Africa has its own beauty. Beautiful mountains, natural forests, sandy beaches and a range of exclusive wild animals and plant species to name just a few. To compliment this, is the beauty of African women and the Yoruba queens to be precise.

Among the list of goodies they possess includes talent, skills, intelligence and beauty required in the industry. From a community in West Africa the beauty queens’ history can be traced to the ancient Oyo Empire with a history that dates back to the 17th century. Otherwise known as the Nollywood queens, they are big players in the African movie industries featuring in various productions across the continent. Other have also risen to international standards and showcasing their talent on the international platform. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful Yoruba actresses 2022.

10. Habibat Jinad

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses 2019

Sporting the looks of a true African queen, Habibat Jinad is the number 10 in the list of beautiful Yoruba actresses. Having hit the screen in 2008, she has appeared in numerous Nollywood productions and commands a large following. Her success in the industry is highly attributed to her beautiful looks. Alongside acting she is also a common face in print media posing as model in various local and international magazines. Owing to her popularity, she is among the highest paid actresses in the country. Despite her success, she is a controversial figure with rumors of having a child out of wedlock.

9. Doris Simeon

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Doris Simon is a beautiful Nollywood actress who is highly accredited for her appearance. A staunch and preservative African woman, she is an actor, a mother, and a good role model in the society. Despite being a mother, she has managed to maintain her appearance since she started acting. One of her biggest hits was on the cover of the Reel e Magazine donning eccentric clothing and emerging as beautiful as ever. Funs and critics considered this a big achievement and also a strong message to Hollywood actresses who pose nude that they stand to face stiff competition from the African peers who disregard nudeness in name of beauty.

8. Mide Funmi Martins Abiodun

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Daughter of one of the pioneer actresses, Mide Funmi Martins Abiodun is considered to carry on the career of her mother. Riding on the standards set by her mother, she is one of the hottest actresses taking the eighth position. A family woman, she is married to a fellow actor Afeez Abiodun and has two kids. Despite her family responsibility, she still finds adequate time to appear and excite her audience while still looking good. Alongside acting, she makes great contribution in scripts and production hence one of the key players in the film industry.

7. Tope Osoba

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Tope Osopa is not just another of the Nollywood actresses. She has all it takes to be on the screen. Good looks, intelligence and the passion to showcase her talent. She is a graduate of business education from the University of Olabisi Onabanjo. With this qualification she is considered as one of the most educated actresses in the Nollywood platform. She is credited with taking leading roles in some of the highly rated Nollywood films among them Gucci Girls, Igboro Ti Daru and Oga Sailor among others. She is also featured in numerous commercials for different companies in the country.

6. Liz Dasilva

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

A native of Odere Village in Nigeria, here is another of the hottest actresses in Nigeria. She ventured into the industry in 2004 though mentorship of Iyabo Ojo another hot Yoruba Diva. Talent and beauty are among the features that best describes her position. She is credited with taking part in numerous productions and more so being in the list of producers who give the industry impressive scripts. Among the films that she has taken part includes the ‘Wakati Meta’ and ‘Mama Insurance’ both of which were among the list of top productions. Alongside acting, she is the host and pioneer of an annual event dubbed “Ankara Ball”. The event features both culture and fashion of the Africans more precisely Nigerians.

5. Iyabo Ojo

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

With approximately fourteen productions under her belt, Iyabo Yobo is not just a mere actor. She doubles as a producer and a director hence a great contributor to the industry. She has all that defines a true beauty in Africa. Beautiful and well curved body, a charming face and the intelligence required in the field. It is with these qualities that she has managed to win the hearts of fans and audience through Nigeria and other African countries. Among the biggest films she has taken part includes the ‘Ikeja’ and ‘Baba Darijinwon’. She was born in the Ogun State in Nigeria and one among the biggest role models in the film industry.

4. Toyin Aimakhu

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Toyin Aimakhu is among the hottest actresses in Nollywood. She possesses the looks and skill required in acting. This is alongside her great passion and potential she inputs while in the act. She is credited with winning applause from the fans. She is among the actresses who are known to make their dressing code to appear as part of individual identity. With this matching her curvy body, she has the looks that are known to makes eyes turn. Among the famous productions where she has taken part include Ebi mi ni, Alakada and Alani baba labake all that features in 2013.

3. Mosun Filani

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Born in Ekiti in Nigeria, Mosun Filani is a leading and successful actress in Nollywood industry. A wife and a mother of two kids, she is one of the most talented features on the screen. Despite her motherhood, she managed to maintain her outstanding curves alongside the ever-present smile on her charming face. She takes the third position in the list of the most beautiful Yoruba actresses.

2. Biodun Okeowo

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses

Despite being a mother, Biodun Okeowo is an outstanding actress in the Nigeria’s film industry. A single mother of two kids, she is a hardworking actress who manages to switch between acting and motherhood responsibilities. She also maintains her beautiful body and good looks that are relevant in the industry. Taking the second position among the beautiful actresses from Yoruba community, she is also among the best in Nollywood. She is credited as being one of the biggest award winners in the country with a Global Excellence Award under her belt among others.

1. Mercy Aigbe

Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses 2019

A professional actress, Mercy Aigbe is the leading actress in Nollywood and one of the highest rated in the African continent. A graduate of University of Lagos, she pursued theatre as her main course. Born in the Edo State in Nigeria, she is a mother who is happily married. Also a fashion icon, she is known to be a leader in on the fashion platform where she commands numerous following and owns a fashion store. Her success in the fashion industry is marked by her Fashion of the year award she was accorded for her contribution to the industry.

Yoruba is home of African beauty. Beautiful actresses are known to originate from the community. Despite the young age of the Nollywood film industry, the actresses are riding high owing to their natural beauty and the quest to entertain the world. The top 10 most beautiful Yoruba actresses 2022 just provide with a picture that Africa is a big resource for beauty and acting talents.



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