Ten Most Intelligent Serial Killers Of All Time

The definition of a “serial killer” in common terms is somebody who kills minimum three people over a course of time in world. Though, after passage of many years the definition has altered to be minimum two killings. In this regard, the intelligent quotient (IQ) is important to consider for assessing who is the greatest intelligent serial killer. Whereas the normal serial killer’s IQ is 94.7, which ranges in the average range, there are few persons who even possess advanced intelligence. Certain serial killers are extremely intelligent however, and they attempt to fool police for as long as possible. Even after being captured by police, they attempt hard to dupe authorities, occasionally feigning mental illness to evade stand-up trial.

You can get complete information about greatest intelligent serial killers of the world by reading below:

10. John Christie

John Christie Top Popular Intelligent Serial Killers 2017

John Christie was basically an English serial killer who killed 8 females in the era of 1940s as well as 1950s. This serial killer got away through it by whacking the dead bodies of females under his home. At one instant of time, police were finding his house when they were busy investigating the disappearances of women. During this, they perceived the smell of rotting flesh and hence they suspect Christie for his bad deeds. But as Christie was intelligent, he succeeded to frame somebody else for their killings. In this way, he succeeded in escaping justice for quite a longer period.

9. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper

It was on December 18, 1948 that Edmund Emil Kemper III was conceived in Burbank, located in California. This intelligent serial killer was ordered at 15 years of age when he fired his grandparents but he was actually discharged at the age of 21. It is known that he received the handle “The Co-Ed Killer” by implementing and disassembling six school young females. In year 1973, Kemper killed his mother when she slept and obstructed his mother’s nearby companion. Though his emotional uncertainty, Kemper was near to virtuoso possessing great IQ of 136. This serial killer applied his understanding to get himself cleared from the psychiatric acquisition in order to heal center in form of a teenage admittance to evaluation appliances.

8. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert Bundy (Ted Bundy) was conceived on November 24, 1949 in Burlington, located in Vermont. He was essentially a captivating and good-looking man overall, but a dreadful killer by heart. Despite the fact that the certain number of casualties may be more, 36 females passed on by his hands, with some few as young as twelve from all over six states. It is known that Bundy’s IQ was attempted at 136, which essentially ranges in the “skilled” reach. Discussing about his education, Bundy studied from the University of Washington, attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

7. Kristen Gilbert

Kristen Gilbert

Kristen was recognized as an attractive and well-liked, born on November 13, 1967 in Fall River, located in Massachusetts. While she accepted a career at Leeds Veterans Affairs Medical Center, a great numbers of deceases took place throughout her moves. It was discovered Kristen was held responsible for four deaths (perhaps up to forty more) by convincing a heart attack based deaths by use of epinephrine. Though her precise IQ is not known yet, it is assured that Kristen is definitely intelligent and regarded as intelligent serial killers. While she was studying in high school, she received good grades and shined in honour classes, also she graduated a year and a half before through high honours.

6. George Waterfield Russell

George Waterfield Russell

George Waterfield Russell (alternatively recognized as The East Side Killer) was conceived on April of 1958. Despite the fact that he was charming, as a teenage he established appearances of sociopathic behaviour and cruel tendencies. He supplemented to disapproval of females, cruelly routing three of them and demonstrating their bodies in dismal exhibitions. Despite the fact that Russell dropped out of his school education, he received a GED degree. Moreover, IQ of this serial killer was excellent and was considered by people as a capable youngster. Russell’s assessments were poor despite being capable to surpass expectations.

5. Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Phillip Cunanan is an intelligent serial killer from National City, California who was once listed on the FBI Most Wanted List. Basically, he was an ostentatious, clean-cut gay gigolo who took visits of gay bars to seek out rich males in San Francisco. Cunanan’s vicious riot started in year 1997 when it was completed, he had killed five men comprising fashion designer Gianni Versace. Considering overall, Cunanan is said to have “genius” level intelligence as he has a great IQ of 147. This serial killer from California was reminisced in school for being clever and few people supposed he possessed a photographic memory. Fluent in seven different languages, Cunanan even had wide understanding of art, food, and fashion.

4. Carroll Cole

Carroll Cole

Caroll Edward Cole is another intelligent serial killer, who was birn in Sioux City, Iowa in year 1938 to an overbearing mother. Because of contempt of his mother, Cole dismayed 13 women (and may have thrashed up to 35) whom he sensed operated or assisted him to recollect his mom. At the age of 14, Cole got his IQ tried and the scored obtained was 152, which is considered as an expert level IQ. In any situation, Cole’s usual evaluation was a “D+” and finished the tenth grade. Tough, this may be due to dysfunctional behaviour, mental and physical jostle and medicine use.

3. Charlene Williams

Charlene Williams

Charlene Williams was born in year 1956 in Stockton, California and now she is renowned as an intelligent serial killer. While it was Williams’ husband who accomplished the real killings, she abducted, raped and supported in the murders of nine females and one male, with few being as fresh as thirteen. Williams was an extremely intelligent woman possessing an IQ of 160, which is regarded as an “extraordinary genius” level. Moreover, she also possessed a photographic memory and was a violin genius, even acknowledged to San Francisco’s Conservatory of Music. This proves that Williams was intelligent overall but due to her violent nature she failed in life.

2. Rodney Alcala

Rodney Alcala

Rodney Alcala (alternatively known as the Dating Game Killer) was born in year 1943 in San Antonio, located in Texas. In period from 1977 to 1979, Alcala killed eight ladies (perhaps up to 100). He attained his nickname as he performed in year 1978 on The Dating Game show and won a date. Alcala possessed an “extraordinary genius” level of intelligence with a high IQ of 160. Moreover, he was positioned in top places of his class in school, had several friends, liked to play piano and he stayed as a part of the yearbook planning squad. Discussing about his education, Alcala got Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA.

1. Ted Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski Top Famous Intelligent Serial Killers 2018

Ted Kaczynski is remembered in history “The Unabomber”, born in year 1942 in Chicago. Not every serial killer killed their fatalities face to face, as Kaczynski sent bombs to his fatalities. His objectives were mostly professors, and during curse of twenty years, his bombs hurt twenty-three people and murdered three. Also at a young age, Kaczynsk was regarded as a genius with an IQ score of 167. Bouncing the sixth grade as well as his junior year, Kaczynski was involved in the biology, chess, and mathematics clubs. At the early age of sixteen years, Kaczynski was accepted into Harvard on a basis of scholarship. After completing graduation from there, he attained his Ph.D degree in mathematics.

The intelligent serial killers of the world discussed above are among those who possess very high level of IQ. It is due to this high IQ that they succeeded in managing murders of many people and not getting captured from police for so long.


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