12 Most Expensive And Luxurious Private Jets In The World: Luxury In The Air

The world is a strange place wherein some people do not even have the privilege of traveling by airplanes and on the other hand, some own their own private jets. Such people must have definitely done some great deeds in their past lives to be blessed with such massive fortune in this birth. But, blame it on destiny, hard work or sheer luck, a private jet is something that none can ignore and that comes only to a few! The private jets in the world range from the smallest to the largest possible costs and have luxuries that one can’t even think of in their wildest dreams!

The top 12 most expensive and luxury private jets in the world can be described in descending order as below:

12. Bombardier Challenger 600 series-32.35 million USD

Bombardier Challenger 600 series Top Most Popular Expensive And Luxury Private Jets in The World 2018

These series of jets were manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. With time it has seen a remarkable improvement in terms of structural design and in technical features. The first debut flight was made in the year 1978. It has found wide utilization both by the military and civilian operators. Australia, Canada, China and some other countries use it for military purpose. Countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland and some other use it for civilian purpose.

11. Dassault Falcon 900 – 33 Million USD

Dassault Falcon 900

This mean machine of the skies features a very luxurious and sleek make. This efficient aircraft is the brainchild of French Aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation. The first flight was made in the year 1984. It can fly at a speed of 600 miles per hour. It uses less fuel and leaves fewer carbon footprints when compared to others in its league. It is a very economical travel machine for a wealthy businessman. Dassault Falcon 900 is popular both in military and civilian operations.

10. Sukhoi Superjet 100-35.4 Million USD

Sukhoi Superjet 100

Designed to meet the expectation of the elite business class, it can accommodate around 100 people. Not only the businessman but the whole team can reach to any place in the world within a short time. It is a Russian-made aircraft which made its debut flight in the year 2008. The buyer has the liberty to decide about the interiors of the jet, it can be customized. With lower operating costs it gives a stiff competition to other private jets falling under this category. It can be summarized as the perfect combination of luxury, technology, and efficiency.

9. Embraer EMB 190 BJ – 40.95 Million USD

Embraer EMB 190 BJ

This machine hit the skies a year later of its manufacture as a private jet in the year 2006. It has ample room for 19 passengers and is much more spacious. The huge aircraft is conveniently divided into a bathroom, a bedroom and a walk-in cargo area. It is also equipped with extra tanks of fuel which double up its range.

8. Dassault Falcon 7X – 41 Million USD

Dassault Falcon 7X

This flagship business class jet is an appealing machine with impressive technologies. It happens to be the first of its kind to be designed on a computer. It offers winglets and the first of its kind fully fly-by-wire jet. It is designed in such a way that it can take off at a dangerously steep angle but land slowly owing to its sleek design and advanced technology. It is currently owned by Bill Gates.

7. Bombardier BD-700 Global Express – 47.7 Million USD

Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

This swanky carrier is rightly called a Global Express as it has a great range of about 6000 miles which allows travel from anywhere to anywhere without having the need to refuel. It has the space to provide for a workstation, conference and dining area, a stateroom with a folding bed and such others.

6. Boeing Business Jet – 55.5 Million USD

Boeing Business Jet

Taking after its successful 737 variants, the Jet series of the Boeing aircraft is the perfect jet model for a juggling corporate. It has the ambiance of a 7-star hotel and it can accommodate between 25 to 50 passengers. It can fly at a speed of 550 mph and it can cover a range of 7100 miles per hour. This model also is 5% better in fuel efficiency when compared to the 737 jet.

5. Gulfstream G650 – 64.5 Million USD

Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 is the flagship airplane of the American Company-Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. They only design corporate jets. This one is the fastest and largest amidst their fleet as it has a capacity of 18 passengers and can fly at a speed of 610 mph. it has also been honored with the best aircraft award in 2014 by the Corporate Jet Investor.

4. Airbus A319 CJ – 85.8 Million USD

Airbus A319 CJ

This one is a corporate jet model from the range of sleek jet airliners of the Airbus family. It delivers optimum speed with ultimate fuel efficiency. Its range and comfort are unparalleled. It is equipped with 4 auxiliary tankers of fuel and it can fly up to 7,000 miles non-stop. It is designed to carry 39 passengers anywhere in the world. It is the preferred choice of the state heads from the states of Germany, Armenia, Czech Republic and many others.

3. Boeing 767-200 – 118 Million USD

Boeing 767-200

This plane can carry passengers in a large number for traveling to long distances. It is highly versatile and hence happens to be a favorite of billionaires around the world. It has many variants of varied sizes and ranges. The huge space has been the favorite of interiors decorators who love to explore and experiment with creative ideas designing it.

2. Boeing 787 Dreamliner – 150 Million USD

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aptly named, this one is only for the richest of the richest billionaires around the world. The whopping price of this mean aircraft was something that only people like Joseph Lau from Hong Kong and PC Tycoon Michael Dell could dare to invest in. it is huge to be a private jet as it can accommodate 250 people and it needs a long runway of about 10,300 feet for takeoff. The interiors can be customized beautifully with a million possibilities.

1. Airbus A380 – 400 Million USD

Airbus A3180 Top 12 Most Expensive And Luxury Private Jets in The World 2017

The Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal managed to build his own palace in the sky by purchasing this swanky airliner. It is the costliest flying thing that can be bought with money. It is the largest airliner in the world. It is priced at 400 Million USD and the customizations can go up to a half billion. The prince’s earlier airliner A380 had a concert hall, a garage for Rolls-Royce, a prayer room with electronic mats automatically facing the Mecca and a Turkish bath. It is quite fueled efficiently too as a bonus. He is definitely someone, who likes to fly in style!

For the super wealthy people, sharing their air travel with other people is not one of their style preferences. They have amassed so much wealth in their lifetime that they can afford a private air travel for themselves and their family members. Private airlines are much more than just travel from one destination to another. They are equipped with unimaginable luxuries. Owning any one of these above-mentioned luxury airliners would be definitely a life well lived and money well invested.


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