Ten Most Amazing Statues on the Globe that you should have look at

For centuries, status have been created to depict certain gods, in honor of great personalities and many other varying purposes. These are made using different materials and comes in all sizes. They appear as landmarks in certain regions and carry with them rich history.

Despite having on precise definition nor a specific date on when they were first created, statues continue to dominate different places of power and religion across the globe. However, it is estimated that the oldest statue was created over 30,000 years ago.

Below is a list of the top 10 most famous statues in the world.

10. Terrace of Lions – Delos Island

Delos Island in Greece is one of the biggest archeological sites on the globe. It carries undisputed historical and Mythological importance to the modern scientists from across the globe. The terrace of Lions was a dedication by the Naxos in 600 BC. According to Greek mythologists, it was the birthplace of the Artemis and Apollo. Initially a total of nine to twelve lions were erected. Over the years nature took its toll on the lions through wear and tear with only 5 surviving by 1999. It was at this time the remaining lions were picked and placed in the museums as a way top preserve them. However the debris of the other lions still litter the place.

9. Little Mermaid – Denmark

On e of the beautiful icons of Copenhagen is the little mermaid. It is a bronze statue formed in accordance to the fairly tale named “a Little Mermaid” by Christian Anderson. Known to be a landmark icon in the country, it is a known tourist attraction symbol since 1913. The statue sits on a rock in the harbors and is an attractive site for the visitors. It measures in height approximately 4.1 ft. despite its historical significance, the statue has come to be endangered by vandals and politician who are causing more of its defacement more than the natural factors.

8. The Thinker

The Thinker Top Popular Statues in The World 2018

One of the statues in the world that depict human nature, the Thinker is one of the famous statues in the world. It was created by Augustine Rodin in a construction that took place between 1880 and 1904. The sculpture features a life-sized male sitting on a rock while half nude. The chin on the man rests on the hand hence in a style of a man in deep thoughts. Measuring 186 cm, the statue is considered as the representation of philosophy and one of the most sought after attraction in the world.

7. Motherland Calls – Volgograd, Russia

Known as Stalingrad in the old times, the Motherland calls statue stands in Volgograd in Russia. The statue was created to commemorate the 200 days of the Battle of Stalingrad. Owing to its high height and stature, it was declared as the largest statues in 1967 of a non-religious nature. The statue measures in height at 279 feet. The statue features a female figure standing tall while holding a sword in its right hand and making a calling gesture using the left. According to engineers’ point of view, the statue is more compound compared to others of its height with the factor considered including its height and the posture of the hands. From bottom to the top of the statue, there are 200 steps that symbolize the Battle of Stalingrad’s 200 days.

6. Olmec Colossal Heads – Mexico

Olmecs were considered to have lived in the pre-Columbian Mexico covering the areas of South-central Mexico. This was between 1400 BC and 400 BC. The main feature of the Olmecs was the helmeted heads. The main feature of the Olmecs was the heads wore helmets. The current statues found to date total to 17 in number each donning a different type of helmet. The difference in the helmets is in the elements used in its creation. The 17 head structures are in different heights that range from the smallest at 1.47 meters and the tallest at 3.4 meters in height.

5. David Statue Italy

A creation of the Italians most famous artists Michelangelo, the David statue is one of the oldest and famous statues in the world. It was constructed between the years 1501 and 1504 and a major source of attraction to both historic and religious tourists. The statues features a nude male body and is believed to be that of the biblical king David hence its wide popularity. In 1873, the statue was moved to Academia Galley in Florence to preserve it from wear and tear arising from natural factors. Created of marble, the statue measures approximately 17.0 feet in height.

4. Moai Statues – Easter Island

Created by one of the renowned world sculptures, the Moai statues are also in the list of the most famous in the world. They were created between the years 1250 to 1500 by the Rapa Nui public. The statues outstanding feature is the oversized heads which measure up to three-eights of the total statue size. The tallest among the existing statues is known as Paro with an average height of approximately 10 meters and weighed 75 tones. The biggest ever erected was left incomplete and would have been approximately 21 meters in height and weighed around 2170 tones. All of the Moai status are made from stone.

3. Great Sphinx of Giza – Egypt

Home to one of the world’s known ancient wonders, Egypt also plays host to the biggest monolith statue in the world. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a mythical creature that features the body of a lion with a human head. It is also known to be among the oldest monuments in Egypt’s history having been erected between 1558 and 2532 BC. It is located in the Giza plateau that runs along Nile in Egypt. The statue measures in size of 20.22 meters long and 19.3 meters tall making it one of the biggest in the world.

2. Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro

Towering the capital city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is the Christ the Redeemer Statue. It is ranked as the statue with the biggest Art Deco in the World. The statue was created between 1926 and 1931 and located at the Peak of Corcovado Mountain which is approximately 700 meters tall. The statue measures in height at 30 meters excluding the 8 meters of its pedestal. With its arms widespread, the length of the statue is 28 meters. A big point of attraction in Brazil with strong religious connection, the statue is considered as the 5th biggest statue of Jesus Christ in the world.

1. Statue of Liberty – New York

Statue of Liberty – New York Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017

A gift by France to the United States of America, the statue of liberty holds the first position among the famous statues in the world. The gift was handed over in 1886 as a commemoration of the 100 years since the United States Declaration of Independence was declared. The statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in Manhattan. It acts as a welcoming icon for visitors to the United States.

With great history and unmatched significance, statues don almost every part of the globe. With varying purposes to have the statues, they still remain as part of the coveted possession in the area it is located. The top 10 most famous statues in the world carry rich history and have been in place for decades and in some instances for centuries. They are beautiful icons in the countries where they are found and are always used as landmarks.


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