Ten Best & Most Popular Bars In Dubai Right Now

Dubai is one of the well-known places across the globe with a very a large number of tourists attractions. Every year it is visited by international tourists on large scale. In fact, tourism is the second major source of income for Dubai government after oil. It really doesn’t matter whether you are here for a solo trip or with family, there are a lot of things to enjoy. Also, Dubai is a major commercial hub and thus attracts a lot of businessmen throughout the year. Western people often come here to enjoy some of the warm days. This often makes them find some of the best bars to enjoy a pleasant and stressful evening. There are lots of bars you can visit to get the most amazing experience of your life.

Actually, finding a bar is not a big deal. You can find them anywhere you want. These hotspots always have best for their customers. Although there are lots of bars, it is not always necessary that it is simply the best for you. Being in a wrong bar can sometime spoil your entire evening when you are here. Therefore a list of top 10 most popular bars in Dubai along with the useful information about them are spotlighted below. Check them out.

10. Tamanya Terrace

Tamanya Terrace, Top Most Popular Bars in Dubai 2017

This is one of the very well-known bars to have the most thrilling experience of your life. You might have no idea but this little bar is being visited by a lot of international visitors. The good thing is the most relaxing environment. You can enjoy an experience which is the perfect blends of some most popular drinks and all time best snacks. A lot of wine lovers come here and often enjoy the things that are far beyond their imagination.

9. Tomo


This is another popular bar in Dubai with a lot of visitors. Actually, this roof-top bar attracts the attention of people mainly because of its Japanese theme. Tomo means a long time friend and this bar always have something for visitors that give them reasons to visit for the next time. You can find friendly staff that is always up with service. Tomo is a high-class bar in Dubai. It is a place to enjoy some of the best wine brands and best food of Dubai. You can also enjoy Japanese food prepared by a team of highly talented chefs lead by Mr. Chitoshi Takahashi. As it’s a roof top bar, you can enjoy the best view of Dubai. The panoramic view adds a lot to the experience of visitors.

8. The Lounge

The Lounge

The best thing about this bar in Dubai is their unique theme. Entire bar which is integrated with a restaurant has been focused to provide an excellent experience to the visitors. It’s not just popular for serving the most stunning wine brands but the whole arena has been designed after an excellent emphasis on style. The modern style with some amazing recipes makes it one of the best bars in Dubai. There are things beyond your imagination. This is one of the bars of Dubai that remain open till late night and let you place orders without worrying about time.

7. Uptown


When it comes to views, probably this bar has no comparison. It is very well-known as one of the bars in Dubai with highly sophisticated experience. The view from the top is very eye-catching and you can enjoy the same with amazing wine options. If you are fond of delicious food with quick service, this is one of the best places to visit. The whole staff is highly professional here.

6. 40 Kong

40 Kong

The good thing is there is no strict upper limit on the overall number of wine brands. Starting from some of the basic, you can find some of the very expensive ones served here. Actually, it is a home to the wine lovers. Yu will be in love with the way you will be served. The wine bottles are displayed in a perfect manner. You wouldn’t allow yourself to leave the bar once you entered. The best thing is the sitting arrangements which are unique in their own ways. When you are here, don’t forget to enjoy the especially cooked food for international visitors. You can enjoy a splendid evening here with mind blowing experience.

5. Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel and bar

Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel and bar

If you are looking for a place which is the wine or meals are a perfect combination of price and quality, here is the place to visit. Actually it is home to most wine lovers of Dubai. You can find all the things around you very stunning when you are here. Amazing views around you when you sit and enjoy the best-in-class wine can make your day. It is always suggested to you to be here during the evening. The décor will win your heart.

4. Atelier M

Atelier M

If you are here for a cheerful evening, don’t forget to try their special dishes which are served with alcohol. The good thing is many times visitors are served complementary meals and dishes which obviously make their evening. You can also visit here with you special person. Actually, it is a place which is more than just a bar itself. There are things you cannot find anywhere else.

3. 360


There is hardly any other bar you will find in the world which is similar to this. This bar actually enables you to enjoy your favorite wine with a great view. You can enjoy a stunning 360-degree view of Dubai from this roof top bar. Some of the best music of the world is played here in the evening and that can surely add a lot to your experience. On the other side, you can enjoy the live performance of some local music bands.

2. The Address Dubai Marina

The Address Dubai Marina

It simply enables you to enjoy wine with most amazing views of some popular buildings of Dubai. A simply the best roof-top bar with a beautiful swimming pool makes it an ideal place for wine lovers. The comfortable lounge furniture with comfort is another good thing about this place. Sometimes they play music and during a weekend they generally focus on parties.

1. Iris Oberoi

Iris Oberoi, Top Most Famous Bars in Dubai 2018

It is one of the very lovely roof-top bars in Dubai with great surroundings. It is amazing and most luxurious places visited by a lot of people. If you don’t mind spending money, this is the place where you can enjoy stunning wines and cocktails. During the evening, the atmosphere becomes excellent and there are a lot of things you can enjoy here. Plenty of seats, friendly staff, long list of wine as well as delicious food to enjoy make it an excellent bar in all aspects.

By visiting these restaurants you can simply enjoy some of the best moments of your life. Keep this thing in your mind that Dubai is a place where one needs to be at least 21 years of age to enjoy wine. Some bars even perform identity checks. However, you can always have an experience you cannot enjoy in other bars of the world. Dubai bars are also widely known for their night life experiences. Thus come here and enjoy.


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