We always get excited to listen or know about the personalities having beautiful eyes. Bollywood is one of the greatest sources of movies and it serves to provide entertainment. However we cannot negate the Indian beauty and moreover we cannot even neglect the Indian eyes in Bollywood. There is the reason as such beauties n Bollywood have stunning eyes that will attract anyone instantly.

Some have big and sparkling eyes while some have small and different colored eyes other than black. You can even be entertained when you just see their pictures that depict their amazing eyes. Here we are with this exciting information and ranking, we will be telling you about the Indian actresses with beautiful eyes in 2022. You can know the details about beautiful eyes in Bollywood, by just having a look below:

10. Dia Mirza:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood 2019

Dia Mirza is recognized as a beautiful actress of film entitled Rehna Hai tere dil me, which attained her major popularity. She is beautiful which can be verified from the fact that she was the Miss Asia Pacific Queen with stunning eyes. It is these dramatic eyes of Dia that marks her fairly noticeable in the Bollywood. She is also remembered as actress of Tum Ko Na bhool pai gay, and people still remember her sparkling eyes. She once mentioned that she has enough eye make-up to last for around five lifetimes and she makes use of moisture foundation and mascara.

9. Sneha Ullal:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

Some people consider Sneha Ullal as slight bit copy of Aishwarya Rai, the moment she arrived into Bollywood. It is known that she started her debut with actor Salman Khan, and she grew prominence and reputation due to her eyes. The actress has diverse eye color and this is the reason why the moment she made debut with Salman Khan, she arrived in the limelight in Bollywood. Through large beautiful eyes, Sneha is well-known for her decent looks in the industry. Moreover, a big number of the actress’ fans are because of her lovely and large eyes.

8. Shruti Hassan:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

Shruti is believed to be a new addition in Bollywood, she has started her career recently but her eyes have previously formed history. It is basically her eye color that has really and immensely formed feeling in Bollywood. Moreover, Shruti’s eyes color is her major asset and this is the reason why she has been count up amongst those performers that have such attractive eyes. She once stated that she likes her eyes to stand out and curling lashes as dabbing on a slight highlighting powder lets them to appear fun and cheerful. The actress regularly applies a natural-looking concealer on any blemishes or trouble spots, with a bright cheek and lip shade.

7. Rani Mukherjee:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

You can say that Rani is famous actress of films like Chalte Chalte, Kuch kuch hota hai, Bunty and bubbli, etc. It is for sure that everyone must have noticed in majority of her films one aspect i.e. her eye color. Rani has this dearest eye color and the moment camera captures a closeup of her, these eyes basically makes magic all around. It is known that her eyes are enchanted, dazzling and they possess glitter inside them, which is rarely seen elsewhere. Moreover, Rani prefers to focus her eyes through use of makeup and people usually see this beauty in smoky eyes.

6. Hema Malini:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

Hema Malini has most beautiful looking eyes and she is regarded as Dream Girl and the Sholay girl as well. Her eyes are big and you will find them as talking eyes as well. The instant she made a debut in the film industry, it was her eyes that fascinated and caught the attention of whole film industry. Gleaming and vague at their best, Hema’s eyes carry a thousand emotions in a solitary instant. Moreover, there are many feelings they cover in them while she performs. You can see the actress dancing or acting many times in her films with her eyes being major spot of attraction.

5. Sri Devi:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

The actress is referred as Mr. India girl many times, having immense and stunning eyes. However she has an attractive face but one cannot refute this point that the eyes of this celebrity still appear young. Her eyes have that same glow and possess that same illumination inside them. People can scarcely see any image of her in which she performs with her dull eyes and everyone loves her eye colors. She is considered as the only lady that unites the sensuality of a lady with the blamelessness of a child. It is known that Sridevi’s attractiveness and her bowl shaped eyes are the material myths are made of.

4. Karishma Kapoor:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

Karishma is recognized as Hero No 1 actress, lady of Fiza, and most importantly by her gorgeous eyes. The color of the actress’ eyes is amazing, and they possess unique magic inside them. People consider that it is the eyes color that supplements additional beauty in the actress. Their bright eyes make them appear very spectacular and you wouldn’t wish to look away after you set your eyes on her even once. Whereas her fair looks are rapaciously discussed about, the actress has assuredly been hallowed with those jealous light blue colored eyes.

3. Kareena Kapoor:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

You can easily get idea about the actress from film- Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham who has stunning eyes in Bollywood. It is too this point entire of the film industry turned out to be the fan of eyes of this actress when she was initially observed in the Refugee film. Kareena has beautiful, killer attitude and unique eyes with natural green color in it. Not just do those eyes praise her fair skin tenor, it too makes her stand unique in the crowd too. You can surely say that this actress is born to stand out through her unique eyes.

2. Celina Jaitley:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood

Though Celina has appeared in few of the films, she has captivated hearts of people through her beautiful eyes. By creating her debut with actor Fardeen Khan, it was her eyes which made people to go crazy. However she is married currently and even the mother of twin kids, people admire her eyes. It is known that she was born in Afghanistan, stayed as Miss India one time as well as more pertinently her eye-colour is registered as brown on several sites. She has stated that she do wear varied colour lenses for diverse film roles, however her natural colour of eye is basically blue-greenish-grey

1. Aishwarya Rai:

Most beautiful eyes in Bollywood 2019

Aishwarya is the Miss World and perfection of all, and the actress has that perfection in her eyes as well. It was in films like Hum dil de chuke sanam, Aur piar ho gya, Jeans that the color of eyes of Aishwarya was completely reached to the highest level. The actress has been the talk of the town because of her naturally blue colored eyes which grasp enthusiasm of secret within, sufficient to make people crazy. Same is the fame of the attractiveness of her eyes that Aishwarya has continuously been related with the Eye Bank Association of India organisation. In this, she constantly does campaigning on their behalf and also promises to contribute her eyes upon her death.

After reading this, you recognize that which are those actresses having not just pretty and spectacular faces but also possess magical eyes. These are not just the talented actresses but they possess such sparkling eyes as well as their eyes depict talent.



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