Do you know that rum is among the best alcoholic products in history? Did you know that it has rich history that daces back to centuries ago? History indicates that rum was first distilled in the Caribbean around the 17th century. This was after a discovery by slaves working in plantations that molasses could be fermented to make alcohol. Over the years, distillation and fermentation of rum has evolved to make the final product much better and smoother. Owing to its rich history and unavailability, finding pure rum is a tedious and expensive process. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive rums brands in the world in 2022.

10. Pyrat Cask

Most Expensive Rums 2019

A product from Anguilla Rums ltd, Pyrat Cask is one of the ancient rums that bring an elegant and smooth taste. The rum retails at $260 making it to be among the most expensive rums in market today. After the demise of the American businessman who owned the factory in 2003, production of the rum was stopped in 2010. Stocks of the rum’s remaining bottles are still available in select joins and offers a unique and outstanding experienced. This is better described as elegant refined spirit with notes of honey, citrus fruits, sweet spice and caramel. Pryat comes with history that dates back to 1623 when the first bottle of the drink was produced and precedence was set for the enjoyable drink.

9. 8 year old Bacardi – Millennium edition

Most Expensive Rums

Produced as a special edition to mark the new millennium Bacardi millennium edition rum was made from an 8 year old rum. Only 3,000 bottles of this rum were produced and they were presented in a crystal Baccarat bottle. Each of the 3,000 bottles was numbered and was presented with a special certificate signed by the manufacturer who was Bacardi’s president at the time. Those who were lucky enough to get a bottle of this special rum still maintain the product unopened. This means that it continues to age and be better while at the same time grow to be more expensive. When introduced into the market, the rum sold at $700 with the value expected to be higher in current times.

8. Rhum Clement

Most Expensive Rums

With history that dates back to over a century, Rhum clement is an alcoholic drink with a reputation for being spicy and fruity flavored. Homere Clement was the brain behind the production of the Rhum clement. A radical socialist who was a doctor by profession used his entrepreneur mind to create the rum and cater for the growing demand of alcohol during World War 1. After the death of its inventor, his son took over production and he is credited for its unique and distinctive taste of the rum today. It is rated with a cost of $1,200 making it one of the most expensive historic rums available today.

7. Havana Club Maximo Extra

Most Expensive Rums

In 1878, Jose Arechabala introduced the Havana Maximo Extra. He run its production as a family business in still 1959 when its was taken over by the Cuban government during its famous revolution. The company then owned by government merged with a French liquor company which saw the introduction of Maximo Extra rum by Pernod Ricard in 2006. Retailing at a cost of $1,700, the rums is made of a mixture of different rums blended with sugarcane distillates. An alcohol content of 40% is maintained through an aging process of the rum and in that way ensures the rum maintains its delicious and magnificent taste.

6. Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage MMXII

Most Expensive Rums 2019

Retailing at a cost of $2,000, this was a special edition production by Bacardi. Only 1,000 bottles of this precious rum were produced with only 200 being made available to the general public. Available in only select outlets, a shot of the rum is expensive and those who get the luck to get one pay dearly. The rum also comes with a distinctive packaging that includes a leather case a display stand and its history outlined in a small booklet. The booklet also offers details of the selection process the chosen blends of the rum hence giving an in-depth understanding of its outstanding taste.

5. British Royal Navy Imperial Rum

Most Expensive Rums

With a history dating back to over three centuries, the British royal navy imperial rum was served for the first time. This was served as a special treat for the royal solders and sailors working with British navy. Owing to its growing popularity, the ration for the rum was reduced in a moved aimed to curb drunkenness. Their production was terminated in 1970 marking and end to a history of 300 years and ensure the solders remained sober while in service. The remaining stock of the rum was introduced into the market in 2010 and was marked as the last consignment. Owing to its great history, the cost of the run was set at $3,000.

4. 50 year old Appleton Estate

Most Expensive Rums

A product from a renown company in Jamaica, this rum was specially prepared to commemorate 50 years of the country’s independence. This was done in 1962 after Jamaica gained independence from England. The 50th independence anniversary was held in 2012 when the rum was released to the market. Owing to its popularity and the significance of the rum, the cost of the rum was set at $6,630. The work to blend this special rum was overseen by two of the best blenders working for the company known by their names as Joy Spence and Owen Tulloch.

3. 1780 Barbados private estate

Most Expensive Rums

This is the oldest and among the most expensive rums in history of the world. Found in Barbados plantation, the rum is believed to be more than 230 years old by the time it was introduced into the market. Despite having despised the bottles for years, the set price for the rum was initially set at $10,667. When removed from the cellar, the rum was covered in inches of mould which took servants at least half an hour to clean for each bottle. The rum was held in hand blown glasses for the years it was in the cellar. Auctioned at Christie’s, the rum made history as the most expensive ever to be auctioned at such a price.

2. Legacy

Most Expensive Rums

Produced as a limited edition, the master distiller of Legacy rum was John Georges. In what the distiller described as a marketing move, only 20 bottle of the rum were introduced into the market. This was done in 2013 where the rum was made from a mix of blends totaling 80,000. A rum whose creation was for sipping purposes only, it is the second most expensive known today. It retails at $25,000 a bottle and a shot of the rum is available at $6,000 from Playboy club in London. The bottle comes in a unique packaging that includes a specially designed bottle topped with sterling silver. A wooden hand box lined with silk and velvet and encased with leather holds the bottle.

1. J. Wray and Nephew rum

Most Expensive Rums 2019

J. Wray and Nephew is one of the oldest and currently acclaimed win e distillers in Jamaica. They are the producers of the J. Wray and Nephew rum which comes with the highest price tag in the market. The rum was distilled for 70 years before it was released from the market. A bottle of the run retails at a cost of $54,000 and has come to be the best choice of select few who never leave it out in their cocktails. Despite its growing popularity that followed the Trader Vic’s and Mai Tai craze, only four bottles of the rum are known to be remaining by this day hence likely to rum out of stock soon.

The prestige that comes with rum distilled over years makes it to be the most expensive alcoholic drink globally. This comes alongside the specialty and expertise required to distill the unique taste of the rum. Properly prepared, gives a smooth experience that leaves the patrons seeking for more but its prohibitive costs allows for limited consumption. The top 10 most expensive rum brands are within the reach of only a few but the experience is enough to convince you to give it a shot.


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