Mankind has been domesticating horses for over 4000 years now. They are one of the most beautiful and useful creatures on the planet. Just like dogs they can act as a great companion while delivering more help than dogs. Almost every legend had a faithful horse companion in his endeavours, which stood by the protagonist and helped him through his journey.

We have used horses, for years as a means of transportation to travel across the globe. Kingdom’s used them in wars. They were a necessity in 16 century, which was owned by the royals in the society. So, we are going to honor this animal and rank some of the best and most expensive horse breeds in the world in 2022.

10. Shetland Pony – $2000 – $10,000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds 2019

Shetland pony is the eighth most expensive horse breed on the planet currently. Just their name, this horse can act like a diva sometimes. They have a bad reputation for their temperament and learners are often advised to stay as far away from them as possible. Their temperaments can change according to their day. They are amongst the moodiest animal on the planet. In some states people use them for training, to teach beginners a lesson so that they treat horses always with respect and care.

9. Appaloosa – $3000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Appaloosa is one of the strong horse breeds. There strong structure and legs, make them one of the fastest breeds in their family. They are very high spirited and calm. Their intelligence and smartness make them a perfect horse for the learner. They are loving in nature, and don’t really harm anyone unless troubled. They can live on minimum food, hence does not require high maintenance or a stable diet. They are mostly covered in small patches of brown or white over their white skin.

8. Clydesdale – $5000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Clydesdale is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a good looking, corporative and graceful horse. It is one of the friendliest horse on the planet, who can mix up easily with its owners. They are also easy to understand, train and ride. So, you don’t have worry about falling.

This horse can be recognized from its white hair that is grown around its leg. This horse is initially from Scotland. They are known for the kind and lovable nature.

7. Gypsy Vanner – $10,000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Gypsy Vanner is definitely one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. It has a mix of black and white and long hair of its head. Like its name this horse has a gypsy soul and is very keen on running. They are popular for their jumping ability, who can jump over four foot, in a single stride. They are often used in jumping and racing competitions. They are family friendly, which makes them a perfect domestic help. They can act as a great pet for your family. They are one of the safest horses to be around, who won’t mind giving you a ride.

6. Mustang – $10,250

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Mustang is a Spanish or Iberian horse breed, which started selling in America in the early 20th century. They are known for their six sense, intelligence, and control over their speed. These Mustangs have been used for multiple reasons in North America. People use them for riding in leisure as well as for travelling purposes. They are used for racing and even in games. They are popular amongst domestic household, as they have a longer lifespan compared to any other horse breed.

5. Paint Horse – $23,500

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

This is amongst the most beautiful horses in the world, which is covered with white blotches on its black and brown skin. Paint Horse is an American horse breed, who is popular for its skin patterns. They are created by breeding horses with spots with quarter horses or thoroughbreds, creating a combination of a beautiful species with high speed and stamina. They have been used in multiple movies and music videos because of their unique. People are often amazed by their white blotches.

4. Friesian – $25,000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Friesian is a beautiful black horse with shiny skin. They are popular for their intelligence and keenness. They are used in war and have the capacity and stamina to tackle and stay calm in all the mayhem of the battleground. They make up for the best war animals because of their high speed, stamina, and body. They are amongst the most graceful horse breed on the planet. They might take a few days to get to know, but once they get familiar with you, they will become the most loyal soul to you.

3. Quarter Horse – $50,000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Quarter Horse is amongst the most popular horse breed in the United States of America. Their name is derived from their ability to outrun the horse breeds. They are amongst the fastest horses in the world, who can outrun other horse by a quarter mile in any race. They are used for competing in rodeo events like team roping, calf roping, and barrel racing. They are known for their competitive nature. They are also used for professional horse riding and other competitive events.

2. Thoroughbred – $89,259

Most Expensive Horse Breeds 2019

Thoroughbred is a popular horse which is used for professional racing in England. Their short legs help them deliver longer strides with easy stability and balance. They are known for having broad chests and slender bodies with short backs, making them a perfect match for horse racing. They are popular for their exceptional speed and stamina. They can run for the horse at a constant speed if they are brought up properly. They are one of the most high-spirited and sensitive species of horses. Some of the fastest horses on England racing ground belong to this breed. They require proper care and high maintenance which makes them one of the most expensive horse breeds in the world

1. Arabian Horse – $1,00,000

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Royalty exudes from this horse. Arabian horses are one of the most expensive horse breeds in the world. It is amongst the oldest horse breeds known to the mankind. This horse became popular during the early 1980’s when people started breeding and marketing them. This led to an instant increase in its price, which turned it into a status symbol in Arab, which motivated people to invest and domesticate these horses. Later they also became very popular in the US because of their beautiful shape and friendliness. This horse can cost you over $1 million. There speed and beauty are unmatchable which is why they are ranked no. 1.

These are some of the most expensive and beautiful horse breeds in the world. They are known for their speed, beauty, and longevity. Horses are one of the most useful and mesmerising creatures on the planet, who have been serving humankind since ages. So, it’s only fair that we spend a fair amount of money on them to maintain their health.


  1. Seriously…who wrote this? I think all of us who own any of these breeds *WISH* they were these prices! Absolutely absurd and false information cost-wise!! Someone didn’t do their homework!

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