Ranging from bags to pipes; plastic is an integral part of human all over the world. Plastic products are not only economical but easy to carry as well making it a suitable product in manufacture of much equipment.

The need of customers gets easily satisfied when topmost plastic companies delivers its trusted products manufactured using many years of expertise and experience. Plastic companies prevalent in world today makes use of advance technology that produces minimum pollution when burnt, supplies economical as well as suitable packaging solutions.

Are you worried about how to manage your extensive plastic products requirements by getting superior quality? Well, below listed 10 topmost Plastic companies in world of 2022 will help you out:

10. Alpla:

Best Plastic Companies in the World 2019

ALPLA is an Austrian based plastics manufacturer with its headquarter located in Hard. The company specialises in blow-moulded bottles, caps, preforms, injection-moulded parts, and tubes. The company is the largest producer of packaging in entire Europe, having 68 production plants located in Western Europe and holding 160 production plants in more than 42 countries globally.

It has approximately 17,300 employees working as of year 2016 and holds yearly sales of € 3,3 billion in last year. The company is measured as the international leading firm for plastic packaging and supplies their customers packaging solutions on supreme level. With help of internal research and development, particularly in the Extrusion Blow Molding sector and implementation of diverse manufacturing techniques, Alpla has capability to produce precisely for the customer’s requirements.

9. Formosa Plastics Corp:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

Formosa Plastics Corporation is a Taiwanese plastics company founded in Taiwan (previously called “Formosa”) that chiefly produces polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins and some intermediate plastic goods. It is the corporation running under powerful businessman named Wang Yung-ching who formed the Formosa Plastics Group, and it stays central to the Group’s petrochemical processes.

In year 2015, the company was the world’s fifth largest chemical company by sales. Last year, the company was positioned at No. 861 on the Forbes Global 2000 list of all time largest public companies of world. The foundation of company can be traced back in year 1954, with a US$798,000 loan accepted from US aid agencies.

The foremost PVC plant of company was built in Kaohsiung and production started in year 1957. When you consider FPC’s American operations, the company’s overall PVC resin capacity is around 2.83 million metric tons per year, which is one of the highest in the world. FPC holds many subsidiaries throughout Taiwan, jointly run with members of the Formosa Plastics Group.

Apart from this, Formosa Plastics Corporation, in USA was started in year 1978 as an entirely owned subsidiary of FPC. This subsidiary has created four wholly owned chemical manufacturing subsidiaries in Delaware, Delaware City, Illiopolis, Illinois, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, and Point Comfort, Texas.

8. Lanxess:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

Lanxess is a renowned German speciality Chemicals Company founded in Cologne, Germany. This company was established in year 2004 as a spin-off of the chemicals segment and share of the polymers segment of firm named Bayer AG. The core business of this plastic company is the manufacturing, development, and marketing of rubbers, plastics, intermediates and speciality chemical products. With the help of joint venture with Saudi Aramco, Lanxess is even became a foremost supplier of synthetic rubber. This company made sales of EUR 7.9 billion and has around 16,700 employees as well as 54 production sites globally in 29 countries.

7. Borouge:

Best Plastic Companies in the World 2019

Borouge is a producer of polyolefins, recognized as a joint venture of Borealis of Austria and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. It was established in year 1998, and has two harmonising ventures named Abu Dhabi Polymers Co Ltd (Borouge) – which is a production company founded in Abu Dhabi – and Borouge Pte Ltd founded in Singapore. The company is involved in business of supplying polyolefin plastics (polypropylene and polyethylene). The expert team focus on differentiated high end applications in the Asia Pacific and Middle East with Borstar Enhanced Polyethylene manufactured in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and the Borealis range of speciality products.

6. LG Chem:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

LG Chemical is known to be one of the largest Korean chemical company, with its headquarter located in Seoul, South Korea. This is a major manufacturer of polyolefins, petrochemicals, synthetic rubbers, polyvinyl chloride, and specialty polymers. Apart from excelling in plastic products, the company is also a major producer of IT & electronic materials. In year 2015, the company recorded an annual sale of around $18 billion and employed about 14,000 people globally.

5. BASF:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

BASF is as a German multinational chemical company established in year 1865 and its headquarter is located in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The company is known to be one of the largest plastic and resin suppliers and owns extensive as well as comprehensive plastics portfolio. The product that the company offers are dyes, large number of chemicals, pharmaceutical constituents and agricultural products. Last year, BASF employed over 112,000 people in more than 200 countries with more than 50,000 in Germany alone and 39,000 in the plastic as well as resin industry.


Best Plastic Companies in the World

SABIC (full name-Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation) is a public petrochemical company established in year 1976 and located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is involved in business of chemicals and intermediates, manufacturing polymers, fertilizers, and metals. This is the world’s third-largest producer of polyethylene product and known to be the fourth-largest producer of polypropylene and polyolefins overall. It functions in more than 40 countries all over the world, owns 60 manufacturing sites and employs more than 40,000 people. As per Forbes, SABIC has created sale of about $39 billion in year 2015.

3. Exxon Mobil:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

Exxon Mobil Corp. (ExxonMobil) is an American based multinational oil, gas and chemical company with headquarter located in Irving, Texas. It was formed in year 1999 by the union of Exxon and Mobil (both previously the Standard Oil Company). It is ranked as the world’s 9th largest public company based on revenue and was positioned no. 6 in sales and no. 17 in profit worldwide in Forbes Global year 2016 list.

The company is active in producing petrochemicals, plastics, diesel, and gasoline among many other plastic products in all leading countries of the world. The company is mentioned as one of the top global producers of polyolefins and related polymers and resins. Last year, this company listed annual sales of nearly $237 billion and has employed around 75,600 people worldwide.

2. Lyondell Basell:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

Lyondell Basell is mentioned as one of the world’s largest chemicals, plastics, and refining companies assimilated in the Netherlands, and with U.S. setups headquartered in Houston, Texas, and global operations administered in London, UK. It was established in year 2007 by the procurement of Lyondell Chemical Company by Basell Polyolefins for worth of $12.7 billion.

It supplies plastics, chemicals, petrochemical products, gasoline and diesel, among many other products which are manufactured in 17 countries at 55 different locations. This company is placed in the list as it is the world’s largest producer of polypropylene and polypropylene composites and one of the top global manufacturers of polyethylene. It is also a major producer of high-value specialty polymers and resins.

1. Dow Chemical:

Best Plastic Companies in the World

Dow is an American based multinational company with headquarter located in Midland, Michigan. Dow provides plastics, chemicals, and agricultural products and runs in about 35 countries. The company has over 6,000 product groups that are produced at 179 sites all over the globe. Dow is the foremost worldwide supplier of major polyethylene (PE) resin worldwide and was recorded as the world’s largest producer of polyalkylene glycols and chlorine.

Dow’s major lines of business comprise consumer solutions, agricultural sciences, performance materials & chemicals, infrastructure solutions, and performance plastics. Till date, Dow has employed about 49,500 people worldwide.

Plastic companies are considered as the core companies because of its products implemented in day-to-day life. Listed top plastic companies have excelled in plastic and useful chemical products, made available in different forms at affordable price. Also, you can be stress-free about the quality and pollution effects after purchasing plastic products from these companies.


  1. This list excludes the largest polyolefins/ plastics producers by sales and capacity such as CNPC, Sinopec and Ineos. In terms of rough production capacity the list should be: CNPC, LyondellBasell, SABIC, Sinopec, Ineos, … Dow is a large CHEMICAL company, but not a huge plastics company. Seem can be said for Dupont, BASF.. Alpha is not even a producer but a converter…


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