Ten Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds In The World

Monkeys are wild animals who are known to be the most intelligent animals. The world consists of 280 species of monkeys. December is the month for the celebration of the National monkey day. The monkeys are two types; the old world monkeys and the new world monkeys. The monkeys in Asia and Africa are known as the old world monkeys and the monkeys in the Central and South America also are a part of the old world monkeys. The new world monkeys are the species that are evolved from the old world monkeys. The list below will enhance your knowledge about the best breed of monkeys.

10. Francois Langur:

Francois Langur Top Most Popular Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2018

The Francois Langur is a prominent breed of monkeys found in the south west regions of China and the north east areas of Vietnam. The breed of monkeys is known by the characteristic of having white hair. The hair of these monkeys comes across their ears and covers their faces completely. The Francois Langurbelongs to the species Lutung. These monkeys are usually found in groups of four. The weight and the size of these monkeys differ from monkey to monkey. The males of this breed are usually taller than the females. The size of the males is usually 55 to 64cm while that of the females is 47 to 59cm.

9. Noisy Night Monkey:

Noisy Night Monkey

The Noisy Night Monkey is considered to be active during the night. Many people misunderstand them to be the members of the genus autus, but they do not belong to this genus. These monkeys are characterized by having large and wide eyes. This helps them in catching the insects at night. These monkeys move through the trees and are skilled in watching the infomercials on TBS in the dark. These monkeys are the best monkeys that help in keeping the neighbors awake. These monkeys are found in large numbers in Columbia, Peru and Brazil. The disturbing sounds produced by the monkeys are very disturbing.

8. Proboscis Monkey:

Proboscis Monkey

The Proboscis Monkeys are a breed of monkeys that are found in South East Asia. These monkeys are characterized by their long nose. These monkeys form a part of the old world monkeys. The monkeys are reddish brown in color and have large and bulky bellies. These monkeys are also known as the Monyet Belinda. The name was given to them due to their resemblance to Dutch men. These monkeys are found in the South East Asian regions of Brunel, Indonesian and Malaysian regions.

7. Japanese Macaque:

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque is the breed of monkeys also known as the snow monkey. This breed of monkeys is known as the non-human primate. The breed is considered to be really intelligent. These monkeys are known to wash their food before consuming it. The Japanese Macaque is a really different breed having different eating habits and different child bearing methods and techniques. The male monkeys of this breed are more in numbers as compared to the females. The monkeys are found most of the time near the hot volcanic springs. The strange qualities make this breed an interesting one.

6. Orangutan:


Orangutan forms the part of the great apes from Asia. This breed of monkeys is considered to be really interesting for their unusual capabilities and habits. These monkeys are found in huge numbers in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. This breed of monkeys is characterized by their shaggy and thin reddish brown hair. The monkeys have strong hands and really powerful arms. This quality helps them to manipulate tools and pick food for themselves easily.

5. Golden Snub Nose Monkey:

Golden Snub Nose Monkey

The Golden Snub Nosed Monkey belongs to the old world group of monkeys. This breed of monkey belongs to the Colobinae subfamily. The Chinese name for the monkey is a Sichuan golden hair monkey. There are three breeds of snub nosed monkeys in China, of which the Golden snub nosed monkey is widely distributed. The Golden snub nosed monkey belongs to the genus Rhinopithecus. The name snub nosed is given to the monkeys for the short stump nose on their round faces.

4. White headed Langur:

White headed Langur

This breed of monkeys is a part of an endangered species of primates in the Asian continent. The breed is also known as the golden headed monkey. This breed belongs to the genus Trachypithecus. The population of these monkeys is getting endangered at an alarming rate. Over the last three generations, the population of the breed has decreased. The White headed langurs have a blackish appearance, but the crown, neck and cheek of the Langur is yellowish in color. The males and the females of the breed look alike.

3. Marmoset:


This breed is the most amazing and interesting. The length of the Marmoset is around 6 inches. There are 22 species of this breed and all are characterized to exhibit germ line chimeras. Around 90% of the Marmosets are known to give birth to fraternal twins. More than half of the marmosets are known to consist of chimeric sperm that means if one of the marmosets reproduces the offspring will contain the brother DNA. The marmosets are also known as Zaris.

2. Red Shanked Douc:

Red Shanked Douc

The monkeys belonging to this breed are also known as the Costumed apes. The breed of monkeys belongs to the old world group of monkeys. They have many colors on their skin. The legs of this breed of monkeys are reddish with black feet and the forearms and hands are white in color. They have an interesting golden face with blue eyelids. This breed is really an amazing breed of monkeys.

1. The Mandrill:

The Mandrill Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2017

This breed is the most amazing and fascinating breed of monkeys. The Mandrills have a face with multiple colors. This species of monkeys is the largest in the world. The canines of the Mandrills are huge which are said to be a depiction of their friendly nature. The mouth of these monkeys has pouches made that help them to store food. The most unusual characteristic of these species is that they sleep on the different tree every night and are the most threatened creatures.

The list provided above will enhance your knowledge about the most interesting and remarkable breed of monkeys. These animals are really intelligent and have many habits and characteristics resembling a man. Monkeys teach us many things the way they carry their young ones and the way they move in their troops taking care of every member. The monkeys are very friendly towards human beings. But today, many of these creatures are destroyed by humans for our own personal needs.


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