Kids can easily get drawn to it and eat it for no reason. Others would find reasons to eat this deep brown temptation saying it is an anti-depressant! That’s right, the very reference to chocolates make us slurp, don’t they? Well, it is a no-brainer that chocolates are consumed and loved by people of all ages.

It’s not just the taste chocolates are known for. They have also been one of the oldest pleasantries in occasions that convey love and best wishes for success. Chocolate manufactures are present everywhere in the world and they make a heck lot of money. But not many chocolate manufacturers can cast a spell in your mouth like these 10 manufacturers do. So how about knowing more about this divine sweet made of milk, cocoa and sugar? Here they are. Hey! Hey! No more than a bite please. Here are the top 10 largest chocolate manufacturers In the world in 2022.

10. Kit Kat-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers 2019

Nestle has the whole world fall for the delicious chocolate with wafers underneath since 1931. The immense pleasure lies in splitting the 4 finger choco wafers into two equal parts which allows you to share without too much to sacrifice. Nestle has also managed to bind customer sentiment with its global tagline of “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.” And just in case you think Kit Kat is just a cocoa chocolate, you would be fumed to find out that Japan has 70 flavor options which include the most unusual flavors like green tea, soy sauce and wasabi!

9. Mars-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

The chocolate originated in the UK in 1932 and it provides you choco delight right from the first bite. Apart from chocolate, it has sweet honey, almonds packed in jet black wrapper. The various sizes it is available for are “Fun size”, “Snack time” and “Mars duo”. Mars is a hugely popular chocolate manufacturer in Australia and the some of the variants sold in the country were limited editions.

8. Lindt & Sprungli-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

For some, Swiss chocolates are available to relish only once in life. They are something special and perhaps that is why these beautifully wrapped truffles are a great gift for your loved ones. The chocolate manufacturer provides the ultimate experience of crackling hard shell of chocolate to let an explosion of chocolate mousse do the trick! And it is not just dark chocolate; other indulgent flavors are hazelnut, cinnamon, peppermint, mocha, peanut butter, sea salt etc. Now that’s wholesome chocolate experience we say.

7. Cadbury-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

Cadbury needs no formal introduction in the list of chocolate manufacturers in the world right now. It is functional for almost two centuries now and has brand presence in over 50 countries. Its well known purple colored packaged chocolate has strong milkiness which gives a velvety texture in taste. The popularity and dominance of Cadbury in India is huge, so much so that they command over 70% market share.

6. Galaxy-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

It has been up in the competition with Cadbury and has substantial market presence as well. Currently ranked second (next only to Cadbury), Galaxy is marketed as Dove in Continental Europe and the milk chocolate is available in fruit and nuts variant too. Galaxy provides choice for chocolate lovers in their range of chocolate powder, chocolate ice-cream. Jewel and Senzi is the name it operates in the Middle East with.

5. Toblerone-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

The chocolate manufacturer takes the cake with its unique prism shaped design. Previously owned by Kraft foods, the Swiss chocolate has had massive cultural impact. Toblerone is known for white chocolate as much as the cocoa version. Many flavors that stood out in the limited editions are Honeycomb crisp and crunchy salted almond.

4. Patchi-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers 2019

Patchi is not just an ordinary chocolate manufacturer; they are makers of exquisite chocolates and chocolate gifts. Few people know that Patchi is Lebanese manufacturer having chocolate factories in countries like Lebanon, KSE, UAE, Syria and Egypt. It has successfully expanded its business in 32 countries. Patchi uses a variety of ingredients with its finest chocolate and blends to create unique taste, some of the popular choices of combination are orange peel, cheesecake, Cotton candy, peanut butter; these flavors have been latest additions. Beautifully packaged for special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan and Chinese New Year; Patchi chocolates are the most desirable boxes of chocolates one can ever think of.

3. Ghirardelli-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

Italian chocolate manufacturer Ghirardelli is headquartered in the US and they have been producing some of the most delectable chocolates of Italian craftsmanship. Ghirardelli chocolates are categorized into in an array of flavors which further add to its popularity. These include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with fruit and almonds. Dark chocolates bars by this company founded by Domingo Ghirardelli irresistible to beat as they use the finest mix of cocoa and some of the variants have chocolate chips as well. Ghirardelli has used its chocolates to dole out fancy tasting snacks that are available in assorted gift packs.

2. Guylian-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

They are Belgian chocolate makers and they are the undisputed leader when it comes to producing their famed chocolate sea shells praline offered in different fillings. Guylian chocolate maker Foubert was in the business of making handmade chocolate truffles. Presently Guylian’s famous line of chocolate is Seashell bar filled with hazelnut, original praline. A couple of other additions are milk sugar sans sugar and dark Belgian chocolates that omit sugar. The chocolate manufacturer touched new heights of craftsmanship when they set the Guinness record of largest chocolate sculpture of Easter egg in 2005.

1. Ferrero Rocher-

Biggest chocolate manufacturers

Marking your celebrations and making them sweet is almost impossible without including Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The Italian chocolate maker make the finest chocolate composed of layers that include hazelnut, wafer, Nutella in flat sheets. Ferrero Rocher uses low fat cocoa powder which allows your chocolate indulgence. Ferrero Rocher has been instrumental in impacting cultural impact in China, a country which opposed foreign business initially. But the manufacturer managed to engage the affluent class with their gold wrapper chocolates which soon became the symbol of affluence. Business and productivity wise, Ferrero Rocher is way ahead with 3.6 billion sales across 40 countries in almost all continents. They are the most favored brand of chocolates for Christmas as per a data released in 2015 that shows that Ferrero Rochers sales figure go up to 61% in the last three months of the year.

Some chocolaty facts!

• It takes 400 cocoa beans to produce a pound of chocolate.
• Though popular in bar and candy form in today’s times, chocolates were consumed in liquid form right from the Mayan period.
• Some studies reveal that chocolates have been consumed in liquid form for its 90% history.
• Apart from the three popular variants namely classic milk, dark and white; the fourth and lesser known type is blond chocolate.
• Scientific name of chocolate producing tree is “Theobroma cacao” meaning “food of the gods!”


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