There are watches, and there are WATCHES. The difference is not in their ability to tell time but their design, their brand, their model, and so much more. There are watches for the rich, and there are WATCHES for the super-rich. If you are super rich then checkout the below listed top 9 most expensive watch brands In the world in 2022.

9. Breguet & Fils;

Most luxurious watch brands 2019

This company was founded by a watch maker in the making called Abraham-Louis Breguet in the year 1775 in Paris. This brand is known for the innovative technology it puts to use and their exquisite designs. He invented the first watch to self-wind, the first watch to have a system that works as a shock absorber, the first tourbillon, and so much more. The people that were famously known to love this brand included the likes of Winston Churchill, Marie Antoinette, and Napoleon Bonaparte. This brand sells its watches at a price of between $7,000 and $420,000. The most expensive watch to bear this brand was sold at $4.7 million in 2012.

8. Blancpain

Most luxurious watch brands

This is the oldest company in the world that makes watches. It is amazing that it is still as active as it used to be. The only reason they are still in the competition is that they only produce high-quality watches you can ever find. It is said that the company only produces a total of 30 watches in a day. It is also said that the company never thinks of producing watches with digital displays. I believe this is one value that makes people drawn to their watches. They have an element of authenticity that they had from when they began. The price range for this watch is between $7,000 and $1.8 million. In 2016, the Marilyn Monroe cocktail watch was sold at a price of $250,000. Some of the famous people we know for loving this brand include Francis Ford Coppola, Vladimir Putin, and Jacques Cousteau.

7. Jaeger-Lecoultre

Most luxurious watch brands

The watches that bear this brand are well known for their movements that are extremely innovative, as well their compilations which are impressive. Ever since its inception in the market in the year 1833, there has never been a watch that bears this brand that has disappointed people. Their superior watches movement have been used by other prestigious brands like the Patek Philipe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin. These are some of the superior most brands of watches. The people noted to have loved this brand of watches include Queen Elizabeth, Matt Damon, Robert Downey, and so many others. This brand of watches come at a price range of $5,000 to $2.5 million. The most expensive watch was sold in the year 2013 at a price of $425,000. What makes this brand stand out is the fact that they supply the biggest brands with watch movements.

6. A. Lange & Sohne;

Most luxurious watch brands

This brand of watches was established in the year 1845 by a person called Ferdinand Adolph Lange of German descent. This brand produced some of the most prestigious watches during that time, and that is how it got dominance over others. European royalty was famously known to be lovers of this brand. Even so, the brand remains to be outstanding even today. There had been many owners ever since Ferdinand and his grandson was the one who bought back the family legacy and revived it. From then henceforth, Richemont Group acquired it and took it to greater heights. This watch ranges from $18,000 to $2.5 million. The most expensive watch of this brand was sold at $333,000 in the year 2005.

5. Cartier

Most luxurious watch brands

Cartier is a company that was founded in the year 1847 and has its roots running from Paris. This company is popularly known for jewelry production and their wristwatches. It was one of the pioneers of fashionable wristwatches, and their trend lasts up to date. As of present, this brand is owned by Richemont, and it has carved a niche for itself as part the most luxurious timepieces in the whole world. The price range for this brand of watches ranges from $2,300-$2.8 million. Yes, they are quite affordable but having a watch that can go for $2.8 million is not a joke. Angelina Jolie is a lover, and that is enough to convince you that you should buy it. The most expensive Cartier watch was sold in 2015 at $660,000.

4. Rolex

Most luxurious watch brands 2019

We are all familiar with the Rolex, right? This brand was established in the year 1905 by a 24 years old guy called Hans Wilsdorf. Ever since that times, no one has ever missed knowing of Rolex and even to desire it. The price of Rolex watches range between &5,000 and $680,000. Yes, this price is less than some of the mentioned brands but what makes it superior to them is that in this year, 2017, the most expensive Rolex has been sold at a whopping cost of $5 million. It was called the Bao Dai Rolex. This goes to say that it is not a brand that should miss our top five brands on our list today. Some of the famous lovers of Rolex watches include Paul Newman, Dalai Lama, Elvis Presley, and many others including James Bond.

3. Audemars Piguet

Most luxurious watch brands

This brand of watches was started by two friends called Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet in the year 1875. After being successful in their work, they officially opened a company that produces the Audemars Piguet watches. From the day of inception in 1881, they have never stopped producing the most stunning watches. They are known for producing the world’s thinnest wristwatch, the first of its kind wristwatch called the first-minute repeater, and the first jumping hand watch. Their innovativeness does not stop to amaze people. Their advanced technologies have been used by brands like Tiffany & CO as well as Bulgari. They are indeed pacesetters. You can get this watch if you have between $17,000 and $1.3 Milion. This way you can join the league of Kylie Jenner, Tom Cruise, Jay-Z, and Serena Williams.

2. Vacheron Constantin

Most luxurious watch brands

This brand of watches started back in the year 1755, and it has its background originating from Geneva. A gifted and well-talented master in watch making called Jean-Marc Vacheron was the person that started this watch brand. As of the present hour, it is owned by Richemont Group, but still, it has its excellence. This watch has the best design humanity has ever seen, and you can tell by the number of famous people that are lovers. We are talking about people like the President of The United States, Donald Trump, Rick Ross, Marlon Brando, and many others. This watch comes with a price range of $18,000-$6.5 million. The most expensive watch of this brand called King Fouad watch was sold in the year 2005 and at a price of 2.77 million.

1. Patek Philippe

Most luxurious watch brands

The Patek Philippe brand of watches came into existence in the year 1851 and ever since, it has done amazingly great in the market. This is a brand from Swiss, and it has undisputed standards based on its exquisite designs, their artistic compilations, and excellent craftsmanship. The lovers of this brand of watches include the famous Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney, Nicolas Sarkozy, Pablo Picasso, and Albert Einstein. To afford this a watch from this brand, you have to be walking around with $17,000-$1.3 million. Anything less, you may have no choice but to go for another brand. The most expensive Patek Philippe watch was sold in the year 2014 at a price of$ 24 million. Yes, you heard me right.

The watches mentioned above will speak more about you that you will ever imagine. If you want to communicate your status queue, then these watches will help you with that. They will also tell of your class, your elegance, your sense of style, your sense of fashion, as well as your sense of appreciation for the finer things in life. There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with one of these babies.


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