11 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World That Are Worth Every Coin

Cats are some of the best companions we have on planet earth. They just make any home lively and happy. I particularly love how they love to rub themselves on you or jump on the couch and just curl themselves right beside you or on your laps. It is just adorable. Cats are very affectionate, and they can give you the unconditional loving you desire. To get the finest of cat breeds in the world, you will have to be ready to spend. But you can rest be assured that they are worth it. Some of the most expensive cat breeds in the world include:

11. Ragdoll

Ragdoll Top Most POpular Expensive Cat Breeds in The World 2018

I like how the name ends with the word doll. This dog looks like a pretty little doll with those cute blue eyes. Even so, they are more fun that dolls. They are fun to be around than dolls. They are also very affectionate, and you can feel their love every time they are close by. Their coats are usually white with some brown or gray. Their beauty cannot be disputed regardless of what any hater may say. They are uniquely adorable. This breed of cats comes at a price of $1,300.

10. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold breed of cats has been described to be very loyal, super intelligent, and is easy to adapt to different environments and people. The easiest way to identify this breed of cat is by looking at their ears; they have folded ears. If you are going to buy the Scottish fold, I would advise that you have only one child. This breed of cats has tendencies of establishing strong bonds with one person. If you have many children, a conflict may arise. The Scottish fold is very beautiful and very adorable. They make your heart pump with love for them. The Scottish Fold breed of cats is very expensive even so; the price would range depending on the type of cat it is, its bloodline, and the markings on its body. The Scottish Fold breed is around $1,500.

9. Siberian Forest Cat

Siberian Forest Cat

The Serbian forest cat has some certain similarities with dogs. I bet the many people that love this breed of cat love it because of this fact. Who wouldn’t? If you can have the illusion of a dog inside a cat, that is a bonus. The Siberian forest cat comes at the cost of around $1,600. They are large as compared to some other dogs on our list today, they are also very fluffy, and they like to take charge.

8. Sphynx


The Sphynx is not so different from the Peterbald regarding their looks. They both lack fur, and if there is, it is very little; hardly noticeable. This name originates from some cat sculptures made by the Egyptians, and they resembled this cat breed hence the name. The Sphynx comes at around $1,900, and because they are furless, it is easy for them to be oily. This means that you have to keep bathing this cat more often to keep it, clean, fresh and healthy. I know kids will love giving it a bath.

7. Peterbald


When someone is said to be bald, we all get the impression that they do not have hair. The same thing applies when you hear of this cat. You can look at it see that this cat has no hair. Even if it is present, it is very little. This cat is very active and will keep you busy with games and leave you entertained by the end of the day. If you ask me, it looks a little strange but who am I to judge. So many people love the fact that they do not have to deal with fur all over the house. To get this cat, you will have to spend around $3,000.

6. Persian


A fun fact to know about this cat is that the Cat Fancier’s Association found it worthy of the title ‘fourth most popular cat’ in last year’s ranking. Who can blame? For many lovers of the Persian, they would have given it the first position. Have you seen how beautiful the Persian is? If you have not, you can trust me. The Persian is a glorious cat. She is furry and angelic. To get this cat, you need a maximum of $3,000.

5. Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The greatest thing about the Russian Blue breed of cats is that their coats do not shed often. This is a relief especially if you easily get irritated by cat fur all over your couch and carpet. Their origin is the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia, and for this reason, they are sometimes called the Archangel cats. If you love this breed of cats, then you should be ready to spend a little more on maintenance. You may be making many trips to the vet office.

4. Manx


Manx is a breed of cats that are very beautiful, fun, playful, loving, energetic, active, and so much more. Manx cats have been known to be one of the best companions a person can ever have. When they live with other pets in the house, you can be sure that they will get along very well. When compared to other breeds of cat, the mortality rate of Manx is higher than those of others. A fun fact to know about Manx is that they usually lack a tail. You also have to note that a lot of care needs to be taken when breeding the Manx. To get Manx cats, you need around $4,000.

3. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

Once upon a time, scientists wished to eliminate the gene that caused allergic reactions to human cats we have around. The results of these genetic researchers were the Allerca Hypoallergenic cats. For anyone to purchase this cat as a pet, one would need around $6,000. Even so, the amount is worth the cat. There are no disappointments with this cat. Did I mention that they are also very adorable?

2. Bengal


For one to be able to afford a Bengal, they have to have a maximum amount of $25,000 whether check or cash. The Bengal is a beauty to behold, and their coat is very attractive to look at especially if you are a lover of spotted coats. This cat is loving, friendly, and not scared of water. Therefore, if you love taking your family to the beach, this is the family pet that you need for those holidays.

1. Savannah

Savannah Top 11 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in The World 2017

Savannah cat is a cat like no other. For you to have this cat, you may spend up to a maximum of $50,000. It is shocking; right? But you have to spend some extra cash to get yourself the finest things in life including a pet. The Savannah cat is a hybrid cat made by cross-breeding a domesticated cat and a serval. If you are a looking for a cat that is as loyal as a dog, then this is it. Their intelligence is also something to be fascinated about because they are super intelligent.

If you like having the finest things in the world, you cannot compromise on the kind of pet also. Treat your family with one of these cats, and you will experience the joy of having the right pet for your family. Cats are adorable. These cats are just more than adorable. They are everything you ever desired.


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