Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? Ice cream is probably the only desert, which offers flavors options for every tongue palate. And just like any other eatable in the market, you can get Ice cream worth $1 at an ice cream truck to an ice cream worth hundreds of dollars at fancy restraint.

Rich people always find a way to make things expensive and to them, ice cream is no exception. So, we have decided to list some of the most expensive ice cream deserts in the world in 2022, to see how these restaurants managed to make ice cream so expensive.

10. Truffle Ice Cream – $95

Expensive Ice Creams In The World 2022

If you like truffle ice cream, then start saving $95 at this barMasa special is one of the best truffle flavors, who will ever have. This ice cream was invented by Masa Takayama. barMasa is located in ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. This dessert is prepared using white truffle ice cream, which is served in a big glass with a gold leaf decoration. People describe this ice cream creamy and delicious. The chef prepares all his food, using simplicity and purity, focusing on adding only fresh ingredients.

9. Capannari Ice Cream – $190

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

Capannari is a popular ice cream restaurant build in Chicago, which might seem expensive with its $190 tag on every ice cream; by they give you 6 po\ints, which sort of justifies its price. One of the master chefs is responsible for the invention of their unique flavors. You can enjoy exclusive flavors like Irish coffee or raspberry chip ice cream at their outlet. Their ginger and chocolate hazelnut ganache are considered as one of their most popular flavors. This is a family owned business, who takes pride in the diversity of ice cream flavors that they can deliver.

8. The Black Diamond – $817

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

This Black Diamond ice cream is available at Scoopi Café in Dubai. The owner of the parlour claims that it took over five weeks for finding the right ingredients and creating this gourmet dessert. This ice cream dessert is made with rare ingredients like black truffle and saffron. The base of the ice cream is made using a layer of Madagascar vanilla bean flavor, which is garnished using a 23 karat gold leaf, which explains why it is so expensive. This Black Diamond is served in a Versace bowl, with matching spoons which the customers are allowed to take home with themselves.

7. Mauboussin Mega Sundae – $1,000

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

This Mauboussin Mega Sundae is available at a restaurant named Bagatelle. This sundae is prepared with vanilla ice cream, chocolate truffles, whipped cream, special sorbet, dark chocolate, chocolate vodka sauce and gold leaves. It also includes 24 carat gold plated brownies and a special sorbet, which is made from a popular rose champagne named Dom Perignon. It is severed in a classy martini glass, with a surprise in the bottom. If you finish your dessert the restaurant is known for rewarding you with a $590 white gold Mauboussin ring in a black box. Mauboussin is a popular French brand who has been in the jewelry business since 1827.

6. The Victoria – $1,000

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

The Victoria is a popular dessert of Pavilion Restaurant of  Hotel, for which you have to spend $1000 on your dessert. This ice cream is prepared using vanilla and chocolate ice cream, VSOP cognac. It is garnished using a gold leaf and dust. It also includes ingredients like caramelised golden peanuts, butterscotch, whipped cream, hot fudge, chocolate crown and salted caramel. It is severed in a beautiful crystal bowl that the customer gets to keep. The Victoria can be considered as a double treat as it is severed with a Dom Perignon Champagne bottle.

5. Golden Opulence Sundae – $1000

Expensive Ice Creams In The World 2022

This exquisite is an invention of New York’s Serendipity 3. It is amongst the affordable desserts that you will find at this restaurant. It is prepared using the vanilla bean and chocolate ice cream which is decorated with a 23 carat gold leaf. Its recipe also includes gilded sugar flower, truffles, candied fruits, dessert caviar, and marzipan. It is made from two of the most expensive chocolates in the world which are Venezuelan Chuao and Amedei Porcelena. It’s caviar also includes Armagnac and citrus brandy. They serve this expensive ice cream with a gold spoon. In case you plan on visiting this place than make sure to make reservations at least 48 hours in advance.

4. Three Twin Sundae – $3,333.33

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

Three Twin’s is a popular ice cream outlet, who is known for selling ice cream of all price range. But there special Three Twin Sundae, is an experience of its own. It is made from banana split and syrups, which are created from rare wines. These wines include 1960’s Vintage Port, Chateau D’Yquem and German Trockenbeerenausiese. This delicious sundae is served with an 1850’s antique spoon. In addition, you will also get to enjoy a personal cello performance.

3. Frozen Chocolate Haute – $25,000

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

It is a popular ice cream invented by New York popular Ice Cream outlet named Serendipity 3. Their Frozen Chocolate Haute holds a Guinness World Record. Its recipe includes ingredients like milk, whipped cream, cocoa blends and truffle pieces. This ice cream includes a five gram gold of 23 carat. This luxury ice cream is served in a rare gold classic goblet and a gold spoon both of which are a decorated with diamonds. You will get a rare 18 carat bracelet with each bowl of $25,000 ice cream.

2. Absurdity Sundae – $60,000

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

Absurdity Sundae was invented by an ice cream outlet named Three Twins. Just like the name suggests Absurdity Sundae, which costs over $60,000. They are using the money that you will spend on this ice cream, as a nonprofit dedicated to help the environment in Africa. So, you can do a good deed while enjoying a delicious bowl of ice cream. With this ice cream, the customers get a first class ticket with a five-star hotel stay in Tanzania, with a T- Shirt that you can keep as a souvenir of this trip.

1. Strawberries Arnaud – $1.4 Million

Expensive Ice Creams In The World

Strawberry Arnaud is the most expensive ice cream in the world, with an eye-popping price of $1.4 Million. Its recipe includes ingredients like strawberries, cream, wine, spices, mint and vanilla ice cream. This is a delicious creation of Arnaud Restaurant which is located in Louisiana, New Orleans. You will get a 4.7 carat diamond ring which is used as a decoration on the strawberries. It is served with a Charles X Crystal Cave Liqueur.

These are some of the most expensive in the world, which is known for surprising their customers with Jewelry and trips. But hey who are we to judge you, I say if you can afford it, then you might as well consume it.


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