instrument which is extremely popular. A very large number of people across the globe owns it and often taken training to play it perfectly. It is actually an instrument that can create any form of music and can make the soul relax. Although a violin seems a very simple instrument, it can create magic when it comes to music. The simple instrument is used by a very large number of professional musicians for composing the best music. Most of our favorite songs or music have violin a part of it. One of the amazing things about a violin is anyone can create music in his/her own way or style.

Being a violinist needs great skills and energy. Gone are those when one can play simple music with this instrument. These days there are experts all over the world who can truly create magic when it comes to playing a violin. If you are a music lover who loves playing a violin or need to know the top experts across the globe, this article is useful for you. Check out the list of top 10 most famous violinists of all time.

10. Giuseppe Tartini

Giuseppe Tartini Top Most Famous Violinists of All Time 2017

He was known as a violin king during the period 1718 till 1770. Born in the year 1692, he was an amazing violinist who set many records and is still remembered by many experts across the globe. Actually, he was one of those professional violinists who make this instrument popular. He learns playing this music instrument from St. Francis of Assisi and composed some of the best tunes that are popular till date. You might have no idea but his famous work attracted so many people to be a professional violinist. He was a top personality who was famous in Entire Europe in his time.

9. George Enescu

George Enescu

Enescu was an extremely popular violinist who changed the definition of music during the beginning of 19th century. It was some of his excellent performers who make him popular and recognizable all over the world. He was famous for playing violin in a unique way. His compositions are still believed to be very hard and even modern violinist can play them well. He was born in the year 1882 and this Romanian violinist gives his last performance in 1955. From his early days of puberty, he was having a good craze of a violin. He even taught playing this instrument to some of the die-hard music lovers during some last years of his life. The Columbia solo recordings also contributed in making him a very well-known professional as a violinist.

8. David Oistrakh

David Oistrakh

David was born in the year 1908 in a very poor family but later secured a great reputation all over the world as one of the best violinists. He set many records with this instrument which are still untouched. Some of the recordings of this Russian become violinist become so popular during 1930 to 1950. Many modern violinists are using his pioneer work as a reference to compose the best music. Prokofiev, Glazunov and Shostakovich were some of his counterparts who had worked with him. The Tchaikovsky’s Concerto was his popular outcome which was also believed to be his favorite.

7. Fritz Kreisler

Fritz Kreisler

Fritz Kreisler is still believed to be a music magician who inspired a lot of people to be a professional violinist. He struggled a lot to be a popular and in fact a legend when it comes to violin player. One the best things about him was his moves and body language through which he provided a new definition of violin music. He was born in 1875 and was a famous personality till 1962. He was actually known for some smooth and polite violin music which he composed during the years 1922 to 1951. His outcomes were considered perfect in all aspects.

6. Jascha Heifetz

Jascha Heifetz

It is believed largely among violin lovers that he holds magic in his work. It was a series of some fantastic music and tones that that enhanced his popularity across the globe. No one can stand against him when it comes to a violin. This is exactly what people said during the time he composed most of his music. He becomes a legend and most loved violin player. His life period was 1901 to 1987.

5. Hilary Hahn

Hilary Hahn

She is believed to be a violin queen who attained success in the shortest possible time. It was her efforts during her early age that contributed a ton to her popularity. She actually proved that women are not behind when it comes to playing a violin. She also worked with some of the best musicians across the globe.

4. Anne Sophie Mutter

Anne Sophie Mutter

Another lady who got a lot of fame in this field was Anne Sophie Mutter. She was invited by some of the popular musicians across the globe to work with them during her time. Born in a middle-class family of Germany, Anne begins her career as a violinist during Festival of Salzburg. Her tones were widely appreciated and liked by a lot of people.

3. Adolf Busch

Adolf Busch

He was the founder of Bush Busch Chamber player. However, he gave a lot of performance as a solo violin player before this. It was his deep knowledge of the music which actually contributed in bringing success for him. With some great tones and moves, he won the heart of people during his series of performances. It was the year 1935 when he truly gained the attention of people when he composed some of the very sad music through his violin. Some of the music composed by him becomes world famous and provided him many opportunities to be best in this field.

2. Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo was an amazing violin player till 1840. Many people say he actually sell his sold to God to enable him to compose the best violin music. Others believe that it was his craze that makes him so well. Some of his closed ones said that he even practiced more than 12 hours a day during his time. This Italian violin player gave a lot of solo performances that reflected the talent he holds. You can even find his violin in a popular museum of Italy.

1. Yehudi Menuhin

Yehudi Menuhin Top Most Popular Violinists of All Time 2018

Yehudi Mnuhin who was an American violin player is at the top position in our list. He was born in the year 1916 and gave her last music in 1999 after which he died due to bad health. He was a true icon when it comes to playing a violin. Stéphane Grappelli, Elgar’s Violin Concerto were a few of his popular works. He inspired a lot of solders with his music during the World War-II. During the year 1962, he founded a school to produce talent and started training a lot of young people to be a professional violin player. He was honored with many prizes from composing best music with his violin.

These top 10 violinists inspired many people in the world to choose this field of music. Although almost every one of them are no longer in this world, they are still present in the heart of those who understand violin. Their contribution to the music was amazing and they were best in their work.


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