10 Pets That Are Good For Kids, Fascinating Small Animals

Pets offer you an incredible company, something that they also offer to your children. It is not a must to keep cats or dogs, because the space available may not be enough for them. Small pets are therefore the best option, but choosing them is the challenge.

It is crucial to look at your preferences before choosing these pets. Pets that cuddle and never get aggressive are appropriate for small kids, because they are safe and strong. Here are ten pets that will work well for your kids.

Here is the list of top 10 pets that are good for kids

10. ‘Hedgehogs.’

Hedgehogs Top Popular Pets That Are Good For Kids, Fascinating Small Animals 2018

Hedgehogs are beautiful creatures that require less attention, although you need to socialise with them to prevent them from getting aggressive. The solitary animals are ideal for guys looking for some advanced pets. They are excellent climbers and thus their cages must be carefully designed. Hedgehogs feed on kitten and cat food and also love cooked meat.

9. ‘Guinea Pigs’

Guinea pigs are the most sociable and sweet pet rodents. They measure between eight and twelve inches and are cuddly, cute and social. The animal’s lifespan is between five and ten years and are ideal for those kids who have never had pets before. The creatures are light tempered in comparison to hamsters and can hardly beat you.

8. ‘Hamsters’

Hamsters are famous for their beautiful looks, inexpensive care and furry coat. The creatures love being handled, although smaller breeds are temperamental and nippy, especially the females. Large breeds like the Syrian hamster are more appropriate for kids to handle. These creatures are self-entertaining and require less exercises, since they constantly run on boxes and tunnels.

7. ‘Rats’

Few people will have the idea of a rat for a pet. However, these animals are intelligent, require less maintenance and are very sociable. The animals are playful and love to associate with toys, ropes and paper towels. They are calm and are easily handled, on top of them being very cute. Rats create a strong bond between your child and other pets.

6. ‘Gerbils’

These group animals are better kept in groups of four or two. They are inexpensive and are easily stored in a gallon tank. Your kids will be able to cuddle and hold the gerbils, although they are delicate and must be held with maximum care. The animals have many varieties and always remain clean and odorless. They have a lifespan of four years and are less nocturnal.

5. ‘Ferrets’

Ferrets are agile, active and inquisitive. The furry and cute animals have a long-life span of eight to ten years, which is more than many small pets. It is important to note that ferrets run all over the house and scoop everything when released, and so need maximum supervision when out of the cage. These creatures need more attention than hamsters and rats.

4. ‘Chinchillas’

Chinchillas happen to be the furriest animals on this list. These creatures have a velvety and deep hair coat. The animal’s fur coat is velvety and make you love to hold them more. The animals rarely love to be cuddled and measure around twelve inches, although females are bigger than males. They have no body odor and their droppings rarely smell.

3. ‘Hermit Crabs.’

Hermit crabs are some rare pets, that is why many people do not know about them. They are cheap, well-mannered and incredible pets. These creatures require an aquarium with a layer that is thick with stones and sand to play with and climb. Older kids can handle these crabs, although it’s better to let it do what if feels like. The creature is calm and peaceful, although they love the evenings.

2. ‘Parrots’

Parrots happen to be the loveliest domestic birds. The birds are naturally playful and interactive, on top of them being very beautiful. Parrots are in many colors such as modern painting and green. These birds live for a long time, even 100 years. They easily mimic any sounds and are highly sociable. They require big bird cage to allow playing and flying.

1. ‘Rabbits’

Rabbits Top 10 Pets That Are Good For Kids, Fascinating Small Animals 2017

Rabbits are beautiful, intelligent, playful and cuddly. They are however not appropriate for very small kids as they dislike mishandling and easily get startled by a kid’s quick movement. The small pets are great for older children, with a soft fur, calm and peaceful. The adorable animal is easily trained to use the little boxes and play games such as fetch. These animals need lots of exercises daily and eat vegetables, fruits and food pellets.

Pets are the best gift that you can offer to your kid, a little animal that help in the child’s mental development. Small pets are friendly and easy to maintain, despite them costing you less cash to acquire. Choose one of the best ten animals above for your child and show her the love.


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