Getting a clean shave has become easier with the help of shaving creams. Shaving has become part of daily chore of men’s life. But cutting the beard on daily basis can be harmful to skin.

Skin irritation and rashes are bad outcomes of using low-quality toiletries like a razor, shaving cream, and brush. So, facial skin is an important part of our body and it should be provided with proper care.

Using good quality toiletries will help you in getting a good shave and is also good for facial skin. Some of the best shaving brands creams available in India in 2022 are mentioned below:

11. Clinique shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India 2019

With a wide variety of products ranging from face wash, skin care, make-up, and before and after shave, Clinique stands out in the crowd. Clinique for Men Clean Shave, Clinique for Men Aloe Shave and others are its prime shaving creams. Aloe is a multipurpose ingredient with many benefits. It reduces skin irritation and minimizes the effect of reddishness. Clinique Shaving Creams are suitable for all skin types and helps in removing beards smoothly. Apart from the above, the presence of Aloe keeps you fresh throughout the day with a refreshing smell.

10. Biotique Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

If you are looking for a shaving cream made of natural ingredients, then Biotique brand will cater to your needs. Not only it cares for the foam factor but also applies herbal ingredients which are good for your skin. This brand offers a wide range of products. Palmyra shaving cream is made of mint and coconut oil. Both the ingredients are good for soft skin and they also provide a cooling sensation after shaving. It provides adequate lather for a smooth shave.

9. Patanjali Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

Patanjali is a domestic brand which is growing at a faster pace. The brand is successful in reaching every nook and corner of India. They mostly deal with Ayurvedic and natural products that are good for health. Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream is made up of Pudina, Neem, Ghitkumari, Haldi and Tulsi. All these ingredients are good for skin. The cream helps in developing a smooth skin by providing the required moisture. Apart from producing shaving cream they also deal with medicines, food products, personal care and others.

8. Neutrogena Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

This brand provides shaving cream that helps in getting a close and clean shave. It also protects the face skin to look healthy. Neutrogena shaving cream battles against razor bumps, helps to prevent breakouts and decreases the chances of ingrown hair. Free of oil and works on no foam technology, this shaving cream is considered as a good medication for facial skin. Neutrogena range of products is manufactured by keeping in mind the necessity of healthy skin.

7. VI -John Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

An internationally acclaimed brand has a range of products on its menu. It is not only famous for manufacturing shaving creams rather it also produces lotions, colognes and hair removal creams. Vi-John Shaving Cream Lime Fresh helps in removal of dead cells and further enriches the face skin to look good. Some of the other products made by this brand are Shaving Cream Regular, Shaving Cream Menthol and Shaving Cream Premium. If you are confused which one suits your skin from the above mention products, Shaving Cream Regular suits all skin types with its better and long lasting lather.

6. Denim Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

Another famous brand in India, Denim serves its customers with different products. From shaving cream to deodorants, shaving foams and gels, it provides a wide range of quality products. Denim Shaving Cream is specially designed for Indian men. This shaving cream is available in Original and Black. Denim Original comes with natural extracts and Denim Black comes with Witch Hazel extract. Apart from moisturising the face skin, it also heals the skin. Denim Shaving Cream gives assurance for creamy lather and irritation free shave.

5. Old Spice Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

Old spice is a trusted brand and is convenient in terms of price and quality. The shaving cream produced under this brand is able to give thick lather which is an essential for smooth shaving. It leaves a good fragrance after shaving and gives the user a masculine touch. List of product categories ranges from deodorants, soaps, body washes and shampoos mostly built as male grooming products. This American brand is owned by Procter and Gamble. At the beginning, it mostly dealt with women products and few men’s products. But with time men’s products became successful and rest is history.

4. Nivea Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

With a wide variety of products like deodorants, sun care, body care, bath care and others, Nivea is one of the leading brands in India. Mild shaving Cream and Sensitive Shaving Cream are its leading products. The main ingredients of the Mild Shaving cream are sea minerals which help in softening the beard and provide a smooth shave. Sensitive Shaving Cream saves your skin from irritation.

3. Godrej Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

If you are searching for a good brand which produces shaving creams within the budget of a common man, it’s Godrej. One of the oldest brands in the country and is tested by times. They give more emphasis on the packaging part and fulfill the needs of various income groups in India. It gives an adequate amount of lather and close shave. Moreover, it smells good and is the best when compared with other products within the same price range. At first, the shaving stick was introduced to customers by Godrej in 1932. Some of the other good products under this brand are Shaving Cream Protect Plus (introduced in 2003) and Shaving Cream Deluxe Lather (introduced in 2005).

2. Dettol Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India

A well–known brand in India and a household name, Dettol doesn’t need any introduction. All its products like handwash, antiseptic, soaps or shaving creams are part of the Indian toiletries. When you think about cleaning your hands or just getting it sanitized, then only one name comes into your mind without a single thought, it’s Dettol. Dettol Shaving Cream has medicinal ingredients which help in protecting your skin by fighting germs. Dettol Cool shaving Cream and Dettol Shaving Cream Fresh Lather is some of its popular products. Dettol after Shave Lotion is also one of the popular products under this brand.

1. Gillette Shaving Cream-

Best shaving cream brands in India 2019

Next entrant into the top eleven lists is the Gillette brand, a popular and leading brand in the country. Aiming for a perfect shave for its users, Gillette Shaving Cream is the best in terms of quality. All of its products like gels, foam, and cream are harmless and gentle to the facial skin. The shaving cream consists of lubricants and aloe, which leads to a fresh and radiant skin. Not only shaving creams but they also produce shaving gels and foams, trimmers, razors and aftershave solutions.

The above is a list of top shaving cream brands in India. Most of them have ventured away from harmful chemicals. To remain in the market they are innovating shaving creams made of herbal and natural products. These ingredients are good for skin and also revitalise the facial skin. The above list is a mixture of Indian and international brands. With time even new Indian brands are capturing the market share for shaving cream segment.


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