9 Most Corrupt Police Forces In The World That Have Corruption As The Main Activity Among The Police

The police are people appointed and given the responsibility of watching over the people in the country. They are trained to protect people and their property so that the country can be a safe environment and that prosperity may be witnessed. However, many police forces are corrupt, and they are the worst danger to the citizens of that country. Below are the countries with the worst police force as witnessed by the citizens:

9. Pakistan police

Pakistan police Top Most Popular Corrupt Police Forces in The World 2018

The Pakistan police are known for its notorious behavior of arresting innocent citizens and asking for bribes in exchange for their freedom. We all know that no one ever wants to step a foot in the prison and therefore, they are always ready to pay. Not paying them is never a good option to take. The brutality that they bring with them will not let you say no to their bribery demands. They are also fond of extortion.

8. Afghanistan police

Afghanistan police

The Afghanistan police are well known for their brutality at the police checkpoints all across the country. For this to be a common practice all over the country, it means that they know what they do and they are all together in it. This is a sad thing because citizens are suffering at the hands of the very people that are meant to keep them safe and valuing their lives. To slightly improve ting sin Afghanistan, international help was needed. How much more will be needed to completely change things? A lot of effort will be needed because this is a problem that has taken root in the entire police.

7. Iraq police

Iraq police

If there is a police force that has one of the longest histories in corruption, then Iraq police force is it. This police force has deeply rooted corruption trees that have proven to be difficult to get rid of. Too much effort has been put to retrain the police force, but they have not born many fruits because the issue remains; corruption. The Iraq police are extremely sectarian, and they have always been involved in the kidnapping and asking for ransoms as well as bribery. Other than this, they are also very lazy in their job, and this can be seen in their inability to curb terrorism in the country.

6. Somalia


Somalia is a country that is struggling to stand on its two feet because of war. It is one of the countries that we have today that is war torn. Its citizens are always looking for better countries to settle in because the conditions tin their country has become too much. Being a war tone area and having a police force that is corrupt is a combination that makes for a disaster. The police claim to be underpaid and that is why they always demand bribes from its citizens. They also extort money from civilians and steal. These are the people that are supposed to help the country get on its feet, but they are the evil that propels the evil in the country.

5. Kenyan police

Kenyan police

The Kenyan police are critically plagued by corruption, and it is a society decay that needs to be dealt with because the citizens are the ones suffering a great deal. In Kenya, Hardly does a day go by without someone somewhere being asked to pay some amount of money to access some services. This trickles down to services like healthcare, education, registrations, and even acquiring of permits. You just have to pay your way to them. If you look at the life of an average Kenyan police and compare with their wages, then you will see what we are talking about clearly. This has hindered service provision a great deal in the country

4. Sudan


Sudan is a country that has seen a lot of troubled times. They have fought for a very long time, and finally, there was a separation of the country into two so as to cater for the two conflicting groups. While under the leadership of Omar Al-Bashir, there was a lot of violence and police brutality. When the commander in chief is wicked and ready to allow genocide to happen in his land because of selfish interests, do you think the police force will be any different? Well, the results of the police force’s exposure to all vices have landed Sudan where it is right now. The corrupt nature of the police force still haunts the citizens. They are also very ineffective in their jobs. They do not file any reports, and neither do they carry out investigations. If anyone complains about them, they will retaliate against the person in a bad way.

3. Haiti police force

Haiti police force

The Haiti police force is one of the most corrupt police forces that we have today. The level of corruption has affected the progress of the country in so many ways. The Haiti police have been reported to be engaged in drug trafficking, police brutality against the people, kidnapping, and even violation of human rights. To top it all up, they are the ringleaders of most gang-related violence that take place in the country. All this evil is too much to exist in one police force. The Haitian government needs to look into this and mend what is broken that leads to all this evil in the police.

2. Mexican police

Mexican police

The Mexican police force is one of the most dangerous police force on planet earth. They know no boundaries. They are known to extort money from the citizens and even tourists. In the worst case scenario, one can be asked to give a bribe or be killed. The police are there to protect and not to endanger. In Mexico, crime is the order of the day. This is so because the police are lazy and they even facilitate some of the cries. They are known to work with drug cartels and further enhance drug trafficking. When will this come to an end when the people to help stop it are part of it?

1. Burma police

Burma police Top 9 Most Corrupt Police Forces in The World 2017

This country needs divine intervention for corruption to end. The roots of corruption run deeper in this country, and it has proved to be an impossible thing to do. Primarily, the governance of the county is under the regime of authoritative military force. Being the ones that are the most corrupt, who will save the country, these policemen ask for bribes before conducting any investigations when a crime is reported. We cannot be sure that they cannot be bought to drop the investigations too. The citizen’s rights are highly at risk in this country with injustice being on the rampant.

All the above police forces have very serious issues that need to be addressed as fast as possible. When corruption is rampant in a country, there will be no progress because the progress is derailed. Corruption will always subject people to unfairness in service delivery and give the wrong people like criminals advantages over others. There is just no way for a criminal to protect the innocent people against criminals. This is because they are the same.


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