The dog is known to be the man’s best friend. It is royal to its master and posses the required intelligence to maintain a good relationship with man. However we all know that a dog can be equally dangerous at times furthermore they are animals. That best friend of yours you call a pet and welcome it in your living room can be a dangerous creature especially to you and your family.

Despite being domesticated, the dog also possesses the wild character of its carnivorous brothers living in the forests such as the tigers, leopards, jaguar and wolves. This habit is normally covered by the blanket of domestication and training offered to the dogs. The ferocity with which a dog can turn wild varies with breeds. To ensure you understand your dog much better and learn how to live with it, Here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world 2022.

10. Chow Chow

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World 2019

It is cute, and one of the most admired pets all over the world. The Chow chow is one among the most dangerous dog breed on the globe. They are considered to have a very bad altitude and attacks at simple provocation. A breed that originated from china is known to be among the oldest breed still in existence. They weigh only 70 lbs and hence among the smallest breeds on earth. Despite being among the most loved animals, the chow chow can barely stand the face of strangers. They are also known to be extremely stubborn, aggressive and they like to dominate.

9. Boxer

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

This is one of the best dogs used by police and security firms. Boxer ranks highly among other breeds when considered in levels of intelligence. A playful breed, the dog is easy to train a good reason why the are used in security services. The dogs are known to be headstrong with a strong body and powerful paws and jaws. Despite not being overly aggressive they are known to turn violent when provoked. With their strength, this breed has potential to cause grievous harm on a victim and hence requires to be handled with caution at all times.

8. Great Dane

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

Great Dane is the tallest of all dogs breed on the globe. This is alongside a strong big body that makes the look to be fearful. Great Dane has the best social characteristics among other breeds and thus the best friend for a man among all breeds. High height and strongly built body makes them ideal for long walks hence a good companion for hunters. However, they are ranked among the breeds with low intelligence and are hard to train. Being hard on them while training can easily provoke them and their strength enough to overpower any man and cause harm.

7. Wolf Hybrid

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

Dogs belong to the same family with the wolfs. Wolfs are also the ancestors of the dogs according to historians. However despite this there are breeds which are directly bred from the wolfs. They are products of a dog and a wolf. Such a breed it means has both the characteristics of a dog and a wolf which is entirely a wild animal. It is this wild trait that makes the dog unpredictable and a potential threat. In most countries, the breed is not accepted as a pet. It can easily turn around and be aggressive. If adopted, the dog requires professional training to equip it with adequate skills that will overcome its wild characteristics.

6. Doberman Pinschers

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

Doberman Pinschers is known to be a good guard. They were traditionally referred to as police dogs. One of the most royal breeds, the dog is known and highly credited in offering security to its master and property. With a medium built body, they possess massive strength and are known to be very intelligent. They are overly protective and will tend to attack in the event its master or their family is approached by a stranger. Despite being intelligent, they can easily get provoked while training more so if excess force is used against them. In this regard, they require handling and training calmly as well as ensuring they are well locked up if there are visitors around.

5. Alaskan Malamutes

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

Playful and greatly independent, Alaskan Malamutes is one among the difficult breed to keep and train. They love being engaged at all times and can turn to mischief if bored. Their outstanding character over other breeds is their preying desire and therefore they are known to constantly attack smaller animals that are likely to turn into prey. As such, it is important to ensure the dog is kept in a busy environment which makes the Alaskan Malamutes the most ideal choice for carting, mushing and skijoring. Owing to their impatient character, they are hard to train and require professional assistance if the dog is required for adoption as a pet.

4. German Shepherd

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World 2019

The German Shepherd is one of the most sought after breeds all over the globe. With its origins in German, the breed is credited for its outstanding characters that include confidence, vigilance, intelligence, alertness and fearlessness. They are common in police forces across the globe owing to their ease in training and good performance. If not properly trained it is one among the most dangerous dog breeds known. It easily turns rebellious and attacks easily when provoked. However when properly trained it is the best human friend who offers the best that every dog lover requires.

3. Huskies

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

The only dog that easily bleeds with strangers, the huskies is also one of the most dangerous species. This is despite the fact that is also among the dog breeds with low socializing characteristics. It has a strong body and builds in for athletic performance. With its strong body, it is an ideal choice for carting alongside other responsibilities that require strength. Its athletic built body and strength gives it a higher hand in an attack and is known to do so at the slightest provocation.

2. Rottweiler

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

Accredited with having very good guarding instincts, Rottweiler also makes it to the list of the most dangerous dog breeds. It falls in the class of working dogs a factor enhanced by its big size and strong body. This comes alongside the fact that the dogs are extremely fast and therefore can easily outsmart its attack target. It is one of the dogs known for calm behaviors but turn violent on provocation. Poor training, neglect and irresponsible handling of the dog are among the factors that are known to make the dog a threat.

1. Pit bull

Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

This is the worlds known most dangerous breed of dogs. It has recorded the most fatalities when compared to all the others. It is a very temperament dog a characteristic attributed to its dangerous behaviors. For this reason it is easily provoked even when the situation is unintentional. To avoid its attack, the dog requires extensive training and safe handling measures to ensure everyone is adequately protected. It is an ideal choice to use in aggressive activities such as hunting, fighting and baiting bulls.

No animal is 100% safe to man. Each is a potential threat. This is more so if the animal is not adequately trained to socialize. The top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world need this approach. Despite being considered the best friend, they can turn against at the blink of the eye and cause injuries or even death. Proper handling skill are required to ensure the safety of the owner, family members and even visitors while ensuring it plays the role for which it was acquired such as offering protection.


  1. They always try to make pit bulls look bad, my pit bull is a loving, playful, 3 yr old big puppy. My children pulled his tail, ears, rides him, and youngest trys to shove her whole hand in his mouth lol, and he doesn’t pay it no mind. Stop giving pitbulls a bad name.

    • Pit bulls do enough to make themselves look bad. My neighbors dog was attacked and eaten by a pit bull while she was walking it. They were specifically bred to be fighters. Hence “pit” bull. Look up videos of pit bulls killing children tearing adult owners limbs off, they just don’t stop. It is horrifying! Sorry but no other breed has killed as many humans or pets as pit bulls have. Please do some research. There are videos of parents asking police to please just shoot and kill thier dog after the dogs have killed their babies or cats right in front of them.One second they are fine and next they are mauling someone while wagging their fricken tails!

  2. My pitbulls are loving gentle friendly dogs they have never ever bite a person they are spoiled a pitbull is only mean if they are raised to be mean

  3. I disagree about the husky. They are gentle, nice, playfull, intelligent and very friendly dogs. Not agressive at all!!! They wouldn’t hurt anybody! I do not know about the other dogs from the list , but I have my husky already for 8 years – since he was a baby yet. So I predend I have good knowledges abot that breed.

    • There are exceptions to every rule. The Pit bull #1 accounts for 66% of the deaths caused by dogs. After that the ratio drops down significantly for the remainder of the breeds. So it’s not as bad as you’d think.

  4. Pit bulls being number one on this list is absolutely not true. Pit bulls are sensitive by nature and are great family pets. The people who train the animals are the ones who make them aggressive. I have a wonderful pit bull who is loyal to a fault and a giant goofball. She has never once bitten any person she has met. Even little kids pulling on her tail won’t get her to react.

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