National flags provide not only as a way of identity but also as a sign for a country’s history and standards. Even though flags initiated from a simple idea, today they symbolise much more than sheer signage. As populations grew and nations developed, flags became more than just a means of identification. They came to represent all that its people appreciated and fought for. Flags are much more than beautification, serving to unite the people behind the symbol of a general identity, acting as a sign of the nation as represented to other nations.

The flags of countries should be viewed with esteem and honor. The colors and symbols on each flag are representations of the ideals of a country, shimmering the history and pride of its people. Flags are used to signify nations at international sports gatherings, global discussions and other international events. A flag represents not just the country but also its history and its future. Below is the list of 12 most beautiful national flags around the world in 2020.

12. Kiribati

Most Beautiful National Flag 2019

The flag of Kiribati is red in the upper half with a gold frigate bird flying over a gold rising sun, and the lower half is blue with three horizontal wavy white stripes. The sun’s rays and the lines of the water (between the Pacific Ocean) represent the number of islands that belong to this country. The bird of course symbolizes the freedom.

11. European Union

Most Beautiful National Flags

European Union’s National Flag is very simple and gracious. The dark blue base symbolizes the blue sky of the Western world while the yellow stars in circle represent the people of people united. There are exactly twelve stars because back in the days there were only twelve countries in the European Union. Some say that the twelve is used as the divine number (twelve months, twelve horoscope signs etc).

10. Portugal

Most Beautiful National Flags

The Portugal flag flaunts 5 blue shields. The white guard with the 5 little blue shields inside is Don Afonso Henrique’s shield. The beautiful dots inside the blue shields denote 5 cuts of Christ. The 7 castles which are around the white shield show the locations that Don Afonso Henrique’s got from the moon. The yellow colored sphere donates the world that was exposed in the fifteen and sixteen centuries by the Portuguese navigators and the people with whom the navigators traded and exchanged ideas. The different colors of the flags denotes the various overview of Portugal- Hope is represented by the green color, red denotes bravery and the blood of the Portuguese people fallen in the war.

9. Brazil

Most Beautiful National Flags

The flag of Brazil was approved on November 19, 1889, four days after the Republic was announced. It has different color combinations. This flag stands for order and progress, which was inspired by the motto of positivism by French philosopher, Auguste Comte. Basically, the motto considers love as the principle, order as the basis and progress as the goal. The stars symbolize the night sky over Rio de Janeiro.

8. Malaysia

Most Beautiful National Flags

The national flag of Malaysia is known as Jalur Gemilang. This national flag shows support towards the East India Company flag. This flag has 14 alternating red and white stripes that signify the equal status of the 13 member states of the country and the government. As for the yellow crescent, it signifies the country’s official religion Islam.

7. Mexico

Most Beautiful National Flags

The flag of Mexico is an erect tricolor combination of different colors; green, white, and red. The flag looks very beautiful because of having an eagle that holds a serpent in its beak and talon. A wreath of oak and laurel are tied with a ribbon in the national green-white-red colors below the eagle. The approximate length and width of this flag is with 4:7 ratio.

6. Australia

Most Beautiful National Flags

The flag first proudly flown in the year 1901. It is the symbol of pride and character of Australia. Showing support towards Commonwealth, this flag represents the UK’s Union Jack in the upper left portion, a big 7-pointed star representing the Commonwealth Star in the lower left, and a representation of the constellation Southern Cross (which is easily visible from the country) in the remaining portion.

5. Spain

Most Beautiful National Flags

Spain has a beautiful multicolored flag. The red stripes are present on the top and bottom parts. And the yellow color covers the most portion of this flag. The coat of arms of Spain is on the yellow band, towards the flagpole side. It can be seen in two pillars of white and gold color.

4. Pakistan

Most Beautiful National Flags

The mind and creativity behind the beautiful flag of Pakistan is by Syed Amir and the basis of this flag is Muslim League’s original flag. The two colors of this flag are green and white. On the green field is a white crescent moon along with a star (five- ray) in the middle. On the left side is a white stripe which stands erect. The green color denotes Islamic values. It was the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad and Fatima, his daughter. Green color represents paradise, White color denotes religious minorities and minority religions, the Crescent signifies progress and Star is a symbol of knowledge and light.

3. Greece

Most Beautiful National Flags

The national flag of Greece, officially recognized by Greece as one of its national symbols, is based on nine equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white. The 9 stripes of this flag suppose to represent the nine syllables in the Greek phrase of “Freedom or Death”, while the white cross that is located in the top left corner signifies the Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which is the established religion of the country.

2. United States of America

Most Beautiful National Flags

The National flag of USA is known as Stars and Stripes as there are parallel thirteen stripes in it in the colors, red and white. The 13 horizontal stripes in the US flag represent the 13 colonies that became the first states of the Union after they declared independence in 1960. As for the 50 stars, they represent the current 50 states of the United States of America.

1. India

Most Beautiful National Flags 2019

India has a very beautiful flag. It is the symbol of liberty. The flag is called “Tiranga”. It has three horizontal bars of saffron, white and green colors. The flag has been imprinted in the middle with a blue wheel. The saffron colors represent renunciation or disinterestedness, the white means light, path to the truth and green is the connection to the ground. The middle sign or “Ashoka Chakra” is the wheel of the law and dharma. Also the wheel means motion and movement is life.

The flags of each country represent a culture, they represent the pride we have for the country we belong to, and provide a symbol of the place we live in. Not long ago (2012) the flags of all the nations of the world were gathered in order to see which was the most beautiful flag in the world, there was sent an invitation in every corner of the world and even in countries which were in difficult terrains (some of which we hardly knew their existence). The collection of the flags had stunning and elegant appearances because all of them wanted to take the chance and become the most beautiful flag in the world. So, we have provided the list of 12 most beautiful flags in the world.


  1. I think,all the counties have beautiful flag and don’t dislike other countries’flag because they have their own story with struggles to represent that flag

  2. I think,all the counties have beautiful flag and don’t dislike other countries’flag because they have their own struggles with them to represent that flag

  3. Proud to see India in the first position among beautiful flags….🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Its beauty lies in its glorious history……which some jerks won’t ever understand…

    • You should read the history behind any nation’s flag before judging it….though your poor knowledge is reflecting in your comment….poor soul…


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