Ten Most Expensive Guitar Brands In The World: Acoustic Guitars One Can Ever Have

A guitar is one of the most beautiful and popular instruments in the world. Thanks to the sex appeal denoted with a guitar, it is often looked as a seducing machine. Plus the movies haven’t left any chance to originate a stereotypical stigma, that guitar can help you get girls. Thousands of boys today just learn this instrument to get girls, while others get a rock star rush while playing it. Guitars are definitely one of the most dynamic instruments, which can soothe and calm you during your every mood, be it a sad rhythm or a hardcore party vibe. So, in order to honor guitars, we have listed some of the most expensive guitars in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Guitar Brands Right Now

10. Paul Reed Smith – $3750 (an estimated worth of each guitar)

Paul Reed Smith, Top Most Expensive Guitar Brands 2018

Paul Reed Smith aka PRS Guitars is one of the most popular guitar manufacturer, which was established by Paul Reed Smith himself. They are famous for making both customs made guitars as well as electronic guitars. Most of their guitars are made from mahogany with a unique maple top design on most of its design. Paul Reed Smith is one of the most affordable guitar brands, which beginners can use to start their new band. Most of their guitars start from a price range of hundreds which can go up to a couple of thousand dollars.

9. B.C. Rich – $5000 (an estimated worth of each guitar)

B.C. Rich

B.C. Rich is a classic old manufacturer, which was established by Bernardo Chavez Rico in early 1969 in the United States of America. They have a specialization in manufacturing guitars, and they only deal in the musical instrument only. Most of their guitars can cost you over $5000 depending on your choice. Their guitars are famous for its atypical body shape. They are very popular amongst rock fans and Goth kids because of their heavy metal promotions and wacky rock designs.

8. Taylor – $70 Million


Taylor is amongst the richest guitar brand in the world, with an astonishing net worth of over $70 Million according to sandiegouniontribune.com. This company was established in California in 1974 by Kurt Listug and Bob Taylor. They produce classic, electric as well as acoustic guitars. They acoustic guitars are popular for their semi-hollow unique design, which can produce a beautiful echo. They are most famous for their Pallet Guitar, which is covered with an aluminum inlay and whose only 25 pieces were created, which are all owned by collectors now.

7. Yamaha – $209.89 Million


Yamaha makes whopping revenue of over $209.89 Million according to hoovers.com. It is a multinational Japanese corporation, who is one of the leading instrument manufacturers in the world. They are also famous for manufacturing power sports, motorcycles and electronics. Yamaha guitars are popular for their unique patterns designs and peculiar body shapes. Apart from dealing in guitars they also produce musical instruments like amplifiers, pianos etc.

6. Ibanez – $210 Million


Ibanez is amongst the most influential guitar manufacturing brand in the music Industry. It is a Japanese brand which is based in Hoshino Gakki. It is amongst first continental company, which sold musical instruments internationally. They were also the originator and the very first producers of a seven-string and eight-string guitar. They have also been a part of several controversies, one of which included an accusation put on them by Gibson and Fender, claiming that Ibanez has stolen their model designs. However, the lawsuit was settled and Ibanez was able to clear its name.

5. Jackson – $240 Million


Jackson is popular music manufacturing brand, which is a product of California’s Charvel Guitar Repair. They started making their own guitars in 1980, when Randy Rhoads approached the owner Grover Jackson, to manufacture individual guitars. They soon started to become popular, after which Grover decided on starting a brand name Jackson. In 2002, Jackson was bought by Fender, who became the subcontractor of the company. Jackson has also started a new guitar company named GJ2 Guitars after the success of Jackson. Randy Jackson alone makes a revenue of $40 Million every year from his share of sales.

4. Rickenbacker – $264 Million


Rickenbacker was founded in 1931 by George Beauchamp and Adolf Rickenbacker. They are amongst the most renowned guitar producers in the world. The guitar brand is popular for their distinct shape, which usually includes circular bodies and long necks. They were first to invent and make guitars with solid bodies. However, later production was stopped because of their lap steel body that gave them a frying pan look. They have an estimated net worth of over $264 Million according to worldtopmost.com.

3. Epiphone – $270 Million


Every single guitar on Epiphone’s outlet cost over a thousand dollars. Like their slogan, “Performance is our Passion”, they passionately create these guitars without thinking about the money. They are amongst the most popular guitars, used by professionals and beginners all around the world. It is a subsidiary, of Gibson, who took the acquisition of the Company, because of the competition it was receiving from the brand. Apart from making guitars, they also make instruments like banjos, uptight bass etc.

2. Fender – $700 Million


Fender is amongst second richest guitar manufacturer in the world who has a net worth of over $700 Million according to money.cnn.com. It’s no surprise, as the company is known for selling a single guitar for over $5000. They are popular for manufacturing all kinds of musical string equipment and amplifiers. Their bass and solid electric guitars are their main USP. Stratocaster is amongst their most famous creation, who is also one of the most expensive guitars in the world.

1. Gibson – $4.8 Billion

Gibson, Top 10 Most Famous & Luxurious Guitar Brands 2017

Gibson aka Gibson Guitar Corporation is amongst the biggest brand manufacturers in the world. They are known for making some of the most beautiful and expensive guitars in the world. Recently they created a guitar worth $40 Million, which was equipped with the finest tuning technology. Gibson was founded in 1902 by Orville Gibson, who initial name was decided to be Gibson Mandolin-Guitar. Their guitars are promoted and used by the great guitarist Charlie Christian. Their guitars are used by some of the greatest celebrities of the music industry. Their goodwill and prestigious quality make them one of the most popular brands in the world. No other guitar can match the tuning and string quality of their guitars. They have an estimated net worth of $4.8 Billion according to the worldtopmost.com.

These are some of the richest guitar brands in the world, who are known for selling some of the most expensive guitars. Their instruments are mostly used by the celebrity, as common man can’t afford the prices that seek out of each piece of their guitar.


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