Ten Most Beautiful College Campuses In The World

Well, there is nothing wrong to say that college life is always full of fun. The first and the last day are obviously the most memorable moments no one can forget. In today’s world, every student needs to study in top class colleges of the world. However, this is not their only priority while searching for the best campus but they often pay attention to overall facilities they will be having as a student. One fact is expectations of today’s students are frequently increasing. They always want their college to be perfect in every aspect.

Therefore top education standards is not the only preference of students. They often pay attention to other facilities and especially the beauty of the campus. It is quite true that beautiful college campuses always attract the attention of students from all over the world. This article is going to spotlight the top 10 most beautiful college campuses in the world. If you are a prospective student or someone who need to boost your knowledge about attractive campuses across the globe, you are reading the right content. Check out the list below.

10. Mount Royal University, Calgary

Mount Royal University, Calgary Top Popular Beautiful College Campuses 2018

Canada is known to be one of the most beautiful countries with some of the most beautiful college campuses in the world. The large green grounds in the campus often refresh the soul of many students. The university architecture is a perfect blend of Romanesque architecture with natural beauty. More than 2500 students are currently getting education in this campus. Although it’s small, it really doesn’t mean it lacks in any aspect of beauty.

9. University of Bucharest, Romania

University of Bucharest, Romania

This Romanian university attracts thousands of students from all over the world every year. There are many in-campus locations. The unique historic buildings and most favorable weather throughout the year make this university grab a good position in the list of most beautiful college campuses in the world. When it comes to beauty, this campus has everything that a student expects before taking admission in a college. In addition to this, the lush green lawns add more to its overall attraction. In case you want tom study at an elegant and clean place, this 150-acre campus would be an ideal choice.

8. Oslo Campus, Norway

Oslo Campus, Norway

Norway is a beautiful country visited by a very large number of people all over the world. The Oslo campus which was constructed in the year 1813 is very well known among Europeans for its allure. Oslo Campus attracts a lot of students just because of its beauty and unique library. The perfect blend of architecture and nature adds a lot to the overall campus beauty. If you are a prospective student who is seeking admission in a reputed and beautiful college in Norway, this is the right option for you to consider.

7. University of Glasgow, Scotland

University of Glasgow, Scotland

The University of Glasgow is at 7th position in our list of most beautiful college campuses in the world. You might have no idea but this campus is known widely for its glory. Its location in the capital city of Scotland enables students to enjoy some of the stunning views around. In order to enjoy the most beautiful sights, there is no need for students to go out of the campus. The campus has some of the very beautiful lawns and it is believed by students that walking on them before graduation can bring bad luck. The attention-grabbing façade and beautiful design make it wonderful campus in every aspect.

6. University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

Studying in this Canadian University is like spending the most memorable time period of your life in heaven. Yes, it is true. The stunning beaches and mountain views are the leading reasons of its beauty. If current students are to be believed, this campus is a town in itself. The famous anthropology museum is another thing that adds a lot to the beauty of this campus.

5. Heidelberg University, Germany

Heidelberg University, Germany

This university often appears on the list of most beautiful college campuses in the world every year. The best thing that contributes in making it stunning in every aspect is its architecture. University Museum also has a lot to say if you understand the language of beauty. The 18th-century red & white toned building reflects amazing architecture. The Königstuhl hill and Neckar River jointly devote in making this campus very beautiful. Being one of the most beautiful college campuses in Germany and in fact in the world, Heidelberg University is a must see attraction. You will always feel lucky to be here not just because of beauty, but due to top education standards as well.

4. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Dazzling landmarks, rich histories, and appealing cultures are the symbols of this popular European campus located in Switzerland. There is probably nothing wrong to say that this campus is undeniably beautiful and students can enjoy top education standards along with stunning beauty everywhere. The combination of natural features and appealing architecture enable students to enjoy the surroundings in their free time. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is a well-planned campus. The Zurich itself is a beautiful city and this is another leading reason of this campus to reflect beauty. Students can be seen relaxing in the evening in open lawns. The good thing is many students from all over the world apply for admission here just because of the beauty of this campus.

3. Wellesley College, USA

Wellesley College, USA

Wellesley is another popular and extremely beautiful college campus in the US. It is located very close to Boston and this 500-acre women’s institution has 50 plus bachelor courses. Campus was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. He and his team loaded the campus with extreme beauty with their most innovative ideas. Instead of constructing the simple buildings, the designers have proved their best to match the campus theme with surroundings. The architecture is truly amazing. Pleasing Gardens, at work, vantage points as well as multiple areas for dining makes it extremely amazing. Also, the wooded areas surrounding the Lake Waban make it one of the most elegant campuses in the world.

2. University of Sydney

University of Sydney

Located in the main suburbs of Sydney, this campus is significantly improving its ranking in the list of most beautiful campuses across the globe. The most impressive architecture with amazing surroundings makes this arena extremely beautiful. Traditional museums and art galleries are top contributors that help campus attract the personal interest of many students.

1. Stanford University, USA

Stanford University, USA Top 10 Most Beautiful College Campuses 2017

When it comes to beauty, this popular University of California in the Unites States has no comparison. The Spanish style architecture attracts the attention of almost every visitor or student. The 8,000 acres campus is elegant in every aspect. Something that adds more to its overall beauty is nothing but its presence at foots of Californian hills. In addition to this, Rodin statues and the quad are some other factors that widely attract the attention of a large number of students. Being one of the campuses with the most prestigious reputation in the United States, Stanford University is one of the top choices of students when it comes to most beautiful college campuses in the world.

It is true that beauty of a college is one of the leading reasons of students to choose it for education. All the campuses spotlighted above are known all over the world for their beauty, unique designs, and quality education. There is no not to look here and there than this article if you are looking for most elegant educational arenas.


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