12 Most Beautiful Wedding Places In The World That Are Breathtaking And The Most Beautiful On The Earth

A person’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives. Therefore, it is always important that they get the best of the best in that day. They always ensure that they get the best food, the best drinks, the best cake, the best decorations, the best clothes, and the best venue. Therefore, we have come up with a list of some of the best wedding venues in the world to make your search an easy one.

12. The Caribbean in Jamaica

The Caribbean in Jamaica Top Most Famous Beautiful Wedding Places in The World 2017

What makes this a perfect choice is that it is one of the most affordable Caribbean islands to have a wedding. If you are a lover of reggae, indigenous spices, Rastafarianism, and a fun and relaxed environment, then this is the place. Not only will you get the best and perfect view, but you will also enjoy their rich culture as well. When you get to this island, you relaxing mode will be automatically activated.

11. Oahu in Hawaii

Oahu in Hawaii

This is a wedding place that you will love at first site. Many people love this place because it is lovely and gorgeous. This Honolulu is one of the most beautiful cities in Hawaii, and it is found on this island. There is also Waikiki which is a city that is the center of the island’s entertainment. A simple wedding set up will be complimented by the many natural beautiful scenarios. What makes this place perfect is the fact that it has one of the biggest airports around and has consistent and dependable direct flights.

10. Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate

This estate is found in Asheville, North Carolina. It has this amazing historic feel that is crowned with elegance, class, and the general outlook is glorious. If there are better places than this, I would still pick this place as my wedding venue. This place is the embodiment of perfection. The green nature with forests around is excellent. This estate can hold a total of 400 people, and this makes it perfect for a grand wedding.

9. Barnsley House Hotel

Barnsley House Hotel

This hotel is located in The United Kingdom. Therefore, a United Kingdom wedding will be best held here. The style of this hotel is British, classic, and also romantic. With this hotel, you will get perfectly landscaped ground, a spectacular garden, and a courtyard. All these makeup for an excellent and splendid photography field. This hotel offers fantastic services, and you can be sure that your wedding will be memorable if you choose this wedding venue.

8. Chateau Saint-Martin and Spa

Chateau Saint-Martin and Spa

This venue is one of the most excellent places you can have a wedding while in France. Yes, France has numerous exemplary wedding sites, and you can trust us that this is one of them. This site offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Mediterranean coast, and it is at the center of the French Rivera. One will only spend 20minutes on the road from this place to Nice international airport. With this place, you can choose an indoor venue or an outdoors celebration. Whatever your needs will be, they will be catered for. The maximum capacity is approximately 200 people.

7. Molenvliet Wine and guest estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Molenvliet Wine and guest estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

This place will provide you with that perfect vineyard venue that you have been looking. The beauty of this place is unquestionable and especially the mountain views. It only takes 45 minutes to get to this place from Cape Town, and this makes it very convenient. The architecture of this place has the Mediterranean feel. By choosing this place, you can either have an outdoor reception, or you can use the elegant and exquisite white banquet hall. Whatever your choice will be, your day will be epic.

6. Tirtha Bridal

Tirtha Bridal

Tirtha Bridal is located in Indonesia. It is set on Southern Bali’s cliff tops. It has a surrounding that is worth a million dollars. It has a Balinese garden that has exotic flowers. It also has a perfect view of the Indian Ocean. Other than the ocean view, you also get a perfectly landscaped ground and an exquisite exotic garden. The style of this resort is modern, nautical, tropical, and romantic. It is a dream come true. This resort can host 260 seated guests and 350 standing guests. This resort is breathtaking, to say the least.

5. French’s Point

French’s Point

French’s Point is located in Stockton Springs in Maine. It has a capacity of 200 people which is big enough. This is an elegant place and has a classical, coastal, country, and romantic style. This location will give you a perfect view of a coastline, a beautiful forest garden, an ocean view and so much more. Every place in this venue is magnificent and excellent for photography. That is a bonus.

4. Le Sirenuse

Le Sirenuse

If you are going to have your wedding in Italy, then this is one of the places that you should be looking for. It is excellent and lovely. This place is a classic place, elegant, and has a romantic feel to it. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful Amalfi coast. Even though the capacity is small, it can be a very great place for a wedding with restricted invited only.

3. Montelucia resort and spa, Scottsdale in Arizona

Montelucia resort and spa, Scottsdale in Arizona

This place is one of the most exquisite sites you can have your wedding especially if it is an evening wedding. It is a desert resort that has palace double doors from Spain that is of the 16th century. It has a lawn that has mountains in the background that can make a great photography site, two ballrooms to choose from that are equally as beautiful, and fantastic wedding packages that are scalable. This place is near an airport; the Phoenix airport. This is an added advantage.

2. Viceroy Anguilla in Meads Bay, Anguilla

Viceroy Anguilla in Meads Bay, Anguilla

This place is what I imagine paradise will look like. This place is surrounded by two white sand beaches making the place the epitome of beauty and elegance. Many choices are presented to anyone who wants to wed in this location. You can either wed at a secluded beach, at a Cliffside, or at an exquisite lounge that is open air and overlooks the water. You will be spoilt for choice, but the choice will be yours. The numerous palm trees further enhance the beauty of the place.

1. Oberoi Udaivilas in Indian

Oberoi Udaivilas in Indian Top Most Popular Beautiful Wedding Places in The World 2018

This place is a beautiful place with a spectacular view. The surrounding water bodies further enhance its beauty. In as much as this resort does not provide the offer to host the wedding ceremony, it offers a magnificent reception location for weddings. This resort is one of the most beautiful resorts in all of India as well as Asia. They offer the most amazing food, spa services, and the most beautiful suits.

Out of all these wedding venues, one will be left confused because each one of them is exquisite, elegant, excellent, gorgeous, and any other adjective that can be used to describe them. All these places are proof that human beings are indeed creative and can go an extra mile to give people the wedding venues of their dreams. They have understood that for many, wedding days are the best days. The venue also has to be the best.


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