Ten Most Dangerous Snakes In The World: It’s Better To Leave These Dangerous Snakes To Themselves

Are snakes dangerous? The answer can be ‘Yes’ as well as ‘No’. Snakes are meant to be left alone. If you do that, there is no reason why they should be dangerous at all. However, if you fiddle with them in any way, you have to be prepared for the consequences.

Why do snakes bite? Do they love biting people? Of course, they do not like to bite humans, but they do so because of the fright factor. Humans attack them out of fright and in reciprocation the snakes have a provocation to bite in self-defense.

However, the fact is that their bite can be fatal. Not all the snakes in the world are poisonous. There are hundreds of species that are harmless. However, the ones listed below are definitely poisonous. A single drop of venom can kill or paralyze hundreds of humans in some cases. Hence, it is better to leave these snakes alone.

Let us look at the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world.

10. Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake Top Most Popular Dangerous Snakes in The World 2018

At No. 10, we have the rattlesnake. Normally, the snakes move around noiselessly. Hence, one might not be able to sense a snake nearby. This is not the case with the rattlesnake. The sound made by the tail of this snake is a dead giveaway. This snake does not bite much but if you go near it or disturb it, it does show its capabilities. If you treat the bite immediately, it is not fatal. However, there are every chances of losing the limb. However, if you do not treat the bite, the chances of surviving are remote.

09. Tiger Snake:

Tiger Snake

At No, 9, we have the native of Australia, the tiger snake. This snake has a reputation of being non-aggressive. However, if you disturb it, you can be sure it will show its true colors. The greatest aspect is that the snake rarely misses its target. The venom is fatal and can kill a person within 30 minutes. Death is preceded by paralysis. You have the anti-venom available, It is better to administer it as quickly as possible, Otherwise, death is certain. This makes it one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

08. Death Adder:

Death Adder

The Death Adder comes in at No. 8 in the list. You can find this snake in the forests and deserts of Australia and New Guinea. The snake has a reputation of eating other poisonous snakes. Similar in appearance to the viper, the venom of this snake is neurotoxic. This entails that paralysis is sure to set in if you do not have the anti-venom immediately. This snake is an extremely swift snake capable of striking you and returning to its position within 0.13 of a second. That is lightning fast.

07. Kraits:


The No. 7 position belongs to the Krait family. There are many types of kraits in the world like the blue krait, Indian krait, and so on. Usually, you find the blue krait in the South East Asian region. These snakes are cannibal snakes in the sense that they eat other snakes and their own kith and kin as well. The blue krait is the most dangerous of all the kraits. Their bite is absolutely fatal. People have died even after being administered the anti-venom. The best thing about this snake is that it is a nocturnal snake. Hence, the cases of the blue krait biting people are few.

06. Cobras:


The Cobra family is a dangerous family. You have many varieties of cobras such as the Caspian Cobra, Indian Cob King Cobra, the Philippine Cobra, and so on. The cobras are deadly snakes and have a reputation of biting people. You usually find these cobras lurking near the human population in search of the rats and other smaller rodents. They form the staple diet of these snakes. The cobras are extremely agile and have a dual venom system. They can bit and inject the venom into the body. Some cobras like the Philippine cobras can spit venom up to a distance of three meters. This makes these snakes very dangerous. As far as human fatalities are concerned, the cobras are the most dangerous because of their proximity to the human habitats.

05. Vipers:


The viper family is at No. 5 in this list of the most dangerous snakes in the world. There are many classes of vipers in the world, the Russell’s viper and the Indian vipers being the most dangerous. These snakes are usually found in India and China. The saw-scaled viper is a dangerous snake as well. You can find these snakes just after a heavy spell of rainfall. The snakes are dangerous because of the time it takes for a person to die. There are people who have survived for more than 2 weeks with the painful symptoms but succumbed to its bite subsequently.

04. Belcher’s Sea Snake:

Belcher’s Sea Snake

As far as venom is concerned, this is the most deadly snake in the world. One drop of this sea snake’s venom can kill more than a 1000 humans. However, as far as human casualties are concerned, it is literally zero. This is because the snake rarely comes in contact with humans. Found in South East Asia and Northern Australia, the only humans who have died of its bite are the fishermen because they can unknowingly trap these snakes in their fishing nets. The bite is not at all painful but the death is extremely slow and painful. Normally, these snakes are very docile and do not bite.

03. Black mamba

Black mamba

The Black mamba, at No. 3 is found in the African jungles. These snakes can move at tremendous speeds exceeding 20 km per hour. They are very dangerous because of the fact they are lightning fast and are capable of striking a person repeatedly. The venom from one bite can kill up to 12 humans. The death can be very quick. The victim starts foaming at the mouth and develops problems with his vision. Paralysis sets in very soon because the venom is a neurotoxin. Sometimes, you can find a person dying within 15 minutes of the bite if the venom enters the veins directly. This snake is the most dangerous one in the African continent with many humans falling victim to its bite.

02. Taipans:


The Taipan family is one of the most dangerous snake families in the world as far as the potency of the venom is concerned. The Indian taipan is the most dangerous of all the taipans in the world. The venom of the common taipan, found in Australia can kill up to 12000 guinea pigs at one stroke. This is the Australian equivalent of the Black Mamba. The Indian taipan is a very dangerous snake given the fact that a minute quantity of venom (11 mg) is enough to kill at least 100 humans. However, these snakes live in the forests and rarely encounter humans in its wake.

01. Eastern Brown Snake:

Eastern Brown Snake Top 10 Most Dangerous Snakes in The World 2017

The Eastern Brown Snake is the most dangerous snake in the world. The young ones of this snake contain enough venom to kill humans. The problem with these snakes is that they prefer to live in the populated areas. A native of Australia, these are fast-moving snakes capable of striking at great speed. The venom contains neurotoxins and blood coagulants thereby making its bite extremely lethal.

Snakes are harmless if you do not harm them. Normally, the snakes react to movement from the humans. The humans are also afraid of snakes and hence they try to kill them. In the bargain, the snakes attack humans and hence you find human casualties. However, the fact remains that the poisonous snakes are dangerous. Hence, it is better to leave them alone.


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