Ten Most Beautiful Women of Greece Who are Simply Adorable

“And when Adam saw Eve, He saw she was beautiful.” This could be the oldest description of beauty from the Christianity bible. A cool, pretty and attractive face that attracts. A well curved body and striking personality are also among the key qualities to consider when defining beauty.

Ability to showcase the beauty and make an impact on the society is a weighty character that is considered is selecting beauties. Despite being prevalent in all women, it is more outstanding in some. Greece is home to a good number of women who tops the worlds list of beautiful women. With its rich history and ancient beauty, this is well described in modern day by the beauties from the region.

List of top 10 hottest and most beautiful women in Greece 2017-2018

10. Elena Paparizou

Otherwise referred to as Helena, she takes the 10th position among the most beautiful women in Greece. Born in 1982, she grew up in Sweden but her parents were Greek. Elena is a career music writer and singer well known within the entertainment circles. This is alongside being one of the accredited TV personalities in Greece. Having started her career in 1999, she came to prominence in 2001 after taking part in the Euro vision contest. Owing to her beauty, she managed to take the leading position as the first woman to get 600,0000 likes on facebook.

9. Zeta Makrypoulia

Another of the Greece hot chicks is Zeta, she is a graduate of Vasisis Daiamantopoulos with the drama option. Soon after graduation, she became a TV personality where she is a common feature a factor attributed to her beautiful looks. Alongside her career as a TV presenter, producers also seek her appearance in a range of commercials for different companies within the country and others from across the globe. The multitalented beauty queen is also among the top DJs in the country. In a career that spans for over 14 years, Zeta is one of the hottest babes in the country taking the ninth position.

8. Doukissa Nomikou

Doukissa Nomikou Top Popular Beautiful Women of Greece 2018

Another beautiful queen from Greece is Doukissa. Born in 1986, her beauty was acknowledged and noticed when she was barely 20 years of age. Owing to her outstanding beauty, she was selected to represent her country in 2007 Miss Universe contest. Back home Doukissa is a well known presenter who is greatly admired for her beauty. She is also among the leading models in the country. She rose to stardom when she won the Miss Star Hellas crown in the year 2007 aged only 20 years.

7. Ria Antoniou

With careers in modeling, music industry and an actor, Ria is one of the hottest women in Greece. Born in 1988, she holds the 7th position in the list of the beautiful women from the country. In 2008, she managed the second runners up position in the Star Hellas Beauty contest. Owing to her outstanding body and balanced curves, Ria is considered as one among the sexiest women in the country. She was voted as the sex symbol of 2000 and 2010 for this reason. Today she is among the top contesters of various beauty titles alongside being one of the most sought after models.

6. Evangelia Aravani

Born in 1985, Evangelia takes the 6th position among the hottest women in Greece. She is among the top fashion model in the country’s industry. She has taken part in numerous beauty contests winning the title of the Miss Star Hellas in 2005. In the same year, she was selected to represent her country in the Miss Universe beauty contest where she managed to be in the 11th position. Her beauty and elegance has won her great opportunities that include appearance as a special guest for the Cypriot beauty contest used to select contesters to represent cypress in the Miss Universe and Miss world beauty contests.

5. Christina Moustaka

Considered as one of the hottest blondes in Greece, Christina is one of the beauties whose recognition runs internationally. She is a talented actress and a career model. Her beautiful smiling face and well curved body places her in the 5th position among the most beautiful women in Greece. This comes alongside being voted as one of the sexiest women in the country. One of the most sought after models in the country by photographers, she continuously gets the opportunity to pose for different magazines as well as appearing for various brands. One of her photos in a bikini is the most outstanding with numerous of her fans confessing they can hardly keep their eyes off the photo.

4. Natali Thanou

Born in 1983, Natali is one of the leading beauties in Greece. Despite learning music in school, she chose to be a model a career she has perfected too be one of the top and most sought after. Having hit the industry at a tender age of 16 years, Natali not only has the perfect qualities of a beautiful woman but also the experience and skills to maintain her position. Born in Athens, she was a popular singer and dancer who came to the limelight through her song “why not”. An articulate linguistic, she is well versed with different international languages including French, English and Serbian alongside her country’s Greek language.

3. Olga Farmaki

Born in 1985, Olga is 5’8” tall the perfect height for a model. She carries with her the perfect body shape for a model. Doubling as a model and an actress, Olga is a darling of many of her male and female fans. Alongside modeling and acting, she is a co-host in television programs where her fans are kept glued to the screen admiring her beauty. With a curvy body, she is considered to be among the sexiest women in the country and one of the sought after models by professional photographers seeking to have her appear in various magazines in the country and across the globe.

2. Thomai Apergi

Born in 1988, Thomai ranks in the second potion among the most beautiful women in Greece. She is a career musician who is professionally trained since her tender age. In her training, she learned to use the guitar and perfect her vocals which made her one of the greatest singers in the country. Having made her debut in 2012, she is now a common figure on the stage showcasing her well curved body to her fans spiced with great moves. To ad to her bag of achievements, Thomai is one of the best models in the country and an actress recognized in the international circles.

1. Katerina Stikoudi

Katerina Stikoudi Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of Greece 2017

Born in 1985, Katerina is a native of the Komotini region. She is currently the hottest woman in the country. A medical graduate, she has managed to make various appearances as a model in the country alongside winning beauty titles. Most noticeable is the Miss Star Hells 2005 after which she was selected as Greece representative to the Miss World pageant. Alongside her profession and modeling, she is also a highly ranked swimming instructor a sport she uses to ensure she maintains her body shape through the times.

These ladies in the list of top 10 most beautiful women in Greece are outstanding. They posses the natural beauty and are intelligent among other factors that define beautiful women. They have won titles through he recent times and are ranked as the hottest by admirers.


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