Throughout history, gangs have been formed. Some start-up with a great agenda and somehow they get corrupted and end up being the worst thing that plagues the society. There are many gangs in the world, but these nine have caught the attention of many nations. Checkout the top 9 most dangerous gangs in the world in 2022.

9. Bloods

Most dangerous gangs 2019

This is a gang that was formed in the year 1972 in Los Angeles. They are usually divided into sets, and every set has a specific task that they do. This means that every set has its initiation procedure for new members. The members of this gang can be identified by the red bandanas they always have and their red clothing. In short, a member of this gang has to wear something red. The members can identify each other by certain body language, how they talk, the jewelry they have on, and their tattoos. This gang takes part in many criminal activities, and they have attracted the attention of the United States because of the influence they are having over the safety of the citizens.

8. Los Zetas

Most dangerous gangs

Have you ever imagined a gang that has a military background, is well-trained, technologically advanced, and very stealth? Well, this is it. The Los Zetas gang has its origin and operations in Mexico. It was formed by members of the Mexican army who went rogue. At first, they were part of the Gulf cartel and later broke out to be their bosses. Ever since they have become one of the most feared gangs by many governments. This gang is sophisticated, dangerous, organized, and with technological expertise. This makes dealing with them very hard. Their speciality includes assassinations, kidnapping, drug trafficking, extortion, and so much more. They use rocket launchers for their attacks as well as semiautomatic handguns.

7. Aryan Brotherhood

Most dangerous gangs

This gang is famously known as ‘AB.’ It one of the most ruthless prison gangs in the world and carries out their operations even outside the prison walls. This gang was formed in the year 1964, and it has taken roots in the prison systems of the United States. The members of this gang are brutal and merciless. It has a total of approximately 20,000 members. The motto that guides this group is ‘Blood in, Blood out’ and this just shows that they are blood-thirsty individuals with no boundaries whatsoever. 21% of all the murders that occur in the United States are done by members of this gang. That is how serious it is.

6. 14K Triad

Most dangerous gangs

This gang is of Chinese origin but has spread their influence to many other countries. It is made up of people who are merciless and can go to every worst length imaginable just to please their bosses and keep their activities running. This gang was formed in the year 1949 after the civil war that was in China. Ever since that time, it has been growing bigger by the day. The gang has a total of approximately 20,000 people who are loyal to the course. They deal with prostitution, armed robbery, vehicle trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, and so much more. It is a sad thing to note that this gang also has a say in the police force. They have infiltrated them, and this means that they have first-hand information about all the police moves making it impossible to catch them.

5. Crips

Most dangerous gangs

This is an Africa-American gang that was once known as Baby Avenues. This gang is located in Los Angeles and has around 30,000 members or more. The Crips have been known to be one of the extremely violent gangs in America and the world today. Their main activities include murders, drug trafficking, robbery, and snatching. The Crips are one of the biggest associations of gangs in the United States.

4. Latin Kings

Most dangerous gangs

This gang is located in Chicago. It is majorly made up of Hispanic people. At first, the purpose of its formation was a good one. It was supposed to promote the Hispanic culture as well as preserve it in America. However, other misguided thoughts came in and ruined the purpose of the gang. It ended up becoming one of the most ruthless gangs we have today with a total membership of approximately 43,000 people. This gang has come up with codes for communication purposes so that they can know who is a friend and who is not. They have worked with some of the most notorious groups of terrorists over the years, and all their activities have ended up in massive bloodshed. Their primary source of financial gain is drug trafficking among other things. Their mode of dressing will always include the colors black and gold.

3. 18th Street Gang

Most dangerous gangs

This gang is famously known as ‘Barrio 18’. Many others know it as ‘Marra-18’. This is a gang that has a rough estimate of 65,000 members from different ethnic groups. It can be traced back to Los Angeles in the year 1960 when it was formed. Over the years it has spread across many places in Mexico and Central America. The major activities that this gang is associated with include prostitution, murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and extortion. The way in which the vast number of members can identify each other is by having the number 18 imprinted on their clothing. Out of all American gangs made up of youths, this is the worst of them all.

2. Mara Salvatrucha

Most dangerous gangs 2019

This is by far one of the most ruthless gangs we have in the world today. They are located in El Salvador, and the influence of their power goes to the extent that they have gained control over the government of El Salvador. This is just scary because if a gang is running the government, who will protect the people? This gang was formed in Los Angeles by immigrants from El Salvador. It has approximately 70,000 members who are very loyal to the course. Approximately ten thousand of these are based in the United States. The famous name that this gang is known with is MS-13. This gang takes everything very seriously. This can be seen in their military training that every initiate has to go through. This gang uses machetes and even grenades to carry out attacks

1. Yakuza

Most dangerous gangs

This is a gang with its roots deeply running in Japan. It is very ancient gang with a vast number of members. Their members are approximated to be around 102, 000 in numbers. With such a large number of memberships, they have been able to cause fear all over the world. For anyone to join this gang, they have to cut off any family ties to their relatives so that their only loyalty is to the boss at the top. When one is tied to their family, their attention and loyalty are split. This gang is not going to have any of that ‘nonsense.’ What this gang does best in to kill and this is very sad.

The world can be a better place when all these gangs are dealt with and eliminated. There will be no more human trafficking, gun trafficking, drug trafficking, assassinations, murders, money laundering, and many other crimes. I know we all wish for this. Even so, eliminating them is a very big challenge to many governments. The networks of these criminal organisations are vast, and as seen above, some have infiltrated the police force and even the government. This means that there is a lot to be done to rid society off of such evil.



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