10 Most Popular & Must Attend European Festivals this year

Festivals are entertaining; there is a lot to learn about other cultures and lots of traditional delicacies you never imagined to name just a few. This is what you miss if you do not attend the top 10 most popular festivals in Europe. With its rich history and extensive cultures, Europe has a lot to offer.

Through the year there are festivities planned to celebrate and showcase cultures and talents. Considered to be among the biggest tourist attractions, attending the festivities is the best choice when you intend to take your vacation or holiday. In modern times, what used to be regarded as small celebrations in Europe are now big festivities. This makes it hard for visitors to choose which to attend and the ones to skip. The below list outlines the most popular festivals and where you are bound to get the best value.

List of 10 Most Popular & Must Attend European Festivals

10. Electrobeach – Port-Barcares

Electrobeach – Port-Barcares Top Most Popular Festivals in Europe 2017

Located in the south of France, Port-Barcares plays host to the electrobeach party. This is a big event hosted in the month of July and featuring lots of entertainment. During the event, visitors are treated to numerous music covering different genres from top musicians on the globe. It is a big opportunity to dance away all the strains and be refreshed by the end of the party. To spice the music, top performing DJs also grace the festivities and treat visitors to numerous selections to quench the deep thirst for entertainment. It is an event where new and extreme dance styles are showcased to spice up the event.

9. Gilles Peterson worldwide festival – Sete

Held in Sete, France Gilles Peterson’s worldwide festival is a big event celebrated in France. The event has now been running for over a decade and gaining popularity by each year. Inspired by Gilles’ radio show, the event features performances from top artists in the world alongside other great exhibitions. The event is held starting from 30th June to the 6th of July giving the audience a whole week of entertainment. Local and international artists graces the occasion giving the audience an opportunity to enjoy live music they normally hear from the radio show that bear the same name.

8. Sziget festival – Obudai Island

Obudai Island in Hungary is the home to the highly accredited Sziget festival. Unlike most of the festivities around the country, Sziget has a unique and outstanding experience. People taking part in the event get an opportunity to spend time together along the beautiful beaches. This is done in a social atmosphere where drinks and foods are shared widely. While performances from artists are not the main feature, the visitors are treated to a cool blend of music. The festivity is held between the 11th and 18th of august every year and attracts millions of local and foreign visitors.

7. Exit festival – Serbia

In the month of July, Novi plays host to the Novi festivals. A historic town in Europe, the festival gives participants an opportunity to enjoy great time travelling where luxurious accommodation facilities are kept ready for the visitors. The main host of the festivity is the exit crew which organises a range of activities to keep the visitors entertained through their stay. This includes performances from local and international artistes and a combination of music mixes from their resident and visiting DJs. Being a historic town, the visitors are also treated to a range of traditional and international cuisines hence a great opportunity to taste and enjoy food from different parts of the world.

6. Open’er – Gdynia

Between 5th and 5th of July every year, Gdynia in Poland is the host of one of the greatest European festivals. It is known by name as Open’er though its names change with each year. Started in 2002, the festival continues to gain popularity by each year. The festival is considered as being addictive where majority of the visitors who attend never miss a chance to attend the event in the years that follow. A wide range of activities and entertainment are provided depending n the theme selected each year. This means that with each year, visitors are treated to a new experience unlike most of other festivities where there is a tradition in the list of activities every year.

5. Audioriver – Plock

Audioriver – Plock Top Famous Festivals in Europe 2018

This exciting festivity is held in Poland every year. The event takes place between 25th and 27th of July. Held in Plock beach, the event brings around most of the celebrated local and international musicians for live performances. To spice up the entertainment experience, popular radio station DJs also treats the participants to great mixes of local and international music. Alongside the great entertainment, participants also get an opportunity to visit various exhibitions where they buy gifts and artifact for their loved ones. Assortment of beer and other types of refreshments are made available and shared widely among the participants as they dance to the music provided.

4. Plissken – Athens

Hosted in Athens in Greece, Plissken is one major festival of its own accord. It takes place in summer between the 6th and 7th of June. Musical performances from local and visiting artists are performed live alongside dancing sessions. The most unique feature of this festival is that it offers participant to share and give proposals concerning life experiences and other matter of personal importance. Celebrated for approximately five years the ultimate goal of the festival is to provide with a platform where participants can interact and learn from each other in an entertaining environment.

3. MAD – Usce Park

A new creation by the Exit festival team, MAD is the new opportunity provided to participants to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Held in Usce Park in Belgrade, Serbia, the event takes place between 24th and 25th of May each year. The festivals feature performances by most of the sought after musicians from across the globe.

Considered as the festival that is affordable by majority of all walks of life, the event charges the lowest rates through the whole continent of Europe. Despite being one of the newest festivals in the regions, MAD is one of the most attended events with its popularity deemed to grow in bound in the coming years.

2. Let it Roll – Benesov

Started in 2003, Let it Roll is the biggest and most entertaining festivals in Czech Republic. It is held between the 1st and 2nd of August every year. With a wide range of activities for the participants, it is acknowledged as the second biggest event in the whole of Europe. The festival features concerts and other exciting performances designed to entertain the masses who attend. It provides with an opportunity to share the dance floor with celebrities and a wide range of special guests who grace the event.

1. Marvelous Island Festival – Paris

Marvelous Island Festival – Paris Top Most Famous Festivals in Europe 2018

Between 7th and 10th of May every year, Paris hosts the Marvellous Island Festival. The planning of the event is done by a team of professional managers and event organisers who identify a secret location for the event every season. The festival features a wide range of entertainment where live music performances are top on the list. This comes alongside other activities that ensure visitors enjoy each and every moment of the festival.

The selected festivals take place at different times of the year. The timing is enough to allow one attend as many of the festivals as possible. This is done alongside having them hosted in different locations hence a change of environment. Major activities include life performances and dancing which are done alongside an opportunity to sample and enjoy an assortment of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and different cuisines.


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