There are so many ways to unwind and just have a good time. One of the most excellent ways is by taking a cruise. Even so, the destination of a person should not be based on what they want but more of how safe their destination is. We are living in an era where criminal activities are like the order of the day. It is therefore advised that one takes caution when choosing the following cruise ports. So, checkout the top 11 most dangerous cruise ports In the world in 2022.

11. Mexico

Most dangerous cruise ports 2019

Mexico is always trying to ensure that the safety of tourists to the county is guaranteed and we can give them a tick for their efforts. Even so, there are still high crime rates in Mexico that endanger lives. Some of the major concerns include homicides, assaults, and robberies. There are also crimes that are as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One can easily be caught up in this. As a tourist, you are going to explore the country. What are the chances that you will be found at the wrong place and at the wrong time?

10. El Salvador

Most dangerous cruise ports

El Salvador is a place where crime is like the order of the day. It is so bad that it has been called the murder capital of the world. The murder rate in this place is frightening, and this is terrible. It is a beautiful place to go cruising, and many people have done so and returned home safely. Even so, it is important that you know it is one of the places that anything can happen to threaten your safety.

9. Indonesia

Most dangerous cruise ports

Indonesia has ports that are infested with piracy activities. Jakarta is one of the places that you should take caution as well as the Strait of Malacca. In Indonesia, the crimes that happen more often usually targets to steal the vessels used for travel. Back in January 2016, there was a terrorist attack that was well coordinated. The attack happened at Starbucks and another one a shopping mall. The aim of the attack was the foreign nationalities. This goes to show that you can never be too sure with the security of Indonesia.

8. Egypt

Most dangerous cruise ports

Egypt has been able to secure position 22 among the most dangerous countries to be in. The worst thing about going on a cruise to Egypt is the fact that you can be harassed by the officials over customs that you had no idea of. Certain rules apply to Egypt that everyone is expected to adhere to. Being a foreigner means there are chances that you may break some. For example, people are not allowed to take pictures of certain sites. If you do, the police may harass you until you wish you never went to the country. There is also civil unrest in Egypt and also sectarian violence. This is not a good sign of security.

7. Turkey

Most dangerous cruise ports

Turkey is one of the most unsafe places to take a cruise. Because of the terror attacks, even the companies that offer cruise services fear to dock at Turkey ports. Many of them have rerouted their ship to other safer places. The crime rates are not so high as compared to other places mentioned. The civilians will make you feel very welcomed and appreciated with their hospitality. Even so, with threats of terror and suicide bombing concerns, I feel it may not be a great choice. In the year 2015, more that 200 people were killed and an explosion also occurred in the recent past.

6. Philippines

Most dangerous cruise ports 2019

Well, if you are questioning the existence of a place that is fast becoming notorious for kidnapping tourists then the Philippines is the evidence you need. The Sulu Sea is one of the most unsafe places a tourist can find themselves. There are numerous terrorists and criminal organizations that make a living by kidnapping people and asking for ransom; tourists fetch even more money, so one has to be extremely careful. Philippine has a beautiful emerald forest, gorgeous waterfall, and lush scenarios. It is indeed an amazing place to go for the holidays. The government has to work harder to provide the security measures needed.

5. Tunisia

Most dangerous cruise ports

Tunisia is a fascinating country that has so much to offer to any tourist. It is extremely rich when it comes to ruins and art. We can all agree that there is so much to see in Tunisia. Even so, the rate of criminal activities against tourists is at a critical level. There have been numerous reports concerning terrorist attacks against tourists and many lives have been claimed during those times. This means if the government does not do something to put things in order, more of this will continue to happen.

4. Dhaka Bangladesh

Most dangerous cruise ports

Bangladesh is an exquisite place with beautiful temples, amazing museums, parks, and fascinating architecture. Yes, there are a lot of things to love about Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh has been associated with numerous violent attacks that endanger a lot of lives. About a year ago, there was a terrorist attack in the embassy district of Dhaka, and 23 people were killed. This brings to question, is it worth it? There are many incidences of people being held hostage at sea. It is therefore important that one accesses the risks carefully before taking a cruise.

3. Honduras

Most dangerous cruise ports

By international standards, the rate at which crimes like rape, murder, assaults, theft, and break-ins are very high in Honduras and particularly Roatan. Yes, it may resemble the Caribbean with the crystalline waters, but it is not worth the risk. The government has not succeeded in bringing under control the crime rates in this country. Because the police force is under-resourced and can barely inspect and prosecute criminals, the criminals work with a certain level of freedom in the country. It is bad that the crime rate is high. It is even worse that the government cannot control it efficiently.

2. Colombia

Most dangerous cruise ports

Colombia is a lovely country. It is one of the many destinations for tourism. However, due to security reasons that are associated with the country, many people choose not to go to Colombia. There are many criminal activities that ward tourists off. These activities range from extortion, drug trafficking, bribery, theft, and the worst of them all is gang wars. As it stands, Colombia is among the top 20 countries that are the most dangerous because of crime rates that are high. If you are going on a cruise to Colombia, be ready because anything can happen.

1. Venezuela

Most dangerous cruise ports 2019

The rate at which violent crimes take place in Venezuela is astonishing. There are all sorts of crimes in Venezuela like human trafficking, drug trafficking, and even murder, Venezuela has proved to be one of the last places that many want to cruise for the holidays. Yes, it has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, an exciting history, and a very rich culture but what is the point if you cannot be sure of your safety there? Also, the many drug cartels do not help the situation.

There is so much fun in taking a cruise and enjoying the time you get to tour the world, see new things and meet new people. Even so, we should never forget to put our safety first. The world is a really big place. There numerous exquisite places you can cruise. If it is a must that you go to either of the mentioned places, ensure that you are using the safest cruise company.


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