Painting is an art that needs one to master it so that they can produce masterworks. Some artists have made some of the world’s most amazing paintings and their names live on up to date because of their paintings. This is what art can do for you, give you a legacy. The following are some of the most beautiful paintings ever created in history and they are indeed famous.

9. The scream

Most famous paintings 2019

This is a painting that was created by Edvard Munch who was an artist from Norway. It depicts a figure that is agonized and screaming out loud. The background of the painting is believed to be Oslofjord. Several versions of this painting were made by Edvard using various media, and the most spectacular one was the one of 1893. It is currently on display in Norway at the National Gallery. It has been stolen a number f times but has always been found.

8. Girl with a pearl earring

Most famous paintings

This is a picture that also speaks volumes, and it is also a beautiful portrait. You can tell whoever painted it knew what he was doing. This painting is famously known as the ‘Dutch Mona Lisa.’ The reason behind it could be that it was painted by a Dutch artist called Johannes Vermeer. From the title, you can know the idea behind the painting. It is just a portrait of a beautiful girl with the pearl earring. This painting was completed in the year 1665 and has been on display for a very long time at the Mauritshuis Gallery found in The Hague, Netherlands.

7. A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Most famous paintings

This painting was made between the years 1884 and 1886. One look at it and you will see that the painter was trying to communicate the peace and serenity that graced the people who lived in the suburb away from the center of the City. This painting was done by Georges Seurat, and we can see a display of great talent in his work. This picture makes you wish the world was one big serene place where everyone minded their own business. During this era, there was dispersion in Paris as a way of preventing uprisings that would destabilize the peace therein. Seurat had a thing for the working class people, and maybe that is the reason behind this painting.

6. The Arnolfini portrait

Most famous paintings

This painting was made in the year 1434 by Jan Van Eyck. He is also a renowned painter whose legacy still lives on through his paintings. This painting is considered to be among the very first paintings to be made with oil. That can explain why it is so beautiful and livelier. The portrait is of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and a woman who has not been identified over history. Whether she was his bride or not, no one knows. There are also doubts as to whether or not the gentleman is Arnolfini, the merchant. This painting is also called The Arnolfini Wedding or the Arnolfini Marriage. Again, this could be true or not.

5. The creation of Adam

Most famous paintings

This painting is one of the best pieces of art of Michelangelo. This painting was created between the years 1508 and 1512. Looking at it, a lot of thoughts can go on in your mind; the level of excellence in his imagination is striking. This painting is his most famous painting and to have a look at it, you have to go to Sistine Chapel. It is on its wall. This chapel is found in Vatican City, Rome. There are numerous scenes painted on the walls that speak of the book of Genesis, but this one stands out the most.

4. The birth of Venus

Most famous paintings

This is an exquisite painting that was made by one of the most renowned painters in history; Sandro Botticelli. It was created in the year between the years 1485 and 1487. This painting creates a mental image of the goddess Venus. You can get her story from the Greek mythology where she is also known as Aphrodite. The myth says that she was birthed from a sea shell. This is exactly what you see when you look at this painting. As of the present time, this painting can be found in Florence at Uffizi Gallery.

3. The Persistence of Memory

Most famous paintings

This painting was done by Salvador Dali in the year 1931. He is a Spanish artist who was well known for some of the most exquisite works of art like this one. Looking at this painting will inspire you to think of how you spend your time. How useful your time is to you and how precious it is. Many people always waste their time chasing a lot of vain things, but this picture shows us something better. It shows us how important time is. The main source of inspiration for this painting is the theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein.

2. The last supper

Most famous paintings

This is one of the beautiful works of Leonardo Da Vinci, and it is amazing how he captured the scene beautifully. He must have had a very creative mind. You can look at this picture and see exactly how everything went down during the last supper. Unlike the Mona Lisa painting that is in a museum, this painting is in Italy on a wall in a dining hall at Santa Maria Delle Grazie Monastery, Milan. The picture is so vivid, and it gives your mind an excellent picture of how the scene was at that time. You can see Jesus right at the center. This painting is indeed one of the most attractive things in Milan, Italy.

1. Mona Lisa Painting

Most famous paintings

I am sure that nobody is shocked to see that this painting is at position one. It is the most famous painting in all of History, and even though a person may not know how it looks likes, you can be sure that they know this name. This painting was made by Leonardo Da Vinci, and it bears the image of Lisa Del Giocando. Leonardo started and completed this painting between the years 1503 and 1519. Ever since it has made, it has been one of the paintings that many people wish to see up to date. As of present, this painting is displayed at Louvre Museum in Paris and in every year, there is always of approximately six million people who go to view it. It is the main attraction in that museum.

These portraits are some of the most extraordinary paintings in the world. They have gained the world’s recognition. A lot of our upcoming artists can learn a lot of things from these paintings and with the current availability of modernized resources; they can come up with even more exquisite works than ever.



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