Dance has long been a way of expression. I am glad it still is what it used to be. Through dance, one can communicate a lot of things. Through dance, many people have also been able to tell their stories effectively and efficiently. Dance is an art that many people cherish and love to do. It brings joy to one’s soul and keeps their spirits up.

Many dances styles have been in generations and will still keep existing because there will always be people who love to dance. The most recognised dance styles in the world in 2022 includes.

9. Tap Dance

Most popular dance styles 2019

Yes, it is exactly what you think; tapping of shoes that have metal plates attached to them on the ball part and the heel. The tapping sounds that originate from the tapping of the shoes create a rhythm and a musical sound. This makes the dancers to be viewed as musicians. This dance has its origin in Africa America, and from dances like Juba Dance, Irish step dancing, and the English Lancashire Clog dancing. This dance is said to have risen during the emergence of the Minstrel shows in the mid of 1800s. It is a beautiful dance to watch and even listen to.

8. Kathak

Most popular dance styles

This is an India dance that and its roots are in India. In Indian culture, there are eight kinds of dances, and this is one of them. There is an ancient Indian nomad from Northern India called the Kathakars. These are the people who first came up with this dance. They are also known as storytellers. In today’s times, there are ritualistic elements in the dance. Over the years this dance has acquired some features from the Persians and Central Asia. This beautiful Indian dance can be compared to the ballet dance. The basic element of this dance is to tell a story just as the name suggests. They participators are complex characters who have to tell a story.

7. Yangko dance

Most popular dance styles

This dance is a traditional dance of the Han Chinese. It is a well-known dance that is well liked by the people of China. This dance involves swaying of the body while you make your moves. There is always a specific rhythm that is set for all the dancers to follow and this helps keep the flow of the dance. The main point of focus is always the hips and the waist because they are the ones that will guide your feet and keep you within the rhythm boundaries. This dance has been cherished by the Chinese people, and they have practised it for up to over 1,000 years. It is part and parcel of their Lantern Festivals.

6. Twerking

Most popular dance styles

This is a type of dance that has gotten all the feminine obsessed and doing all kinds of crazy things. This dance has hit this current generation with a thud. It has its origins in New Orleans, and it is connected to the bounce music. Here, ladies dance in some very provocative manner. It involves throwing or hips back, shaking off their buttocks and one is required to be in a squatting position. Every girl is out there trying to learn how to twerk. We have seen even more twerking videos.

5. Salsa

Most popular dance styles

This is just one of the most famous Cuba dances we have. There is beauty, excellence, and perfection in it that just draws you to it. Anyone who has watched a salsa performance can attest to this fact. Salsa is very popular in Latin America, but even so, it has done well to cross the borders and now you can found salsa dancers in all countries. The salsa dance requires special salsa songs, and it is usually danced by a couple. However, you can come up with choreography for a line dance but with salsa routine. This dance has some serious body moves that are sleek and swift making it just excellent.

4. Belly dancing

Most popular dance styles

Belly dancing is a typically a West Asian dance; their traditional dance. It is also known as Middle Eastern dance or the Arabic Dance when you journey towards the west. The main body part that moves in this dance is the hips, and this means that the name may misguide you a little beat. Do not hurt yourself trying to make your belly dance in as much as it is involved. If you concentrate on the greater part, the lesser part will comply. The origin of this dance is the Middle East and only became famous in the West in the 18th-19th centuries which was the romantic period. There is a level of seduction in belly dancing that is just beautiful. It is not too much but just enough to get you enticed.

3. Ballet

Most popular dance styles

While there are not many schools set aside to teach other kinds of dances, ballet dance is one special dance that has schools set aside for their teachings. I am not talking about one school or two but several. This dance has its origin from Italy. Later on, it developed in Russia as well as France. It moved from being just a performance dance to being a concert dance. Ballet is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of training for the people to master it. It is one of the most complicated dances we have. There are a lot of acrobatic movements; Pointe works as well as excellence in the flow. Mark you. This dance is choreographed with orchestrated music or vocal music.

2. Break dance

Most popular dance styles 2019

It is closely related to hip-hop. It is a street dance that was first popularised by Michael Jackson. Four elements govern break dancing. These are downrock, freezes, power moves, and top rock. Well, if you are someone who knows few gymnastics and acrobatics, I believe you will have an easy time learning all about this dance. This is because it has a lot of related moves. A successful break dancer has strength, can perfectly balance their body, and is skilled and has techniques to make the moves. If not, stay away from this dance. Do not be a b-girl or b-boy who cannot carry his weight on the dance floor. Be a breaker who has what it takes.

1. Hip-hop dance

Most popular dance styles

I have to say it; there is no way hip-hop dance would not have topped our list today. In almost every town, every city, every country, numerous dance crews always specialise in hip-hop. We are heading to a place where being unable to dance hip-hop is being un-cool. I think we may already be there. Hip-hop is a dance that is accepted globally, and it is very popular. It dates back to 1970s. I know many of you know it as a street dance. With the entire step up series I have watched, I cannot risk not knowing how to dance hip-hop. What this dance entails mostly is to break, pop, and lock your body. If you can master these three, then you are good to go.

Dance is a type of art that will never go out of fashion. The best we can hope for is that as the dances keep evolving and getting more modernised, their authenticity is still upheld and honoured. It will be such a sad thing to lose these amazing dances.


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