When you see some topmost beautiful Japanese models either in ramp walk, photo-shoot, magazine covers, etc. you will get amazed at the first sight. Such Japanese models have been presented in fashion shoots, advertising and magazine only because of their gorgeous look.

These models feature in their native country as well as all over the world, positioning them among the world’s greatest sought-after women. Few of them have enhanced their notoriety and achievement by making appearance as well in TV programs and films in Japan and are familiar as celebrities. Are you interested in knowing about beautiful Japanese models in 2022 that have enticed almost everyone? Well, for that read below sections:

10. Masami Nagasawa

Hottest Japanese Models 2019

Masami Nagasawa is Japanese actress, model and a former gravure idol. She belongs to Iwata, Japan and apart from modelling, she is an excellent actress. Nagasawa is renowned for Crying Out Love in the Center of the World, From Up on Poppy Hill and Our Little Sister. Moreover, she is popular as she is a winner of the Toho Cinderella competition, which promotes young talent. It is known that Nagasawa attained the Star Asia Rising Star Award at the prestigious New York Asian FIlm Festival when the screening of Love Strikes was held in year 2012.

9. Yukie Nakama

Hottest Japanese Models

Yukie Nakama is another beautiful Japanese model who even worked as singer, actress, and former idol. She belonged to Urasoe, Okinawa, located in Japan, into a family of fisherman, as the smallest of her five siblings. During the initial phase of her career, she was a gravure idol as well as a singer by making debut single entitled “Moonlight to Daybreak”. The reason of high popularity is that in year 2000, Nakama proved her talent for comedy through her lead role played in the famous Japanese television drama entitled Trick. It established as a popular one in a way that she had two more seasons as well as three film editions.

8. Kurara Chibana

Hottest Japanese Models

Chibana is a Japanese model, actress, and she belonged to a native of Naha City, located in Okinawa Prefecture. In field of modelling, she competed in the Miss Universe of 2006 contest and completed the contest as the 1st Runner-up. Chibana is additionally renowned for her contribution in Miss Universe of 2006 wherein she signified Japan. Moreover, she won the award named best national costume award for her samurai-themed suit made by the artist named Yuichi Miyagawa as well as the designer named Yoshiyuki Ogata. It was in year 2006 that she later finished at the first runner-up for Miss Universe in 2006.

7. Naomi Sasaki

Hottest Japanese Models

Naomi Sasaki is a young Japanes model who is previously recognised simply as Nozomi throughout her fashion modelling career. Moreover, she is a Japanese glamour model as well as prior professional fashion model belonging from Akita. After she worked as a fashion model for around 7 years, Naomi has become well-known as a gravure idol and chief ringside commentator / spokesperson for the competition of mixed martial arts type. It is known that she was provided the nickname as “No Mercy” for her numerous reported outrages toward many show-business girls with whom she worked with.

6. Mao Inoue

Hottest Japanese Models 2019

Mao Inoue is a young Japanese model and actress who made debut as a U-15 idol in year 1999. She is finest identified to Japanese television drama audiences by name Akane Imai in Kids War and by name Makino Tsukushi in the prevalent Hana Yori Dango series. It is known that Inoue began her career in form of an actress at an early age of five years. The spectators noticed her in the entitled Kids War which continued from period 1999 to 2003. Apart from acting in films, Inoue has been selected to signify Chocola BB Eisai and Mizuho Bank series, Asahi Breweries’s Asahi Direct Shot as well as NTT fleet West.

5. Kieko Kitagawa

Hottest Japanese Models

Kieko Kitagawa is one of the most beautiful Japanese actress and former model. This woman was a special model for the Japanese magazine entitled Seventeen from years 2003 to 2006. Though, Kitagawa later on quit work in modelling when she abandoned the magazine. Her leading acting role was performed as Sailor Mars in the live action show entitled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. After her role played in the film entitled Mamiya Kyōdai, she quit career in modelling to emphasis on acting career. Apart from modelling, Kitagawa has appeared in some films, including Handsome Suit and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

4. Reon Kadena

Hottest Japanese Models

Reon Kadena (alternatively known as Minamo Kusano or Leon Kadena) is a Japanese glamour model as well as versatile actress. It was in year 2005 that she started her theatrical debut in the erotic drama entitled Piikan Fūfu. After period of three years in year 2008, she was featured with gravure idol named Yuuri Morishita in the comedy entitled Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale in character of secret agents. Moreover, Kadena even made appearance in many television dramas comprising being part of the regular cast for the TV Asahi action-mystery series entitled Maid Deka which was aired in 11 episodes.

3. Rie Miyazawa

Hottest Japanese Models

Rie Miyazawa is a Japanese former fashion model, singer and actress. She has completed glamour modelling as well as, having launched four photobooks in her modelling career. Moreover, she is too well-known for being a former fiancé of sumo wrestler named Takanohana with whom she got engaged for 2 months. Meanwhile her debut at an early age of 11 years in an ad for Kit Kat, she has various television shows, films, advertisements, stage appearances as well as photo books to her recognition. Apart from that, she was also featured in the children’s comedy entitled Bokura no Nanokakan Sensō and Tokyo Elevator Girl as well.

2. Miyako Miyazaki

Hottest Japanese Models 2019

Miyako Miyazaki is presently a Japanese fashion model and beauty pageant winner, best acknowledged for competing 15-year drought of Japan in the Miss Universe show. She basically belonged to the Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto and she is presently 39-year-old. It is known that Miyazaki stayed as the winner of Japan competition -Miss Universe in year 2003. Moreover, she represented her country in the Miss Universe year 2003 pageant in which she made it to the top 5, as well as she was finally called the 4th runner up. Among audience, Miyako is remembered for her fashionable and bold night gown, now notably denoted to as the “gown kini”.

1. Maria Ozawa

Hottest Japanese Models

Maria Ozawa is Japanese model, actress of Canadian and Japanese ancestry, as well as known as a former AV idol. In her initial career as a model, she even used the name Miyabi which became quite popular. It is known that she started her career in field of modelling in year 2005 by the name Miyabi. She was later on contracted by S1 No. 1 Style, which is an AV studio that creates light hardcore por**graphy. Moreover, Ozawa has too performed in V-Cinema films, which is a photobook, and many glamour videos, adding to her popularity. It was in year 2007 that she played the role of Anita on a standard Japanese TV drama entitled Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi.

Modelling is a career which demands the beautiful face and figure along with constant enhancement to keep up to the trends. Described above are beautiful Japanese models in world presently that are no less beautiful than an angel.


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