Japan has a lot to offer. A leading manufacturing and technological giant, the country has a full basket of achievement. Among the most notable are the beautiful hot women who grace different international scenes at varying functions. In a society that highly adores women, Japanese beauty queens are a sight to reckon with. They have the perfect bodies, beautiful faces, a wealth of experience and above all the womanly character. They rank highly across the globe and are always called upon to take part in various international undertakings. History has it that Japanese beauty queens have reigned in the international circles since 1970’s giving them a wide range of experience to enhance their beauty. Here is a hot list of top 10 most beautiful Japanese women as of 2022.

10. Misaki Ito

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman 2019

Among the oldest icons in the beauty industry, Misaki Ito is still among the reigning queens in the modern times. She is an accredited TV personality and an actress. She has maintained her beautiful looks through the years to gain access to the tenth position among he most beautiful women in Japan. Her moment of glory was in 2004 in the famous game ’James Bond: The Moment of Glory’ where she provided a look for ‘Miss Naga’.

9. Keiko Kitagawa

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

With a big name on the local and international scene, Keiko Kitagawa is a reigning beauty in Japanese country. She goes by her first name as Kinda Cute. She represents the entertainment industry in acting and modelling. In her modelling career, she had her biggest shot modelling for a Japanese magazine the ‘Seventeen’. Keen to keep her star shining high, she left modelling to concentrate on acting where she has so far featured on several films and TV shows. On the international scene, she has managed to play a key role in a Hollywood film “The Fast and Furios” which is a big hit across the globe.

8. Mao Inoue

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

A born actress, Mao Inoue is among the leading beauties in Japan holding the eighth position. Having hit the screens at a tender age of 5 years, she has grown with the industry to be among the leading players in the industry. In her early years, she was involved in the famous “Kids war” one of the leading television shows for years. She has also been active on the film industry taking a leading role in a number of leading Japanese films. The beautiful and talented actor has taken an active role in more than 10 films since 2006 hence ranking her highly among the actresses in the Japanese film industry.

7. Aragaki Yui

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

Gifted with natural beauty Aragaki Yui, is the seventh hottest lady in Japan. Over and above her beauty, she has the passion and love for the film industry as an actor. She had a rare opportunity given to actors to do voice acting for an anime series, anime film and a video game. With the body of a model and a great voice, she is a strong voice behind the mic’ as indicated by her constant position as a host in several radio shows. Alongside acting and being a presenter, she is a renown model who is admired by majority for her agility to uphold and make use of her talents.

6. Honda Tsubasa

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman 2019

Having started her career as a model, Honda Tsubasa is one of the greatest faces on the entertainment industry. In her initial days, she modelled exclusively for the ‘Seventeen Magazine’ a leading production in the country. In 2007, she switched from ‘seventeen’ magazine and joined Love Berry as a leading model. Here she got the opportunity to showcase her beauty to the world before shifting again to a magazine by the name Non-no. It is with the popularity she gained in these days that she joined the TV industry featuring in different shows and movies. With her beauty as a model and her agility on stage, she got the opportunity to feature in different commercials and music videos. Her beautiful appearance is accredited as being the force behind her success and as well, the reason she gets to the sixth position on this list.

5. Nozomi Sasaki

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

Nozomi is a real beauty icon in Japan. Starting her career at only 14 years, she used her early years modelling exclusively for fashion and cosmetics. With natural beauty, she was the perfect choice for manufacturers and designers who took to lights to ensure she was part of their feature. With growing experience, Nozomi became a model and a contributor to the internationally recognised pinky magazine. Her beauty could never pass the eyes of film producers who sought her services regularly making her a common feature in most high ranking film and movie productions. Her passion for the industry and amazing looks has seen her rise to the international level alongside being the 5th most beautiful woman in Japan.

4. Masami Nagasawa

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

A talented actor, Masami Nagasawa has the beauty to keep the eyes of her audience glues to the screen. She is a popular actress who is featured in most of the leading productions of Japanese film. With her beauty, she often lands into leading roles a factor that adds to her popularity as one of the biggest beauties of modern times. With her passion, beauty and experience in acting, she wins the hearts of many by producing actual roles that connect easily with her fans. This has seen her bag numerous awards from different local and international bodies and accreditation as one of the greatest actresses in the industry.

3. Mikie Hara

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

With the cutest face and a gorgeous curved body, Mikie Hara is an actual beauty queen. She takes the third position among the hottest beauties in the country of Japan. Her beauty and elegance supersedes all the wishes of the heart making her a big attraction to the fans. She is a renown models and an actress who is among the most sought after by professional producers. In every of the productions she is featured it comes as a big hit with fans seeking to get a taste of her act.

2. Kyoko Fukada

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman

Known by her nick name as FukaKyon, Kyoko takes the second position in the list of hottest Japanese women. A leading singer, she has the best curves to showcase on the stage as she entertains her audience with her beautiful and well articulated voice. She doubles her music career with acting where she was a one time winner of Yokohama Film Festival Award as the best actress in the production ‘Kamikaze Girls’. She has a list of albums to her name alongside being one of the most sought after beauties in the film industry.

1. Ayumi Hamasaki

Most Beautiful Japanese Woman 2019

A talented singer Ayumi Hamasaki is also the leader in the list of beautiful women of Japan. She doubles as a singer and a recording artists having written, composed and produced her music. This beauty queen is a hardworking icon who is a role model for the vast majority in her country and in the international platforms. With her outstanding beauty, she has managed to sooth the entertainment thirst of her fans selling over 83 million copies of her records. Other than topping the list of the most beautiful women, she is also on the top list of successful musicians.

Japanese women are awesome. They have all the qualities of real models; capacity to make eyes turn and the energy to deliver and showcase their God given gift of beauty. The top 10 most beautiful Japanese women are an incredible selection. They possess more to the natural beauty by being performers who make an impact in the industry and the community at large.


  1. This list is made by a moron who clearly does not live in Japan, or has not done so very long. Hamasaki is not, by any stretch of the imagination for both foreign or local men, the most beautiful woman in Japan. You might try looking up someone like Satomi Ishihara if you want to see someone who is beautiful and was voted by Japanese.


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