Ten Leading Sports Across the Globe with Massive Fan Following

Which is your most favorite game? What makes it tick? At any given moment, there is a certain game underway with fields filled to capacity alongside millions of viewers glued to their screen watching the same.

While each performance gives a thrilling experience to the observer, different platforms have been used over the years to ascertain the most popular sports across the globe. Among the considerations used in this regard includes attendance, viewership, professional leagues across the globe, sponsorship deals and the number of teams in the game.

It is through use of these considerations that the following list of the top 10 most popular sports in the world been created.

List of top 10 most popular and Leading Sports in the world in 2017-2018

10. Volleyball

Volleyball Top Most Popular Sports in The Worlds in 2017

Considered among the simplest sport across the globe, volleyball is a common game with fans and players all over the world. A game that requires a team of only six players, it is a common outdoor engagement for holiday makers on the beach, institutions of learning, village teams and company teams. On the professional level, the game is known to be one with the highest number of federations across the globe.

At the moment, over 200 federations from different states across the world are registered with FIVB, the global organisation that oversees the management and development of the sport. Owing to its simplicity, it is more popular in developing countries with countries including Brazil, Poland, china and African countries topping the list.

9. Ice Hockey

Despite being a game played in a few countries, Ice Hockey is the biggest winter game ever recognised. USA and Canada are home to the world’s biggest teams where leagues are organised during the winter season. Other countries that have embraced the game include the Scandinavian countries, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Unlike volleyball, the game is not common in developing countries but attracts international players from across the globe. Its popularity is best displayed by the massive following with millions of fans attending the leagues and others watching it on TVs. Earning over $4.1 billion in revenues annually, the game is one among the five biggest leagues in the world.

8. Boxing

The only combat sport in the list of the top 10 most popular sports in the world, boxing is a favorite sport attracting millions as spectators and fans. Different cadres of the game are played depending on the weight of the players. During any of the world Olympics, amateur boxing attracts the highest representation with players from across the globe gracing the event.

On the professional level, the game is dominated by the highest paid players in the world with the professional players appearing in the list of the richest persons on the globe. Big fights generate the highest revenues in a single game as evident by the game between Many Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. During their match, it was estimated that total revenues collected rose to over $400 million for the single match.

7. Formula 1

Formula 1 is the biggest motorsport in the world today. The game features an average of 20 races each year in a season that spans between March and November. With over 500 million views from across the globe, the game ranks highly in revenues collected from viewing rights sales. Over $2 billion is generated through the game making it the most lucrative sport in the world.

It is home to the world’s highest paid drivers with the current champion Sebastian Vettel taking home over $50 million annually. Currently, the game is hosted in only 20 countries a factor attributed to the high cost of staging a successful race. Despite, many countries are still hopeful of playing hoist to the game as evident through the many bids placed while an opportunity arises.

6. Rugby

Rugby grows in popularity by each day. The 2015 world cup hosted in England and Wales was the highly attended where the number of tickets sold exceeded 2.47 million. Of the tickets sold, more than half a million were bought by overseas fans that travelled to watch the game. To spice the high attendance, the game attracts million o viewers from different countries around the globe.

Statistics indicate that inn UK alone, over 8.7 viewers watch the game, making it the most watched sport in the region. This comes alongside the high presence of fans on social media where fans maintain constant updates from different events taking place from around the globe.

5. Athletics

Athletics Top Most Sports in The Worlds in 2018

Featuring, a different discipline, athletics is one of the highest ranking games across the globe. Common disciplines of the game include running, long jump, swimming and a number of other track events. It features the highest representation from countries all over the world. Both genders are represented during the event making it the best rated in terms of equality among genders.

Top performing athletes are normally rewarded with gift that include gold medals and cash rewards giving them a position among the richest in developing countries. Alongside high attendance by fans, athletics attract large viewing from across the globe. The highly rated event was during the 2012 Olympics where the 100m race received over 1 billion views.

4. Tennis

A universal and highly liked game, tennis is one of the biggest sporting events on the globe. Its famous four gland slam events attract the highest following from across the globe. This features the US open, Australia Open, Wimbledon open and French open. An individual based game, tennis offers the highest payment to the winning players.

Both male and female players take part in the game with equal opportunities hence accredited for its equality opportunities. It ranks 2nd in having the most venues across the globe. Its popularity was best displayed during the 2013 tennis final held in Wimbledon. During the event over 17.3 million viewers from across the globe tuned to BBC to watch the game.

3. Cricket

Gaining over 2 billion followers, cricket takes the third position in terms of popularity. The game is popular in most commonwealth countries. Its popularity is traced back to its origin which was England where the game gained popularity in its early days. With Britain being among the leading world colonizers in 20th century, the game was passed on to the countries it colonized where it has gained roots over the years. A common league in the game identified as T20 is common in almost all countries the game is played. In the international level, cricket is featured by FIFA cricket World cup and Rugby world cup with most countries having representation.

2. Basketball

With its roots in America, basketball is one of the games gaining massive popularity in the past decade. Outside America, the game has leagues in Spain, Italy, France and Turkey among other countries. Currently the game has over 1 million followers and generates revenues worth over $4.75 billion annually. The game is home to a number of highest paid sports personalities with the highest paid basketball player taking home over $25 million annually. The game also features top endorsed players from across the globe.

1. Football

Football Top Most Famous Sports in The Worlds in 2018

Footballs popularity across the globe is unmatched. With international leagues that run in different seasons in various countries, football is currently the most followed game today. It is estimation that its fan base and followers are in excess of 4 billion. It is known to have the highest paid TV rights deals on the planet. In 2012 over £ 5.3 was paid by BT sports and Skysports to get the rights. In modern times, it is the games that attract big sponsors that include companies such as Adidas that pays £75 million annually to be the suppliers of playing kits for Manchester United.

Sports feature in everyday life. Every media house seeks for an opportunity to entice its audience through offering reports on different sporting activities from across the globe. Reporting on the top 10 most popular sports in the world spices up the content, they offer and attract a wide coverage. The top games always feature a global following and in most instance a wider representation from across the greater world divide


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