The world is a beautiful place so they say. Natural and man-made features are all over the place and together make up this planet not only habitable but also beautiful. Natural and man-made features are the prime measure that people use to gauge in the defining of the most beautiful countries. Other factors that one has to consider are things such as the culture of the people, traditions, cuisines, safety, the hospitality, among other things such as the climatic conditions. Here are the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world in 2022 that many tourists pay a visit to.

10. Germany

Most beautiful countries 2019

Unknown to many, Germany is one of the most beautiful countries on the globe. Rated at the 10th position, German is home to most of the world’s architectural works. With a number of these having historical meanings, they act as the definition and landmarks of the country. This is alongside a variety of natural attractions that don the country. Even the small cities in the country are home to most of this beauty including Munich, Potsdam and Dresden. Most notable is Bavaria’s romantic road which is home to beautiful castles. Away from the cities, the Alp’s gorgeous lakes and mountains alongside masses of forest add to the beauty to the country.

9. South Africa

Most beautiful countries

One of the biggest economies in Africa is also a true depiction of beauty. It is home to Cape Town one of the cities ranked among the beautiful cities in the world. Nature has also made its mark in the country with great rivers that include Canyon and mountains such as Drakensberg. The extensive landscapes within the country boast of beautiful farms and expansive forests and vegetations that offer the best photographic scenes. South Africa hold the ninth position among the countries endowed with beauty in the world.

8. Brazil

Most beautiful countries

Located in the continent of South America, Brazil ranks eighth among the beautiful countries. The country’s rich basket of beauty starts with its main capital Rio de Janeiro with its beautiful architecture. On e of the most amazing beauties in the country is the Iguacu falls which are horse-shoe shaped. Watched by a rainbow, the falls are considered to be among the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. This is further spiced by the extensive natural forests graced with a range of wild animals. In the northeast, the colonial baroque with its golden interiors area clear depiction of beauty which treats visitors to a calm soulful experience.

7. United States of America

Most beautiful countries

With numerous landmark buildings dotting the major cities in the country, America is a true beauty. This is despite the settlements in some of the cities littered with structures that would qualify into any beauty ranking. The main attraction of the country however is not the architecture in the cities but the beauty of nature. The country boasts of a massive list of sites that qualify to the list of wonders of the world. These include the Great Smoky Mountains, Monument Valley of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. The country is also home to beautiful forests with dozens of wild animals.

6. Portugal

Most beautiful countries

Beautiful natural scenes are the driving force to place Portugal in the list of most beautiful countries. Despite the beauty of the country being in small clusters, combined its massive. The country’s list of beauty includes Madeira otherwise referred to as the “floating gardens”, plains of Alentejo dotted with white medieval villages of Monsaraz and Marvao. The national park of Peneda-Geres gives the country the best home for its wildlife. These come alongside different and extensive natural scenery that don different parts of the country. Rivers and mountains also don the country giving its natural outlook the best spice to make it more attractive.

5. Greece

Most beautiful countries

Home to the beaches considered the most beautiful in the world, Greece is just a marvel. The blue waters of Aegean Sea that surround the beaches of the Greek islands are undisputed beauty. Other features include the Mt. Olympus, ancient ruins of the country and the Meteora. A common belief indicates that Greece got its natural beauty from the act of many gods urinating in the place.

4. Australia

Most beautiful countries 2019

In itself, Australia is considered to be its own world. It has features not prevalent in any other place on the globe. It is a country that stands in its own continent. The country has the biggest stone monolith in the world spanning to Kakadu National Park. The natural beauty of Mornington Peninsula National park is enhanced by facing the Great Barrier Reef which is considered as one of the greatest wonders of the world. The country boasts of one of the virgin Islands known as Whitsunday Islands which remain unspoilt to this day. Away from the natural beauty, Australia is home one of the most iconic cities; the harbor in Sydney.

3. France

Most beautiful countries

Paris is the name that comes to the mind when France is mentioned. One of the biggest cities in France it is home to some of the greatest and most admired world beauties. While it gets all the attention, there are also other smaller towns that are full and home to beautiful scenes in the country. Some of the world’s oldest museums are located in this country that boasts of a rich history. The rural areas of the country are home to some of the world’s wine producing regions where exemplary grape farms don most areas. To spice the beauty of the country are a number of unique landscapes running across the country such as the Chamonix Valley.

2. Spain

Most beautiful countries

Spain is considered as the most diverse country in the world. Ranging from the simple Mediterranean villages to the sophisticated cities around the country, the difference is just the real definition of beauty. Major sections of its coastline look overdeveloped. Modern architectural and scenic buildings add beauty to most of major towns around the country. On the other hand, the beauty of smaller towns is in the old and historic designs with some buildings being centuries old. Some of these great works include the Great Mosque of Cordoba and Alhambra. Away from the towns, the countryside is a full beauty in its landscapes that would qualify for a movies shoot.

1. Italy

Most beautiful countries 2019

Leading the pack of the world’s most beautiful countries is Italy. With its rich history, the country has maintained most of its ancient architectural works that offer magnificent scenery that adds to the country’s beauty. From the town, the farms consist of beautifully maintained vineyards that dot the country’s urban. To spice the beauty of nature are the snow filled mountains and natural vegetations found around the country. Lake Maggiore, the Alps and Almafi coast give the country a perfect sense of beauty to ensure that every part within its borders fits to the description of beauty.

Nature is wonderful. Nothing more satisfactory than watching its beauty. Tourists and visitors to most places around the globe are always in search of this satisfaction. While every country has its own share of beauty, the countries listed in the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world have a unique and outstanding taste of beauty.


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