Toys are an inseparable part of childhood from the ancient age. Toys are an enjoyable means to kickstart your child’s play and accelerate your child’s development. Toys encourage kids to use their creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills.

Today toys are not only used to play but also used as an educational tool. Various companies across the world are engaged in manufacturing toys and gaming devices. Indian toy market is the 8th largest in the world in terms of production of toys. Mainly toys are used by kids, so the toy quality should be measured by different criteria like material quality, safety, and conception. The toy can be measured as a device which can enhance the power of imagination.

How to choose toys for your kid?

You have to choose toys for your baby according to our kid’s age, personality, gender likes and dislikes. It has been found that boys generally love construction toys or cars whereas girls like dolls. We have to careful about the size of toy because if toys contain small parts that a baby may swallow.

Babies like bright colors and they try to hold everything. So toys should be soft, attractive. The toys which produce sound are also a good choice for them.

Toddlers like to play with boxes and figures. For them, building blocks, cars, and models are the good option.

Older children like to use their imagination. So they love to solve puzzles and advanced construction toys. Theme toys also draw their attention. Below are some of top 10 most famous and best kid’s toys companies in India 2021.

10. Simba

Best Kids Toy Companies in India 2019

The Hong-Kong based company Simba is a major toy manufacturing company is known for their variety and high quality of toys at a reasonable price. This brand an extensive distribution network over 64 countries including India.

The range of toys includes a line of beach and sand pit toys, water pistols, bubble toys and flying toys. Apart from fun, the company eyes on to explore kids talent. Art & Fun and Color Me Mine toy line allow children to explore their creative sides. My Music World game range helps children to develop an interest in music.

9. K’Nex

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

The American toy manufacturing company K’Nex is famous for their construction toy system. The toy’s building system is equipped with interlocking plastic rods, wheels, connectors and other components, which can be assembled to make architectural structures, machines, and models.

This type of construction toys is widely appreciated worldwide because it helps kids to empower their thinking and imagination power. K’Nex manufacturers such toy system for the kids of different ages to accelerate their learning process.

8. Playmate

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

Playmate is one of the most trusted American toy manufacturing companies in the world. With their wide range of toys, the company has managed to capture the attention of many children in India. The company focuses on delivering safe, high-quality and innovative toys to the consumers.

They are famous for their dolls, action figures, based on popular culture. Their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line is immensely popular among children.

7. MEGA Bloks

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

MEGA Bloks is a Canada-based kid’s toy making company and they are well known for their construction blocks. They are recognised for their superior quality products and innovative ideas.

The company also manufacturers puzzles, toys, and craft-based products. They mainly focus on making educational toys for kids. Their role play toy line is very popular among the kids. Other than those they also have a diverse range of toy line which has made the company one of the best.

6. Tiger Electronics

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

American toy manufacturer Tiger electronics has a significance presence in the Indian toy market. The produces different world famous toy brand including Avengers toys, Battleship toys, Disney toys, Candy Land toys, Beyblade toys, Little Pony toys and lot more.

They are famous for their hand-held LCD games series. They also produce robotic toys and audio games. Their famous audio game line is Brain Family. Tiger Electronics focuses on making a wide range of digital games and video games.

5. Mattel

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

Mattel is an America based toy manufacturing company which is very popular in Indian market. The company is known for their products design, quality, and variety.

This company produces the famous doll brand Barbie which is one of the most favored toys liked by little girls worldwide. They have a vast range of toy lines such as Monster High dolls, Winx Club dolls, Ever After High dolls, American Girl dolls, Masters of the Universe toys and much more.

4. Lego

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

Lego is one of the favored toy companies across the global market. It is one of the largest toy producing companies in India. The Danish company is famous for making those kinds of toys which boosts the child’s imagination. They specialise in making little plastic constructing bricks which can be assembled as per choice to make different structures like buildings, vehicles, working robots etc.

Lego has a most intelligent and sophisticated robotics line which is equipped with a programmable central brick. This toy line is very popular among the kids in India.
In 2015 Lego was named as “world’s most powerful brand”.

3. Funskool

Best Kids Toy Companies in India 2019

Funskool is an Indian company with global presence in making toys for children. It is one of the best toy manufacturing brands in India. They are best known for producing a large variety standard quality product which facilitates entertainment for children.

The range of product includes soft blocks, activity toys, construction toys, arts & crafts, die cast models, dolls, electronic toys, puzzles, remote controlled toys and much more. They also manufacturers science toys, educational toys and role play accessories which help kids to learn and to explore their skills while playing.

2. Hot Wheels

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

Over 40 years the Hot Wheels Company is one of the most admired brands in the toy manufacturing sector. They have a strong presence in Indian market and very popular among kid and adults.

Hot Wheels is best known for making car toys. They have a wide range of car collection including the models of different renowned automobile companies, superhero’s car, racing cars, bikes, airplanes etc. This company is globally appreciated for their toy quality and looks.

The company also develops racing video games.

1. Fisher-Price

Best Kids Toy Companies in India

Fisher-Price is a New York, USA based toy production company. In India, the company holds the leading position for years.

Since 1930, Fisher-Price has showcased more than 5000 different toys. The company makes superior quality toys with innovative designs. These toys also help children to learn from young childhood and nurtures child’s development.

They manufacturers toy lines including house, animal, human, vehicle, superhero figures and lot more. This brand also makes baby gear products like infant seats, play yards, car seats, high chairs, entertainers and activity centers etc. Their famous toy line is Play Family. Now the company focuses on making video games and electronic gaming devices for children.

Toys have a major role in a kid’s everyday life. Many kinds of research have found that toys make a significant impression on children’s behavior in different ways. Toys have a powerful influence on a kid’s thinking, creative expression, and interaction with peers. But some toy does not. So, parents should be aware of their child’s behavior and they have to be more cautious while choosing toys.


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