9 Most Dangerous Airport Landings In The World

Flying from one place to another is an experience that many people love while many others desire to experience the feeling. Flying is also one of the easiest and most convenient ways to travel. Being up in the air and looking down on the earth makes you feel like you are a king or queen. Even so, I bet the feeling will change when you know you are going to land in one of these most dangerous airports in the world. If you here that you will be landing in any of these airports make sure, you are not awake to watch it.

9. Gibraltar International

Gibraltar International Top Most Popular Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2018

This airport is an easy one to land at. Even so, it will always need a person who is confident in their skills to land there. If someone is not used to the design feature of this airport, they may end up being anxious and nervous. What makes this airport dangerous is the fact that there is a main street (Winston Churchill Avenue) that cuts through the runway meaning drivers have to be cautious as well as the pilots. It is a good thing that drivers are alerted when a plane is about to land so that they can stop. There have been numerous close calls that may have ended up in tragedy if not for divine intervention

8. Lukla Airport in Nepal

Lukla Airport in Nepal

This airport is famously known as Tenzing-Hillary airport since it was renamed. This happened so as to honor two men who were the first to ever conquer Mt. Everest. Visitors who want to visit this mountain will always use the Tenzing-Hillary airport. The most dangerous factor about this airport is that it has very short strips for landing and take-off. It also has an altitude of 2,438 meters which is not so good. The most shocking and most dangerous thing about this airport is that it lacks modern air traffic control features. With a mountain nearby that is one of the highest and with the lack of modernization of airport features like light or sources of electrical power, then a lot is left to be desired.

7. MCAS Futenma in Okinawa

MCAS Futenma in Okinawa

There is an air station for the Marine Corps and is found in Okinawa, Japan headed by the US government. This is the location for this airport. The F/A-18 Hornet and the V-22 Osprey land here more often. This airport is located in an area where there is a high population of civilians who live in the area. This means that the lives of people will be endangered when an emergency occurs. In such areas where Military operations take place should be clear and not filled with civilian houses.

6. Courchevel International Airport, France

Courchevel International Airport, France

If someone told me that I am boarding a plane that will land at this airport, I would say my last prayers first. Supposing I were to board a plane at this airport, I would rather not go for that trip. This airport has the shortest runway with only 525 meters. As if this is not enough, the downward gradient is 18.5%. There is no way I can risk my safety with this airport. The aircraft never gains enough speed while taking off and the fact that they fly off a cliff does not make things better. The plane may just go downwards instead of upwards. That is too much a risk for me.

5. Antarctica


Is there anyone who does not know that Antarctica is the coldest place on planet earth? In this place, there are no runways that are paved. All there is to it is a stretched out snow and ice runway. The ice is slippery making it a risk, but that is not the main issue. What makes this landing place a danger is that the plane may be too heavy for the ice runways thereby cracking it open causing the plane to be stuck on in the snow which can be disastrous. Safety measures include checking the weight of the airplane to ensure it will be safe for landing.

4. Toncontin International Airport in Honduras

Toncontin International Airport in Honduras

This airport has a surrounding that is full of mountains which provide a lot of hindrances when landing. In the year 2008 large planes were banned from landing on this runway because of an accident that happened there that killed five people, and many were left injured. This airplane was an Airbus A320-233. At the end of the airstrip, some hillsides endanger the plane’s landing. This does not help the situation at all.

3. Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

Surprisingly as dangerous as it is, it is one of the airports in the Caribbean that is always busy. For a plane to land in this airport, it has to fly over a part of the beach, cross over a fence, pass over the road, and then land. Being so close to the ground and passing over all those people can be scary and nerve wrecking. As though that is not enough, the runway is just 7,150 feet long. This means that large airplanes cannot land here because they need between 8,000 feet and 10,000 feet for safe landing.

2. Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

What makes this airport one of the most dangerous airports in the world is the ice that constantly covers the place. This area is always stormy, and we all know that this is not good for any airplane while landing. The turbulence will distract the pilot as well as the low visibility. The windy nature can also direct the airplane out of the path, and the icy runways do not make things better. The runway is around 1,800 meters making it even harder. Around this place are some volcanic mountains that erupt often and the ashes interfere with landing by affecting the engines.

1. Paro airport in Bhutan, Himalayan Mountains

Paro airport in Bhutan, Himalayan Mountains Top 9 Most Dangerous Airport Landings in The World 2017

This airport is not just for anyone to land in. It is a shocking thing to know that only eight pilots can safely land here. That is how dangerous it is. Therefore, anyone who is not confident of their landing skills or has never landed in this place should avoid it. This airport is only 2414.02 meters above sea level, and its surrounding is full of peaks that go as high as 18,000 feet, and they are very sharp. Caution needs to be taken. With a runway that is about 6,500 feet long, you may need to say a prayer while landing.

The airports mentioned above will always require pilots who are well experienced in landing planes there. If one is not experienced, then they should never sit behind the wheels because they are responsible for the lives on board. With some of them having mountains and hills to deal with, storms and slippery ice to deal with, as well as mountain ash, it is only proper that a pro takes control of the plane.


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