Ten Most Dangerous Countries To Live In The World: You Might Just Get A One Way Ticket To Heaven

The shadow of terrorism is looming large over the world. You have the Al Qaeda group and the ISIS problem. China is flexing its muscles frequently against India. Pakistan is trying to destabilize parts of India. You have the ISIS organization carrying out bomb attacks on a regular basis. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) is indulging in unnecessary confrontation with the US.

There is a constant tension between countries like Ukraine and Russia. Afghanistan has been ravaged by the Taliban. There is excessive unrest in the African countries due to extreme poverty. Therefore, there are more than a handful of countries that are very dangerous to live in. We shall look at the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world at this moment. Who knows, you might not come back alive if you visit these countries.

10. Ukraine

Ukraine Top Most Famous Dangerous Countries To Live in The World 2017

At No. 10, we have the second largest country in Europe after Russia. Yes, we are referring to Ukraine. Right since the time of the breaking up of the USSR, there has been constant tension between Ukraine and Russia. You can find Russia pounding the eastern parts of Ukraine frequently with heavy artillery. Secondly, corruption is rampant in Ukraine. The internal law and order system has gone for a toss. You can find kidnappings, burglaries, and murders in broad daylight. Hence, we open this list with Ukraine at No. 10.

9. Libya


Libya is a dangerous country to live because of the constant threat to the common people on account of the civil war. You have two factions, the Tobruk Government and the National Salvation Government locking heads over the struggle for power. In addition, you have the ISIS threat. The discovery of oil reserves in Libya has compounded matters a great deal. Hence, there is a struggle to exercise control. Under these circumstances, Libya becomes a dangerous place for one to visit. There are instances of foreigners killed mercilessly. This makes Libya rank at the No. 9 position in this list of the most dangerous countries to live.

8. Sudan


Sudan has always found a place in the Top 10 most dangerous countries over the years. There have been innumerable instances of Government forces committing atrocities on the locals as well as other civilians. Poverty is one issue that can make a person act insane and without responsibility. The Government of the day has to ensure that the country is a safe place to live. If the Government forces start attacking and looting civilians, they do not have any place to seek shelter. This is what is happening in Sudan over the past few years. Hence, Sudan ranks No. 8 on this list.

7. Yemen


The Islamic countries seem to be in the forefront as far as creating uncomfortable situations for civilians to stay. A perusal of this list until the end will strengthen this statement. Yemen is another oil rich country embroiled in some sort of terror activities over the years. Its proximity to Saudi Arabia is not helping it much as well. They do not have a stable government to deal with the insurgent elements in the country. These factors combine together to push Yemen to the 7th spot in this list.

6. Central African Republic

Central African Republic

If the Islamic countries have issues of terrorist organizations holding sway, the African countries have themselves to blame. Some of the African nations like the Central African Republic have the most unstable and inefficient governments. Corruption is rampant in such places. The local economy has gone for a spin. These factors can create unemployment and poverty leading to mass unrest. There is a simmering tension between the Islamic and the Catholic radicals making the situation go out of control. These factors make it difficult for people to go to these countries. Hence, we have the Central African Republic at No. 6.

5. Somalia


You need an efficient law and order system for any country to provide the basic safety facilities to their residents. Somalia fails miserably on every count. When there is no fear of the law, you can always see a spike in the violence and crime. Somalia presents the perfect climate for these persons to thrive. You see car bombings practically every day. Rapes, murders, and riots dot the country crime scene. In addition you have instances of piracy and cannibalism. The Islamic militants do not make it easy for the Government to infuse law and order. Hence, Somalia is dangerous enough to rank at No. 5.

4. Iraq


Iraq has always been in a state of turmoil right since their days of war with Iran. The Kuwaiti invasion by Saddam Hussein compounded matters further. The Americans had to interfere and bring the situation under control. It is fortunate that this conflict did not culminate in a nuclear war. With the elimination of Saddam Hussein, people expect normalcy to return. However, the presence of the US troops and the instability of the Government of the day make it a very dangerous place to stay. Hence, we have Iraq at No. 4 on this list.

3. South Sudan

South Sudan

South Sudan has the reputation of being the youngest country in the world. However, there is no semblance of law and order in the country. Assaults, ambushes, burglary, and rioting are very common. You have a number of rape, molestation, and shooting cases too. The instability of the ruling government is not helping things a bit. People are literally fleeing from the place in search if safe avenues. Many foreign Governments have placed restrictions on their citizens traveling to South Sudan. These factors make South Sudan rank at No. 3 on this list.

2. Afghanistan


The Al Qaeda and Taliban are the two common names that come to mind when you speak of terrorism. The conflict between the USSR and the US has made this landlocked country, Afghanistan a place of continuous bloodshed. It has been a long time since the withdrawal of the troops of both the countries. However, the Taliban seem to live in a different world. They do not think twice before massacring their own kinsmen. This terror group advocates some of the most insane rules one can think of. These restrictions on the power of speech have compounded matters a great deal. You see a terror act every second day in this Taliban infested country. These Islamic militants are the main factor for making Afghanistan rank No. 2 on this list.

1. Syria

Syria Top Most Popular Dangerous Countries To Live in The World 2018

Syria is in the news in recent times because of the spread of the ISIS. This group seems to be a refined and more sophisticated version of the Al Qaeda and Taliban put together. It is very difficult to understand their ideologies. The misguided Muslim youth find solace in the activities of the ISIS. This group has literally waged a war all over the world. You can see the spread of terror into virtually every city in the world. The ISIS is working hard to make this world an Islamic one. They have their base in Syria. This makes Syria the most dangerous place in the Earth to live today.

If you notice carefully, terrorism and poverty are the main causes of unrest. The lack of proper governance is also contributing to the failure of the law and order situation. This results in rampant corruption. Therefore, you find these placed dangerous to live. These ten countries are capable of providing you with a free one-way ticket to Heaven. Therefore, it is better to remain away from these countries.


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