Milk is the direct source of Calcium, protein and other nutrient and known to be consumed by humankind for centuries, especially cows’ milk. Apart from being most popular beverage This milk even has sub-products such as Cheese, milk powder, toned milk and many other that can not be ignored or it would not exist without milk.

Here is the list of top ten largest milk producing countries 2021 along with other milk product. These countries have largest milk production facilities and largest number dairy cows to produce the sum of billion kg’s of milk per annul.

10. The United Kingdom – 13.6 Billion Kg’s

Top milk producing countries 2019

The United Kingdom is the third largest cow’s milk producing countries in the European Union following by Germany and France. Though the country is involved in milk production for ages now and has some of amongst largest dairy farms located in the UK. Though the annual capacity of milk production of the UK, according to FAO records is 13.6 billion Kgs. However, The Great Britain is suffering from the reduction of the number of dairy cows which was reduced by 61% in 2014-2015 and hence reducing the number of registered dairy farms across the United Kingdom.

9. Turkey – 16.7 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

In last few years, the milk production of the Turkey increased significantly which was quite poor a decade ago, now according to FAO, the per annul production capacity of Turkey is staggering 16.7 Billion Kg’s. Turkey boosted the number of dairy cows and hence improved the number dairy farms to increase its annual milk production. İzmir, Balıkesir, Aydın, Çanakkale, Konya, Denizli, Manisa, Edirne, Tekirdag, Bursa, and Burger are the major milk productions centers across the Turkey. Moreover, the country also exports the milk, mainly to the European countries like Spain, Italy, and other Norwegian countries.

8. New Zealand – 18.9 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

The New Zealand is known for its Jersey cows which produce more liters of milk compared to any other breed of the cows the world. Moreover, New Zealand has more than 5 million dairy cows and a number of dairy farms are increasing every year out of which most of them were located in North-Island. They also supply various milk products such as Toned milk, milk powder, cream, butter and cheese to countries like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Egypt, Nigeria, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan. New Zealand government is also making efforts to boosted the annum production of milk incorporating the new technology and dairy equipment.

7. France – 23.7 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

France managed to rank #7 in topmost milk production countries with 23.7 Billion kgs of milk per annum and France is the second largest milk producing country after Germany in the European Union. France has more than 70,000 registered dairy farms and 3.6 million dairy cows along with wide range of milk production facilities. Most of these facilities are to convert milk into various milk products and they export not domestically consumed milk to neighboring countries like Italy and Spain.

6. Russia – 30.3 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

As we know Russia is the largest continent on the earth while the population of Russia is comparatively low. Russia is currently holding sixth place on list highest milk production companies though the number of dairy cows is decreasing considerably every year and Russian investors are looking for building the largest dairy farm in China. Russia’s Moscow is the largest milk consuming area of the Russia.

5. Germany – 31.1 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries 2019

Europe’s largest milk production country with latest technology and facilities to improve the annual milk products. Following by France and Britain, German is producing 31 billion of Kg’s milk per annum and also export the milk in other European countries. Currently, Germany has 4.2 million dairy cows with more than 70,000 registered dairy farms. Eastern and western areas of Germany are the one involved highly in the dairy business. Though increasing price of lands for dairy farmers and other modernisation are ceasing the milk production for Germany.

4. Brazil – 34.3 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

Brazil is not the just top supplier of raw materials such as Manganese and Copper but they also ranked #4 when it comes to highest milk production companies. With an annual production of 34.3 kg’s of milk, Brazil managed to overcome the demand of the domestic market and they also started supplying the milk and milk products to other countries. Brazilian Government also making significant efforts to increase production with lower cost. But the main reason behind this staggering milk production is the special species of cows which are called ‘Gir’ cows which are originated to India. These cows are famous for producing large quantities of milk. Dairy business actually improved the Brazilian economy in last few years.

3. China – 35.7 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

This Asian country is second largest cows’ milk producing country in Asia following the India. Currently, China is developing 100,000 dairy farms to balance the demand of milk from countries like Russia that has decided not to import the milk from the European Union and the USA. Those dairy farms are going to three times bigger than the largest dairy farm in the USA. And it will also give the China a leading position in Asia for producing large quantities of milk. China will soon be the largest importer of cows’ milk once the development of dairy farms completed.

2. India – 60.6 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries

India is the second largest cows’ milk producer company and world’s number one country for buffalo milk production. Today, India contributes a whopping 9.5 percent of the global cows’ milk production with their 130,000 dairies. Though 80% of the milk comes from dairy farms which later gathered by local dairies. India’s top dairy organisation ‘Amul’ produces the total of 52 lakhs liter milk per day which is largest than any other dairy farm in the world. And India has more than 1000 dairy farms similar to Amul. India is also largest milk consumer but they export milk to many countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Bhutan, and Afghanistan.

1. The United States of America – 91.3 billion kilograms

Top milk producing countries 2019

With largest cows’ milk production facilities, United States ranked #1 in largest milk producing countries in the world. In USA medium to large sized dairy farms have more than 15,000 cows each and 30 cows to each small dairy farms. The major states of the America are Idaho, New York, Wisconsin, California & Pennsylvania which produces largest quantities of cows’ milk. Moreover, USA also export the milk in other American countries like Chile, Argentina, and Canada.

That was the list of top ten largest milk producing countries basis on their annual capacity. When it comes to buffalo’s milk India ranked #1 but for cows’ milk, the USA ranked top. Moreover, there are other countries that produce milk from other animals and cows as well. Australia ranked #11 if we include in on this list. However, milk is an essential element of meals and balanced productions are required to overcome to the demand and countries like Brazil, USA and India do not just produce largest quantity of milk but by exporting the became much stronger economically. Hence, dairy business has benefits health of common people and economic benefits at international level.


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