The Republic of India is the largest democratic country regarding population it stands 2nd after China. The total population is more than 1.25 billion. The population is growing very rapidly, and soon it will reach of 1.3 billion by 2021. India shares the 17% of the total population of the world.

The overall population density depends on many factors such as industries, economic conditions of the state, resources like water, power availability, climate, and location whether plain, hilly or coastal area. The population density of a place is defined as the number of people lives in per Here is a brief account of the states which have more population density in 2021.


Most Densely Populated States in India 2019

Gujarat is a big state to the western part of India. The state was once the main centre of Indus valley civilisation. In modern India, it is one of the industrialised states, where people from other states also come to live in permanently. The improvement graph line of Gujarat is always going high, so as its population. In 2001 the population was only 50,671,017, and it increased by a large number touching almost 60,383,628 in 2011.During this period of 10 years, Gujarat has witnessed the massive growth in population. The main cities where population density is high in this state are Ahmadabad (6.2 million), Surat, Vadodra, Rajkot (1.50 million). The annual growth rate of population recorded here is almost 1.9%.The number of person per sqr km is 308, and population density is 258.

10. GOA:

Most Densely Populated States in India

Goa is a small state in India in the coastal area known as Konkan. According to a survey, Goa has a population of 1,459 million people. The growth rate of population in this state is 8.23% per decade. The number of person lives per 394, and the population density is 364.


Most Densely Populated States in India

The population density in the state of Assam is 340 and person lives per sqr/km is 397. This north-eastern state has a population density of 397/sq km. Thus it ranked among 9th among the top ten densely populated states in India. The total population of Assam was 26.66 million with the higher rate recorded at some of the districts like Kamrup Sonitpur, Barpeta, Dhubri and Chacher. According to a census report at 2011 total population recorded here was 30.57 million.


Most Densely Populated States in India

Total Population Density is 414/ state of Jharkhand is situated in the Eastern part of India, and it has been separated from Bihar on 15th Nov 2000. Jharkhand comes in 8th position with a population estimated almost 36.06 million. The population growth increases during last five years. The population density in the area like Dhanbad is high (1167/ whereas it is recorded very low at Gumla (148/


Most Densely Populated States in India

This state is on the north side of India with a population density in Punjab 550/ It is one of the fertile states in India, and so it is called the granary of India. The main occupation of people is based on agriculture. According to a census report in 2011, the total population recorded almost 2, 7743,338. The state shares 2.30% of the entire population of India. The primary economy of the state depends on a lot on agriculture and farming of the crops like wheat, cotton, rice, etc.

6. Tamil Nadu:

Most Densely Populated States in India

Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest state in India and stands as the 6th most populous state in India.

Tamil Nadu is the new technology hub of India, and thus the population growth in the states is increasing at a high rate.44% People of the total population lives in the urban area. The state is an attraction of the tourist destination as it has a glorious history and lots of Hindu temples also another attraction to all. From 2001 to 2011 the state has witnessed a hike in population growth, which is almost 15.6%. Total population 77,881,463.Every year the state add more people to the total population, which is almost 1.5%.People lives in per sq/km


Most Densely Populated States in India

The population density of the state is 478 and person live here per sq km is 573.The state is advancing very fast, and so the growth in population is growing. The state is considered as one of the wealthier states as many different growing companies in software technology, and the automobile industry is flourishing here. Some portion of southern Haryana is incorporated into a well-planned region with beautiful countryside view. In 2016 the population recorded here was almost 27.6 million, and the GDP is more than 3.9 lakh cores.


Most Densely Populated States in India

In Uttar Pradesh people live in per sqr/ km is 828and the population density is 690. This state is a multicultural state, and it plays a prominent role in the growth in the Indian economy. The state shares 16% of the total population of India. Kanpur and Lucknow are the two most populous city of Uttar Pradesh. The population of the state is estimated to reach almost 223 million by 2017. The huge state has 75 districts which are divided into villages and cities.


Most Densely Populated States in India

Being the god’s own country Kerala is in the 3rd position according to population density. The state is developing very fast. Tourism and coffee plantation are the main two sectors of development in this state. The state has a GDP of 3.9 lakh crores. The population density in Kerala is 859 people sqr /km. The local people earn their living by farming and by working in coir industry, which is a major source of economy of the state.


Most Densely Populated States in India

this state is the 2nd populous state in India with over 91 million populations. The total area of the state if 34267 sqr/ km. The population density of West Bengal is 1029 people per sqr/km. Kolkata is the capital of the state and one of the most densely populated city in India. People from different religion and culture live here. The Bengal villages are the core sector of farming and agriculture, and the northern part of the state is Darjeeling, which is a popular tourist destination and tea producer.

The GDP is more than RS 7 lakh crores. WEST BENGAL has a contribution to the growth of the Indian economy. The Durgapur and Asansol region is the colliery belt, where some steel plants are situated. Also, the state is developing in IT software sector rapidly. The population has increased by 2.58 million in the last five years.


Most Densely Populated States in India 2019

The population density of the state Bihar is 1102 people per sqr/ km, and thus it is the most populated state in India. The total is over ten crores. The state consists of 38 districts, and Patna is the most populated city as it is the capital. The state stands first among all the states regarding population as the proportion of young people is living here is higher than the other states. Bihar has made noticeable progress in the last 20 years. The population growth in Bihar is very high 25% yearly and 85% of the total population live in the villages. The main occupation is agriculture. Nowadays Patna is emerging as the centre of Industry and IT domain.

So in the above list, we can have a quick look at all the states in India according to population density. The states with high population can utilise the man power, and thus they can improve in every sector. The main power is the ultimate power that matters a lot in the progress of any state and its economy.


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