9 Most Beautiful Valleys In The World: Unveiling The Secrets Of Nature

Earth is full of varied geographical beauties and astounds us from time to time. It can be the mighty mountains, swift flowing rivers, green forests or beautiful landscapes. Valleys are often beautiful and are a major part of mountain chains. Rocky cliffs, snow-capped mountains, pristine waterfall and green meadows are some of its secrets. Some of them were used as travel passages in ancient times. They also served as the meeting point for two cultures or two states. Below is a list of top 9 beautiful valleys in the world:

9. Logar Valley- Slovenia

Logar Valley- Slovenia Top Most Popular Beautiful Valleys in The World 2018

One of the picturesque valleys in the world is located in Kamnik Alps, Slovenia. This valley is spread across 24.75 square kilometers. There are few farms in the valley, inhabited by 35 denizens. It comes under the Alpine glacial valleys and is a protected region. Visitors are not only bestowed with natural beauty of the valley but they can get engaged in horse riding, hiking, photography and cycling. Lush greenery will calm your hungry eyes for days together. It also houses several waterfalls which may reach a height up to 90 meters. Flower lovers will be able to view many endangered species. It attracts many tourist round the year.

8. Yosemite Valley- USA

Yosemite Valley- USA

Next in the list of most beautiful valleys consists of a valley located in Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Yosemite Valley gives safe passage to Merced River and consists of many attractive waterfalls. If you are planning to enjoy the waterfall then spring season is the best time to visit this place. Hiker can spend a nice time in the valley as they can hike at various altitudes. Open meadows will allow one to move around freely and experience the wild nature. The best place to get a better view of Yosemite Valley and El Capitan Meadow is from the Tunnel View at Highway 41. Varied fauna and flora, rocky structures and secrets of nature are nestled in the heart of this valley.

7. Harau Valley-Indonesia

Harau Valley-Indonesia

Surrounded by sandstone and steep rocky hills of 100-500 meters, Harau Valley is a magnificent canyon. This valley is located in Payakumbuh town in West Sumatra. One can notice rice cultivation in this valley. The paddy fields are bounded by huge granite rocks. It consists of numerous waterfalls falling from great heights of 80-300 meters. Water from the waterfalls makes their way into the Batang Arau River. Not only lush greenery but variety of monkeys will welcome visitors in this valley. The chirping sound produced by the birds will tune into the ears of passerby. Calm and serene atmosphere makes this valley more attractive for the visitors.

6. Barun Valley- Nepal

Barun Valley- Nepal

How can we miss the Himalayas? This mighty mountain range is home to many beautiful valleys. Mount Makalu in Nepal harbingers one of the treasures of nature in the form of Barun Valley. Makalu Barun National Park surrounds the Barun Valley from each corner. Nghe, a place inside the valley is considered as a holy place. One can view the clash of waterfalls into the deep gorges. The whole valley looks like a big green forest as if nature had pasted a green blanket on the mountains. It also houses various species of animals and variety of rare plants and flowers. Nearby snow peaked mountains increases the pristine look of this valley.

5. Simplon Valley-Italy

Simplon Valley-Italy

Another valley in the Alps is able to enter into the list of wonderful valleys in the world. Simplon Valley lies between Italy and Switzerland. One of the tributary of the Toce, Diveria passes through the valley. So tourists to both the countries can access the valley. It consists of many mountains whose heights ranges from 3000-4000 meters. Fletschhorn and Weissmies are some of the high mountains in the vicinity of Simplon Valley. During early days it served as a connecting route between Switzerland and Italy. Hikers will find it as a true heaven to discover the nook and corner of the valley.

4. Valley of the Ten Peaks-Canada

Valley of the Ten Peaks-Canada

We have a new entrant from Canada, the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Situated adjacent to the Moraine Lake, this valley lies in the Banff National Park. It also houses ten highest mountain peaks of Canada. The height of the peaks varies around 3000 meters. If you want a picturesque valley or a picture perfect background then this Valley is the right place. One can view the best reflections of peaks and valleys in the waters of Moraine Lake. Snow covered mountains increases the beauty of this valley. The valley is in great demand in summers and people also enjoy outdoor activities here.

3. Haa Valley- Bhutan

Haa Valley- Bhutan

Bhutan is itself a scenic and peaceful place away from the politics of the world. Haa Valley in Bhutan is a marvel and it was accessible to outsiders in the year 2002.This valley is located near Paro, one of the major cities in Bhutan. Lhakhang Nagpo or Black Temple is one of the major attractions for visitors here. It represents Buddhist traditional culture and is holy a place for the people of Bhutan. Many festivals are celebrated here during different season of the year. Hiking is a major outdoor activity to be enjoyed here. Another major spot to be visited here is White temple or Lhakhang Karpo.

2. Romsdalen Valley- Norway

Romsdalen Valley- Norway

Another breathtaking valley is located in Norway and spreads around 60 Kilometers. It is touched by the Rauma River and is bounded by big mountains. Big boulders and rocks are scattered around the valley. Among them one of the rock, Mannen is not steady. Waterfalls are part of the valley which runs into deep gorges. One of the highways also runs along the border of the valley. If you are fond of climbing the snow-capped valley then Romsdalen Valley is the perfect destination for you. Apart from hiking and picnicking, angling in Rauma River is another activity to be enjoyed here. It is also one of the major tourist spots in Norway.

1. Lauterbrunnen Valley-Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Valley-Switzerland Top 9 Most Beautiful Valleys in The World 2017

Ranking high in the list of beautiful valleys in the world is Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland. It is famous for its serene and environment. As the valley is a part of the Swiss Alps, so beauty of this valley is incomparable. Rocky cliffs can be found at every corner accompanied by magnificent waterfalls. Staubbach Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in this region. Even the roads which lead to Lauterbrunnen village are full of natural beauty. It offers the perfect combination of nature and glory. One can even spend time by roaming around the green meadows. It consists of one of the deepest valleys in Alps mountain range.

The world is filled with astounding natural landscapes. Above list of gorgeous valleys is a testimony to beauty of nature. Situated in different parts of the world under varied climatic conditions these geographical marvels are treasures of secrets. Once upon a time, the above-listed valleys were used as passages but now they serve as tourist spots for relaxation. Hiking the peaks in these valleys or running across the green mountains, fills the heart of visitor with joy. If you are tired then you can just be seated and just stare into the beautiful valley.


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