Who do you think are the most beautiful women? It is the likes of the Kardashians who are on the page of every magazine or appearing on very commercial? My argument is no. There are more and extremely beautiful women from all corners of the globe.

A good number are yet to be discovered but anyway nothing has been discovered until it is brought to the limelight. South Africa is one of the countries that is home to numerous beautiful women. With its rich resources this economic powerhouse in Africa also provides with the right environment for its beautiful women to showcase their beauty.

Appearing in different international roles, they act as the countries ambassadors and true to their calling, they bring glory back to the country. Here is a list of top 10 most beautiful and hottest South African women 2021.

10. Zakeeya Patel

Hottest South African Women 2019

A new face on the screens, Zakeeya Patel came in just an outright winner. That’s why she makes it to this list despite being a new face appearing on the famous South African TV series ‘Isindigo’. On a first look, she is like a common face on the screen, like that is where she belongs. With glossy eyes, glossy lips and long black Indian hair, she is the ultimate choice for a South African beauty. She brings to the world the potential and agility to rise higher the ladder of the hottest women as she polishes her skills and gets experienced in the industry.

9. Charlize Theron

Hottest South African Women

Born in Benoni, South Africa Charlize Theron is a real beauty acknowledged by international standards. Despite being born and bred in South Africa, her beauty has taken her to higher heights to be one of the greatest names in Hollywood. Her inborn beauty, superior confidence and her natural powers to pull the crowds are among the traits she constantly exploits. She is ranked among the highly experienced South African beauties that have made considerable success and contribution to the industry. Other than being an actor, she is a big inspiration to young girls and upcoming models and actors back home and across the globe.

8. Leeanda Reddy

Hottest South African Women

One of the oldest features in “Isindigo’ Leeanda Reddy is one among the most experienced players in the industry. She featured in the popular South African TV series playing the part of Indian women. Her popularity and ability to master the accent of English language, she has risen to higher levels now appealing to international film makers. A character who displays maturity and acts naturally, she is mostly admired by young male audience while she also becomes as an icon for young women across the globe. Her mixed Asian-African appearance gives a big boost to her natural beauty and ensures she always remains in the minds of the audience after every show.

7. Jessica Marais

Hottest South African Women

She has risen the ladder of fame by her ability to combine beauty and intelligence. Jessica Marais stands in the number 7 in the list of hottest South African women. Born and brought up in South Africa, she migrated to Australia where her beauty and intelligence have given her an opportunity to star in some of the leading TV series programs. One of the women to have natural beauty that supersedes any makeup’s, she has the natural aspects of the best model and actor and hence her qualification to this list.

6. Michelle Van Der Water

Hottest South African Women

A native of Cape Town in South Africa, Michelle Van Der Water’s beauty is unmatched. She has the right figure with full curves, a beautiful face, talent and skills. Over and above all, she is one among the actresses in the industry with a passion for acting. She possess the right skill and experience to deliver exactly as her part requires. This not only gives her an easy touch with the audience but as well a higher ranking in the 6th position of the beautiful women from the country. She knows where, how and what to pose for making all her modelling photos unique and outstanding. Photographers rank her among the top on their list.

5. Lesley Ann-Brandt

Hottest South African Women

Likened to Jennifer Lopez for her looks, Lensleu Ann-Brandt is one of the hottest women in South Africa taking the fifth position. She features the most outstanding South African race of the mixed Africans. Learning to take credit when it is due, she has taken her beauty with all the power to entertain the world. With the strength, beauty and other characteristics of a model, she has risen to the international scene where she has taken part in various appearances. This comes her strong will and aggressive approach to all her responsibilities. A native of South Africa, she is a true presentation of African beauty.

4. Shashi Naidoo

Hottest South African Women

A South African woman of Indian descent, Shashi Naidoo is nothing but the best. Her exposure through the streets of Cape Town with people of different races have created in her a strong character with altitude to withstand all odds. Unlike the general perception that Indian women are only good in spices, she proves the notion different. Alongside her talent and desire to follow her heart on the screen she bears features that every man would die for. Keeping aside that Indian mode of dressing does not expose body features, hers are too outstanding to be hidden.

3. Natalie Bridgette Becker

Hottest South African Women 2019

Great Hollywood productions that include Scorpion King – Rise of a Warrior have one key thing. They feature the most accredited women in terms of beauty. Among these women is Natalie Bridgette Becker. A native of South Africa, critics describe her as having beauty that kills. Her physical attributes are all striking. Starting with the dark eyes pin straight black hair and fresh lips, you do not require to look any further to admire her beauty. This is not mentioning that her curves are what every man would want to have seated beside him. She merges this with her intelligence and experience to give the fans always an amazing experience.

2. Jolene Martin Morgan

Hottest South African Women

In the second position of South Africa’s hottest women is Jolene Martin Morgan. She takes several roles in the entertainment industry. A TV presenter, MC, Model, Actress and a Singer, she has all the energy required on the stage. She carries the perfect body structure and is confident enough to show it off. She does not need to speak for herself or beg for attention but her body and general appearance speaks on her behalf.

1. Jeannie D

Hottest South African Women

She is one of the hottest topics in South Africa. Her name is on the lips of every TV viewer. Jeannie D is the leading woman in South Africa in terms of beauty. Her beauty is stunning and incomparable to any other in the country and beyond. With the perfect shape, an ever smiling and attractive face, she is nothing but a hot one. She has beauty that lacks in description but being real.

South Africa is famed for many things across the globe. From gold, to the world’s hero Nelson Mandela, the list is endless. This is not to mention the natural beauty of the country. It is alongside these that the South African women come along. Despite the film industry in South Africa not being among the leading, their women act as good ambassadors to the industry where they export the talent and give the worlds a taste of South African beauty. The top 10 most beautiful South African women 2021 are nothing short of this and great representatives of the African continent.


  1. Beautiful in South Africa this ones no ways…hle please review them again.All Women are beautiful in their own way you cannot be pin pointing saying these are the best for who? maybe for their partners.

  2. Well.. These are mostly lists of celebrities in South Africa I would actually prefer a lists on beauty pageants.


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