Ten Most Expensive iPhone 7 Cases Which Costs You Even More Than An Iphone

iPhone is amongst the most expensive phones in the world, so it comes as no surprise that their owners will be ready to pay a hefty amount for its case. iPhone has become a status symbol, in the past decade, where if you don’t own the latest iPhone, then you will be judged for your financial stability. Phones cases are no mere, protection shields for your phones, but they can also act as an accessory. And when we talk iPhone Case, well people like to decorate them as jewelry and can really go crazy with them. So, today we have listed the 10 most expensive iPhone Cases available in the world. And don’t be amazed if some of them cost more than your wedding ring.

10. Swarovski Crystal Case – $239

Swarovski Crystal Case Top Most Popular Expensive iphone 7 Cases 2018

This is the most affordable iPhone case on our list. This case is perfect for girls, who like crystals and their shine. It is designed with a crystallized structure, which patterns of stones, bear, bows and beautiful stones. This cover might seem delicate and feminine, but it’s strong like a female’s will. The unique theme of this cover makes is one of most beautiful and distinctive iPhone cases in the world. You will be amazed by the longevity of this cover, which will shield you precious iPhone against all your clumsy falls.

9. Louis Vuitton Case – $330

Louis Vuitton Case

How can you expect this designer brand to make anything but expensive cases? Louis Vuitton is known for manufacturing some of the finest satchels and shoes in the world. And only recently they have introduced themselves as an iPhone case manufacturer as well. Their collection comprise of a wide range collection of fine colors and fabrics in their cases. They are built using the microfiber quality that stylishly shields you phone from all scratches and damages. Their iPhone cases are beautiful, but sadly can’t be afforded by everyone.

8. Gucci Crocodile Case – $495

Gucci Crocodile Case

Crocodile is already considered as the most expensive animal fabric on the planet; now add the tag on Gucci label on it and you will get the eighth most expensive iPhone Case in the world. This Gucci cover is made from skin gator, which can keep your phone safe in all climates against all potential damages. However people do criticize it to be overpriced and a waste of money, as this cover basically looks simple, rather way formal to be used by the young generation in the world. Secondly, this cover also costs more than most iPhones which is also what make it so scandalous.

7. Dolce and Gabbana Case – $595

Dolce and Gabbana Case

Dolce and Gabbana is another example of fashion brands trying their luck in the Case cover manufacturing companies. And they have definitely worked really hard in creating a better extensive than Gucci. This cover is also made using crocodile skin, which is decorated with silver shading. It comes with different compartments, which users can use to store their cards. It is a soft delicate lining that can shield your iPhone against all harms. It is definitely amongst the most expensive covers, which might be used by only a few people around the world. It is also a bit colorful, which makes it a great cover choice for girls.

6. The Tower Flower Case – $1,495

The Tower Flower Case

This cover is a must buy for all lovers, who can’t help but admire the love around and in Paris. This case is a tribute to Eiffel Towers. It is a very chic, girly cover which comes with a diamond studded Eiffel Tower attached to it. This cover is sold by an online website named Etsy, who luckily provide delivery service across the globe. This is ideal for people who don’t care about money and won’t mind spending $1,495 dollars on a phone that doesn’t even cost $1,000.

5. The Case Mate Case – $4271

The Case Mate Case

This Case Mate cover comes in three color variants, which are gold, white and black. This cover is popular its soundproof innovation technology that diverts all external sounds outside from the iPhone. The manufacturer also allows users to add customization to their case, giving them freedom to highlight craving on the case according to their preference. You can even add images and other fun things on this cover, giving it a personal touch. This is amongst the most popular iPhone cases of last year which allow users to express their creativity.

4. Brick Titanium Case – $4,430

Brick Titanium Case

This Titanium case is made from immaculate titanium that is available in gold, platinum, dark and carbon shades. This is definitely amongst the most unpopular expensive iPhone cases as the block design that it exudes is not for everyone. However it doesn’t provide a solid support, shield the entire phone from any damage. Your phone will never be harmed under the protection of Brick’s Titanium Case, but it’s also unlikely that most people will be willing to spend $4,450 on a cover.

3. Miansai 14 Carat Gold Cases – $10,000

Miansai 14 Carat Gold Cases

Miansai is one of the most sumptuous covers you can ever get, however this does demand you to spend a check of $10,000 on it. You will probably be able to invest in 10 iPhones if you consider buying them instead of this cover. This lovely case is made and designed with 14 carat gold. But it’s likely that you will be more worried about the cover more the phone, every time you lose it around your place.

2. Gresso’s Titanium Bumper Case – $10,000

Gresso’s Titanium Bumper Case

It is by far one of the most expensive and classiest iPhone cases on the planet. It’s simple, yet tasteful design makes it a perfect phone cover for men. It is made from Titanium, which comes with a promise of protection and shielding. It is made from Italian calfskin, which has also been used to create the logo of the company using gold. The gold on this cover is mostly responsible for making this cover so expensive. However this does deliver a classy, hand cleaned finish, with sparkling shine of black, making it an exquisite choice for all businessmen.

1. Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider – $8,80,000

Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider Top 10 Most Expensive iphone 7 Cases 2017

This is probably the most expensive iPhone cases in the world. It is made from genuine stones and jewels. Its body is built with a 16 carat white gold. It comprises of 32 carat diamonds and makes the beautiful case exceptionally expensive. You can probably own an iPhone store with all the money you will spend on this iPhone cover.

These are some of the most expensive iPhone cases in the world, most of which cost more than an iPhone. Owning an iPhone is sure a status symbol today, but owning these cover is a sign that you have way too much money, that you are not afraid of wasting your money.


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