The saying ‘ looks don’t matter’ holds true in some cases and to some extent but to look even prettier and to beautify yourself manifolds, a good makeup brand does wonder. Although a number of makeup brands are present in the market out of which some are affordable and some are not, each one of them is able to give the desired result.

A lot of things are included when we talk about makeup and no wonder people look out for the options which are not only safe to use but comes within their range of pocket. Some makeup brands are extremely expensive and out of reach of a common man. Let’s check out few of the top 10 most Expensive and luxury makeup brands in the World in 2022.

10. Smashbox:

Most expensive cosmetics brands 2019

When the two brothers Dean Factor and Davis Factor launched their makeup brand they didn’t have the slightest of the idea that one day it will list in the top ten most expensive makeup brand list in the world. The brand Smashbox was founded in Culver City. The photo studio of Smashbox Studios takes the credit to give one of the most expensive makeup brands. Being more concentrated on proving a wide range of lipsticks and eye makeup, Smashbox has become on a preferred choice among many people. They used unique ingredients while composing their makeup products and this is why the quality never goes out of standard. They have oil free to oil based all sorts of makeup products depending upon the users choice and skin type.

9. Nu Skin:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

Launched in the year 1984, Nu Skin has not left any stone unturned to prove itself as one of the best makeup brands at the current time. The high quality of ingredients which mostly contain antioxidants makes the makeup products from Nu Skin extremely easy to use without compromising with the skin texture and its life. Although the products are fragrance-free, the quality is extremely rich in nutrients and vitamins required for supple skin making it healthier. Be it the anti-aging creams or normal products almost all are loved by the customers and this is the reason why they are too expensive as well. With its estimated net income of $250, the Nu Skin holds the ninth position in our list.

8. Oriflame:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

Well, Oriflame has taken a market when it comes to the makeup products endowed by it to the customers. It was in 1967 when the Swedish brothers Jochnick introduced this brand in the market. Since then it keeps on growing and branching out itself in many countries. The quality is never compromised and this is the reason why they are expensive yet preferred by many all around the world. The ingredients used to manufacture the products of Oriflame are always of top notch quality and this is the reason why people have preferred them since ages. And no wonder the brand will keep on growing with the time. The annual sale is estimated to be around $ 1.5 billion.

7. Elizabeth Arden:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

The authenticity of the makeup brand Elizabeth Arden can be estimated with the fact that is operating since the World War I. The products it endows to the customers are just amazingly breathtaking. Since the time it starts supplying the makeup products to the women of America, it’s endorsements goes beyond the boundaries making it extremely popular among the women all around the world. The eye makeup and lipsticks are more popular of the brand especially the mascara. Arden was the lady behind the brand who has earned a well-reputed place in the industry at those time. with the estimated net income of around $45 million, it secures the seventh position in our list.

6. Artistry:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

When a couple decides to work on something nothing can stop them and this was what exactly happened with the creators of Artistry. They were wife and husband and once while discussing the future they decided to launch a makeup brand. And this is how Artistry came into being. With the basic foundation of science and nutrition, the makeup products of artistry were made so that the users can get the utmost benefits out from it. Fruits are used as the major ingredient while the products’ manufacturing. The fruits are exported from Africa and Mediterranean regions which is why the rate gets hiked up of every product. The brand Artistry is world famous for its top notch quality and eminence.

5. Estee Lauder:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

The brand which is considered as the mother of other high rated brands like Smashbox and MAC is none other than Estee Lauder. It was launched in the year 1946 in the posh city New York, America. Apart from women, the makeup products for men have won the heart of millions of people making it one of the most preferred brands by both the genders. From skin care to hair care, you name it and Estee Lauder has it. This is the reason why the big celebrities from actors, actresses to models used to give commercials for this brand. The lipsticks and eye makeup products are worth splurging upon as the quality id just superb and excellent.

4. MAC:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

The founders of MAC are Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. In the year 1984, they both designed the brand MAC with a wide range of products, especially for professional users. MAC was launched in Toronto, Canada and since then it has managed to secure a permanent position in the industry. This is the reason why it is most preferred by the makeup artists. Once you start using the makeup products from MAC whether it’s a simple lipstick or other skin or hair care products you won’t use anything else for yourself. Although expensive, the products from MAC have gained the much-desired popularity in a small time and made a top notch place in the market.

3. Loreal:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

Who doesn’t know about the makeup products of Loreal. It is one of the largest cosmetic companies that have gained a foothold in the market in the recent past. Since the products come in a vivid range and one can get almost everything in the top quality, Loreal has become the favorite brand of many. With its headquarters in France which itself is considered as the country of glamour and style, no one can doubt the reliability of the products endowed to the customers by Loreal. Whether the hair color or the normal makeup products, Loreal has branched out itself in almost every sector. It has been estimated that the total asset of the brand is around € 28.219 billion.

2. Mary Kay:

Most expensive cosmetics brands

The excellency in the products make the brand Mary Kay extremely expensive yet reliable and trustworthy. It was founded Mary Kay Ash who named the brand after her name only. In the year 1963, Mary Kay got launched in the Addison, Texas. Since then it is working really hard to maintain its position in the market. The professionals are always working hard to meet the customers’ expectations without compromising the quality of the products. They also have a mass of makeup artists who constantly work to improve their brand and its prestige. This is the reason why since 1963, Mary Kay is still one of the most expensive makeup brands all around the world.

1. Chanel:

Most expensive cosmetics brands 2019

Started in the year 1909 by Coco Chanel, no one has the guts to challenge this makeup brand. When it comes to excellence and superiority, Chanel surpasses almost everyone. This makes it get listed on the top position in our list of most expensive makeup brands. Chanel is not only limited to makeup products but also endows clothes, shoes and fashion accessories to the customers. When one can get almost everything from one trusted brand, what else is needed? This is the reason why people love to splurge on its products and this is why it generates the most revenues as compared to other cosmetic brands all over the world.

Having a billion dollar market these makeup brands are not just expensive but also extremely classy to have. Made with full dedication and commitment these brands are worth a try if your pocket allows once in a while. So what are you waiting for ladies? Start saving some extra bucks and get the best makeup brands for yourself. Remember the more you invest in good brands the more you would look prettier. Have a Happy ‘Makeuping’!


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