Ten Most Barbaric Forms of Punishment, Crude Ways of Punishing People

Moral values advance with the advancement of humanity, something that is evident in history. At some time, slavery was practised and accepted by the entire world, despite the same being a crime today. The criminal justice realm has experienced a slow but common elimination of various types of corporal punishments that are considered cruel. However, there are some isolated persons and places that still perform thee heinous punishments.

List of top 10 Most Barbaric Forms of Punishment

10. ‘Flogging’

Flogging Top Most Barbaric Forms of Punishment, Crude Ways of Punishing People 2017

In flogging, a person is continuously beat with a rod or whip, a punishment that was widely spread during the 19th Century, which was however replaced by imprisonment. Organisations like Amnesty International and the United Nations have condemned flogging, arguing that it is a cruel form of punishment. Some nations that practice this form of punishment include Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

9. ‘Caning’

Caning involves a person being continuously beaten with a cane. Strikes from the cane become painful as the process progresses, breaking the skin and causing scarring. Despite widespread condemnation, this form of punishment remains real in many places. The republic of Singapore is famous with this form of punishment, having carried out over 2,000 caning sentences, majority of them being carried out on illegal immigrants.

8. ‘Solitary Confinement’

Many people think that barbaric punishment are only those that inflict physical pain on an individual. However, solitary confinement is more barbaric in the real sense, as it has adverse mental and psychological implications. Solitary confinement is defined as the complete isolation of a prisoner. This form of punishment is a reserve of the worst criminals as well as those who are dangerous to the other prisoners.

7. ‘Dismemberment’

Dismemberment, also known as amputation is a very cruel form of punishment that is applied to wrong doers. In dismemberment, body parts such as the foot, leg or ear is permanently removed. Some amputations are done by medical doctors who are forced to do so under safe conditions and under the prisoners’ unconsciousness. However, some amputations are done using crude methods, with body parts being cut in the absence of anaesthesia. The punishment is common under the Islamic sharia law and has been practised in Somalia, Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

6. ‘Blinding’

Until 1979, Iran was operated under the Islamic Sharia Law. An aspect of the law called ‘gesas’ allows for physical retribution of those persons who commit violent crimes. The punishment is based on an ancient principle that talks of an ‘eye for an eye.’ The law permits strange forms of punishment including blinding. Under blinding, both the criminal’s eyes are blinded with acid or gouging. The punishment is common in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

5. ‘Beheading’

Beheading Top Most Popular Barbaric Forms of Punishment, Crude Ways of Punishing People 2018

It is a shock to many people that beheading is still being used to execute people today. Groups such as the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq as well as the Al Shabaab in Somalia are notorious with this form of punishment. These groups behead hostages, enemy soldiers, captives and spies. The beheading are always done in public and uploaded on the internet. Apart from these terrorists, other nations such as Saudi Arabia behead people as they implement the sharia law.

4. ‘Stoning’

Stoning is a means of execution in which many people throw stones at one person until he or she dies. The punishment is common with crimes such as adultery and is common with countries that apply the sharia law. In some countries, stoning remains a legal form of punishment. Such countries include Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. The punishment is applied on adulterous women, as the men go free after committing the same crime.

3. ‘Crucifixion’

It is possible that the only person you know to have been crucified is Jesus Christ. However, crucifixion remains a form of punishment in many places across the globe. In the punishment, a person gets nailed on the cross and dies slowly. People take many days to die, thus the process becomes painful as you approach death. The Islamic State has always crucified those who rebel against them.

2. Premature Burial’

Some forms of punishment sound like they are only possible in horror movies, and this is just one of them. In this form of punishment, a person gets buried alive and dies a slow but painful death. The Islamic State is known to have buried many of its hostages alive. The group buried dozens of Yazidis alive including children and women, with the group executing the same punishment on soldiers who neglected them. Turkey has also had some cases of honour killings, in which people are buried alive.

1. ‘Burning’

Burning Top Most Famous Barbaric Forms of Punishment, Crude Ways of Punishing People 2018

Burning is a horrifying way to kill that was popular during the medieval times for those guilty of heresy, treason and witchcraft. Today, burning continues to be used by terrorist groups such as the Islamic State, the most common being the burning of a Jordanian pilot in 2014. In Kenya, burning is used to punish witches and thieves.

Punishment is ideal for wrongdoers, and that has always been there. However, it is important to choose a sensible punishment, one that will reform the wrong doers, not to punish them. That would make the best from these people, and thus all forms of barbaric punishments must be avoided.


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