Ten Best & Largest Zoos in India: Nice, Big and worth visiting

Zoos are a confined landscape areas, which is constructed similar to their natural habitat, where different species of animals are kept for exhibition to the common people and wherein they can breed.

Zoo is the abbreviation for zoological park or zoological garden, zoos​ are also known as menagerie and animal park. These parks are set up to safely exposé the wildlife to the community and also for making the species on the verge of extinction​ live longer.

There are many zoos in India, the figure is marks up to 60. Some of them are very nice, big and worth visiting. People manly visit zoos with their families and friends in holidays, if you are also thinking of doing the same and make your trip memorable here is a list of India’s top 10 most visited zoos. So plan a holiday and go out, visit a zoo nearby your place.

All the menageries in India come under the authority of Central Zoo Authority of India (CZA). CZA is an prestigious affiliated member of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), which was established to increase the standards of our Zoos in accordance with the International Zoos all over the world. This is a list of top 10 zoos according to their area. The list is in descending order.

List of top 10 Best & Largest Zoos in India in 2017-2018

10. Lucknow zoo :

This zoo ranks tenth in the list. This zoo is situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pardesh . It is spread in 29 hectares (71.9 acres) of geographical area. There are about 102 species, that counts about 911 animals in this zoo. This zoo major exhibits of this zoo are mammals like royal Bengal tiger, white Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, gray wolf, hoolock, Himalayan black bear, Indian rhinoceros, blackbuck, swamp deer, barking deer, hog deer, Asiatic elephant, giraffe, zebra, European otters, hill mynahs, giant squirrels, great pied hornbill, golden pheasant, silver pheasant etc. This zoo is one of the only two zoos of India that exhibits orangutan.

9. Sanjay Gandhi biological park :

This is a combination​ of a zoological park and a botanical garden. The zoo portion when compared to other zoos it ranks 9th in India. It has 70 species of animals , 5 snake species and 35 species of fishes. In all there are about 800 animals in this zoo. This zoo has an aquarium of fish shape that attracts fishes. This zoo has an adorable collection of trees, there are almost 300 species of plants in the zoo. The major exhibits of this zoo include a nursery for medicinal plants, an orchid house, a fern house, a glass house, and a rose garden etc. If you are a botany lover, this place is best fitted for you to visit.

8. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park :

This park is the eighth largest zoological park in India. It covers about 53 hectares (130 acres) of land . This zoo is famously known as Katraj Zoo. This zoo is situated in Katraj near Pune city. The zoo has different sections duplicated similar to the natural ambience of the animals. There are sections like zoological park, snake park, animal orphanage and a lake to attract migrating birds. The lakeside view is worth watching.

7. Mysore Zoo ( Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden ) :

Mysore Zoo Top Popular & Largest Zoos in India 2018

This is the seventh largest zoo in India. It spreads over 64 hectares ( 157 acres ). It is situated near palace in Mysore. A lake named Karanji is also beside the zoo which covers about 77.02 acres. The major exhibits of the Mysore zoo are green anacondas, giraffes, lion, zebras, tigers, baboons and white rhinoceros. The zoo has donated 5 acres of land to the National History museum. This museum showcases the natural history of wild animals, aquatic animals and different vegitations etc. They recover their maintenance cost mostly from the entry fees of the zoo also they have recently introduced the animal adoption programme.

6. Delhi Zoo, National Zoological Park :

This park is the India’s sixth largest zoological park it covers about 71 hectares (176 acres ) . There are 130 species that counts upto 1350 animals are sheltered in the Zoo. One can visit the zoo by simply taking walk and enjoying every possible scenic beauty or else one can rent battery operated vehicle that are made made available by the zoo authority. So go and visit the zoo and feel the natural beauty.

5. Nehru Zoological Park :

This zoo is the fifth largest zoo in India. It occupies about 150 hectares (380 acres) of land. It includes mostly indigenous species like Bengal tiger, Indian rhino, panther, Indian elephants, python, deer, antelopes , guar, asiatic lion, slender loris, birds etc. These animals with some other reptiles , mammals and birds take the count of species in this zoo over 100.

The uniqueness of this zoo is that along it’s side it has a huge water tank named Mir Alam tank. It is a large embankment which attracts other birds to visit and stay in the zoo premises which also attracts the visitors. The area of the water body is about, 240 hectare (600 acres ) . It also has a nocturnal house to exhibit the nocturnal animals. This enclosure automatically reverses the day and night for the animals so that the visitors can see the nocturnal animals active at daytime.

This zoo also encompasses a dinosaurs park, butterfly park, a tortoise house and an aquarium. This zoo has a special training session for feeding zoo animals, which is scheduled everyday to educate visitors about proper way to feed zoo animals also this zoo has a natural history museum and a train. All in all it is a nice place to visit at any time of the day.

4. Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden :

This zoo is located at Junagadh, Gujarat. It is the fourth largest zoo in India. It has 200 hectares (490 acres) of land under its name. The zoo encompasses about 1223 animals out of around 600 mammals are there. This zoo is also famous for its vivid birds collection and reptiles. Sakkarbaug zoo promotes captive breeding for Asiatic lions , thus including 10 others zoo to accompany this initiative.

This zoo has the India’s largest breeding center. Thus visiting sakkarbaug zoo will showcase the natural and pure breeds of rare species like Asiatic lions and african tigers. Also this zoo has a veterinary hospital which includes a large hall as a museum which depicts the natural beauty.

3. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park :

It is the third largest zoological park in India. Owing to its ranking the total land covered under the zoo premises is about 253 hectare (625 acres). It holds about 75 species which counts upto 850 animals.

The major exhibits of Indira Gandhi Zoo are carnivores, lesser carnivores, reptiles, small mammals , ungulates, primates, and caged birds. Along with these sections of different animals, the zoo has a Biosphere learning center. This center attracts many kids and their parents as it provides education related to our biosphere. Also this zoo has personal Library inside the zoological park area.

2. Nandankanan Zoo:

This zoo is the second largest zoo area wise having its geographical area over 400 hectares (990 acres) . It is situated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha . The name Nandankann has a literal meaning and that is the garden of heas .This zoo includes some part of chandaka forest and a lake named Kanjia of 134 hectares(54 acres).

This Zoo is the first zoo from India to be the member of world association of zoos and aquariums (WAZA) also it is one the most prestigious members of central zoo association (CZA) and South Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation (SAZARC). The major exhibits of Nandankann zoo are White Tiger Safari, Lion Safari, Butterfly Park, Orchid house and botanical garden. The orchid house is one of the most beautiful and worth watching garden in India.

The uniqueness of this zoo is that visitors can adopt animals from the zoo by funding the maintenance of those animals.

You can adopt a small bird in only​ in 500 rupees to 1,00,000 rupees for adopting a lion or tiger. This initiative is taken for involving local audience with the zoo animals. Other zoos have also adopted the same as this technique provides tax concession and visitors involvement . Thus it is quite ​ fun to visit Nandankanan zoo.

1. Vandalur zoo

Vandalur zoo Top 10 Best & Largest Zoos in India 2017

India’s largest zoological park is Arignar Anna Zoological garden which is commonly known as Vandalur zoo, which is named after the city in which it is located. It in Chennai Tamil Nadu. Vandalur Zoo has the largest geographical area as compared to other Zoos in India. It’s boundaries stretch about 1490 acres (602 hectares). This park consists of different Zoological sections which include:

● Zoological park – It is spread in about 510 hectares (1300 acres) . The major exhibits of this zoo are Tiger, leopard, lion (hybrid), wild dog, lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, hyena, jackal, blackbucks, Indian bison, barking deer, sambhar, spotted deer, crocodile, snakes, water birds etc.

● Rescue and Rehabilitation center : This area is restricted for the rehabilitation and rescue of animals. This center occupies about 92.45 hectares (228.4 acres) of the area of the zoo.

● Zoo Museum : After visiting the zoo when we en route towards the exit of the Zoo, there is a museum. The museum has a good information about insects, plants, extinct species and ores etc.

● Zoo veterinary hospital : The veterinary hospital in the zoo looks after the disease prevention and health of the animals at the zoo. The main aim of having an veterinary hospital inside the zoo campus is that any emergency can be handled easily and the regular checkup of the animals become feasible.

All in all visiting Vandalur zoo is a treat to you and your family .You will enjoy nature and it’s beauty.


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