Ten Most Highly Rated News Bulletin Channels In The World Keeps You Updated Throughout The Day

In present day’s fast changing world, individuals don’t have much time for newspapers. They like to read the news via online or hear to the news headlines from radio or television. Media has continuously performed a very significant part in attaining the news from different parts of the world and exhibiting it in front of its viewers. However, over the years, the exhibition of the news bulletin has too altered as well as news channels attempt to spice it up to make it exciting, which can let the viewer to stick to their news bulletin channel. Other than newscasts, they have a wide range of programs broadcasted for their audience such as shows on finance and markets, chat shows, weather report, sports, movie review shows, etc.

Are you interested in knowing about the most highly rated news bulletin channel presently in world? Well, for that read below sections:

10. Geo News

Geo News Top Most Popular Highly Rated News Bulletin Channels in The World 2017

Geo News is a well-known Urdu News bulletin channel of Pakistan, launched in year 2004. This news bulletin channel is being owned by Independent Media Corporation, which too recognized as the possessor of Jang Group of Newspapers. It is known that this TV Network initiated as Geo TV, which its administration started in year 2002. This news bulletin channel have presented many channels such as GEO Super (Sports), GEO Entertainment, GEO Tez, GEO Kahani and GEO News. Moreover, the channel is very prevalent in Urdu speaking based countries in different parts of the world.

9. NDTV India

NDTV India

NDTV India is an abandoned news channel in Hindi of country- India, possessed by NDTV administration. This company was established by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy, the couple in year 1988.

Presently, it is one of the greatest reliable news channels of the country and it is observed by greatest of the people throughout prime time. The presses related with this channel have held significant place in government of this country. Moreover, Pankaj Pachauri, a recognized TV anchor and journalist were recognized as a Communication Adviser to Mr. Manmohan Singh, who was a former PM of the country.

8. Euronews


This news bulletin channel was founded in France in year 1993 and presently it is the most highly rated news bulletin channel in world. Essentially, it is a multilingual based news channel, currently accessible in 155 different countries all over the world. It is known that the Sawiris holds 53% of the share via administration of Media Global Networks. This highly rated news bulletin channel was made with the goal to comprise news from different parts of the world. Based on the content, this news bulletin channel displays headlines every 30 minutes from Europe and globe. It is known that every interval has 10 minutes of bulletin, promotion of the following show and marketplace report.

7. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera

This news bulletin channel (frequently named as JSC (Jazeera Satellite Channel)) is founded in Doha as well as it is funded by the state. This channel is possessed by Al Jazeera Media Network, whose certain share is subsidized by House of Thani, which is a domestic that dominates Qatar. The channel was initially propelled as Arabic news & current affair channel, however after then it has extended into channel with diverse dialects, internet etc. Presently, it has 80 bureaus as well as this is one of the major in the entire world. Though it is possessed by government of Qatar, they state the channel is editorially self-governing.

6. Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya

This is a famous news channel possessed by MBC Group, which is basically a Saudi Broadcaster as well as it possess headquarters in Dubai. This particular channel was started in year 2003 and Adel Al Toraifi is recognized as the general manager of this news buletin channel presently, who accepted command in year 2014.

The channel is prevalent in the entire region of Middle East and this is a free-to-air channel as well as works to broadcast documentaries and talk shows as well. Other than the standard newscast, this program comprises business and financial markets, sports as well as news of current affairs.



This news bulletin channel was established by Tom Roger, known as NBC executive and Microsoft owns a 50% share in this channel as well as remunerated $221 million for it. This channel was initially broadcasted in year 1996 and this channel is possessed by NBC Universal with its headquarters located in New York. The leading show broadcasted on this new bulletin channel was a line-up of interviews, attitudes and news. Ultimately, MSNBC began concentrating on news of politics and created it a brand. In year 2005, Microsoft detached its pole from this news bulletin channel and in year 2012, from its official website.

4. Sky News

Sky News

This news bulletin channel is international news channel founded in Britain, initially in year 1989. Rupert Murdoch declared that he will be offering a latest television series to organization of British Academy of Film and Television Arts formerly. In the early years, the news bulletin channel owned a budget of around $40 million and it was planned to shut it. However Murdoch was contented with its attainments and made it obvious to maintain it. In year 1992, this news channel began earning making profit as well as Murdoch stated the channel has supplemented new scopes to reporting.

3. CNN


CNN (full name-Cable News Network) is a satellite and cable based famous TV channel of America, presently renowned as highly rated one. It was founded in year 1980 by Ted Turner, which is basically a media owner. It is known that this was the initial channel to offer 24-hour news as well as it is the leading all-news channel in America. This channel is chiefly broadcasted from Time Warner Centre, located in New York City and it possesses studios in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. As per a study conducted in year 2010, CNN was basically broadcasted in 100 million homes.

2. Fox News

Fox News

This news bulletin channel is frequently named as Fox News, is basically a satellite and cable based TV channel of country- America. It is known that the channel is possessed by Fox Entertainment Group, which is basically a secondary company. It was endorsed by Rupert Murdoch, which is a media tycoon who rented Roger Ailes, known as CNBC Executive and media adviser. This channel was initially broadcasted in year 1996 and was made accessible to 17 million subscribers of entire cable in world. Its admiration produced in the era of 1990s and 2000s and it grown up as the topmost news bulletin channel of US.

1. BBC News

BBC News Top Most Famous Highly Rated News Bulletin Channels in The World 2018

This news bulletin channel is basically a public service broadcaster having its headquarters located at Broadcasting House, in London. It was established in year 1922 and presently it is one of the ancient and biggest organizations including 20,950 staff associates. Out of this, 16,672 are a share of public segment broadcast as well as the number of flexible, part-time, fixed staff is around 35,402. Moreover, the funds of this channel are mostly elevated through license fee, which is accused to everyone of the households. This fee is planned by the government as well as it is used for backing BBC Radio, TV and online services.

In order to be on the top position of the rating, news bulletin channels have to be innovative as well as original when matter comes to exhibiting a news piece. They even need to assure that the anchors are decent speakers as well as they do not commit mistakes throughout live telecasts.


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