Ten Most Renown and Famous Actresses from Switzerland

The Swiss film industry is growing by day. With this, a breed of new actresses keeps cropping up and giving to the Swiss nationals and the world at large a taste of their acting talents. However, there are some who are already seasoned. They call the shots in the industry.

Majority of these actresses are supermodels who feature in international productions including playing major roles in Hollywood. This is majorly a contribution of the great beauty and intellect they posses and play in discharge of their duties.

In the list of top 10 most popular Swiss actresses are ones who have made a name for themselves internationally. Those who are considered as real ambassadors of Switzerland while on stage.

Here is the list of top 10 best, hottest and most Famous Swiss Actresses in 2017-2018

10. Kat Graham

Kat Graham Top Most Popular Swiss Actresses of All Times 2017

Born In 1989, Kat Graham was born as Katerina Alexandre Hartford. Raised in Los Angeles, Kat was born in Geneva. She made her entry into the acting fields at a tender age of 15 years when she featured as a background performer for Lil’ Bow Wow. Having achieved a BET award from this performance her star in acting shone and she never looked back.

Her most outstanding role was in The Vampires Diary where she won credit as being one of the biggest names in the Swiss film industry. Alongside her acting career, she is also a well known singer and one of the hottest models who have featured in a variety of commercials.

9. Sofia Milos

Ranking in the ninth position of the most beautiful actresses in Switzerland is Sofia Milos. Born win an Italian-Swiss background in 1969, Sofia is one of the classic geniuses on stage. She is one of the oldest players in the field and has a wide experience in acting. She has played major roles in different productions that include CS: Miami one of the biggest Hollywood productions.

Her popularity and experience has put her on the list of most sought after actresses across the globe and her passion of the acting career always ensure she manages to deliver as per the needs of the audience.

8. Martha Keller

Born in 1945, Martha Keller is probably among the oldest actresses still in action. Doubling as a producer, she has all the experience and energy required to appear on stage and excite fans. Despite her age, she still manages to maintain her Sexy body structure a factor that greatly contributes to her appearance on the list of top 10 most popular Swiss actresses of all times.

Combining intellect mastery of different languages, she has played several international roles including the French movie La Raison du Plus Fou in (1973) and Un cave 1971. She was also feature in German movie Wilder Reter GmbH that hit the screens in 1967.

7. Sandra Hess

Having started her career at an early age of 15 years, Sandra Hess is one of the reigning hottest Swiss actresses holding the seventh position. She gained her popularity through her role on one f the leading international movies Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. In the movie, she is featured taking the role of Sonya Blade.

She is also a famous TV series personality Pensacola: Wings of Gold where she stars as Lt. Alexander Jensen. She combines an inborn talent and passion hence giving her a wide following of fans that never misses any of her actions.

6. Yangzom Brauen

Yangzom Brauen was born in Switzerland in 1980. Her father Martin Brauen was a Swiss ethnologist and her mother Sonnam Dolma Brauen a Tibetan performer. Considered to have inherited her genes for the film industry from her parents, she first ventured into TV series where she instantly became a hit. She rose up the ranks to be among the Hollywood stars where she took part as an actress in the blockbuster ‘Aeon Flux’. With doors of her career open, she has appeared in numerous productions in both Hollywood and Swiss film industry.

5. Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern Top Popular Swiss Actresses of All Times 2018

Born in 1965, Stephanie is among the hottest actresses in Swiss film industry. Talented in the film industry, she wears different hats being an actress, a filmmaker and dramatist. Other than spotting a sexy body, she is known to be of high intellect a factor that ensures she easily manages to play the different roles that comes her way.

Her greatest support in acting comes from her husband Mark Ellis with whom she has created flashpoints. Through her acting career, she has managed to clinch numerous international awards and this makes her to be among the most famous actresses of all times.

4. Nastassja Kinski

Born in 1961, Nastassja Kinski is in the fourth position among the hottest Swiss actresses of all times. Through her career, she has managed to be in a number of international appearances featuring in movies across America and Europe. Her break in the acting career came after taking a role in the Stay As You Are where she was acknowledged for producing an impressive act in 1978.

In 1979, she made an appearance in Tess that won her international recognition and a Global Golden Award. Other great movies where she is featured include An American Rhapsody and Cat People.

3. Julie Ordon

Born in Geneva in 1984, Julie is a hot Swiss actress flying high in international platforms. An actor and a model, she has starred in numerous TV shows, Movies and films alongside modeling for some of the worlds leading organizations and companies. In 1999, she won an ability contest that opened her doors to Paris.

With the open doors, she managed to capture numerous modeling contracts that saw her in promotion of international brands. Among the brand promotions she featured includes BioTherm, Guess, and Bebe. She also won the opportunity to appear on Victoria’s Secret Catalogues. Her first movie appearance was in Cedric Anger’s Novella that was aired in 2002.

2. Irene Jacob

This French-born Swiss actress has all it takes to make eyes wink. She was born in 1966 and has through her career maintained her high ranks at all times. She came to the limelight through an opportunity she secured to work with a leading polish movie director Krzystof Kieslowski.

On realizing her passion and the potential she held in acting, the director modeled and shaped her to make the second best Swiss actress of all times. One of her outstanding roles was in the ‘Louis Malle film Au revoir, les enfants’ where she took pat as a teacher and playing the piano.

1. Carla Juri

Carla Juri Top Most Famous Swiss Actresses of All Times 2018

Born in 1985, Carla Juri is the sexiest and most admired popular actress. Sexy, curvy and intelligent are among the characteristics that describe her. She is dedicated to her career and leaves nothing to chance in her works making her a darling of most producers and filmmakers both in the Swiss film industry and on the international scene.

Her strength and agility has seen her win many local and international awards among them the Swiss Film Award. She is also credited with taking a leading role on 2013 movie edition of wetlands where her achievements were unmatched.

Actresses in Switzerland are talented, have the potential and are great achievers. They possess the natural beauty and the experience and expertise required in the industry. They are known to cause waves on the international platforms including Hollywood. Great performers of all times, they always endeavor to give the best to the audience. The top 10 most popular Swiss actresses of all times are nothing short of the above description.


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